Tea Party with Ms Rosy!

Tea party together with beauty event is always a great place to be.  I wouldn't missed it for the world! I was really hoping to get an invitation to this event so when I received 'the' email, I was over the moon! ^_^ 

What : Tea Party With Ms Rosy
When : 14th September 2013
Where : Angelic Tea & Scone House, Plaza Damas

Aaaaahh the Eiffel Tower

And old bicycle and roses...

I am here with Ms Rosy!

The set up at the venue. I can feel the romantic vibe in here.. :)

While waiting for the event to start. Hair makeover is available!

A selection makeup items are displayed. Aiyayay! Play time! :D

Swatching the lipsticks and the lipstains.

Make over session :)

Trying out the nail polish. The colours are so pretty! These nail polishes are brought in especially for us from Paris, they are not available Malaysia. Oh so special! :)

Craft corner for the artsy girlssss. :)

The purpose of the event is to introduce Ms Rosy and her secrets to a rosy fairness skin. which is inclusive of the new formulated of L'oreal White Perfect Transparent Rosy Whitening skincare range. I don't really know Ms Rosy personally but I know she and I can be BFF. :)

Wanna know more about Ms Rosy? Click HERE for my full entry on who is Ms Rosy and get to know her secret to a flawless and radiant skin! ^_^ And make sure to check out the contest in L'oreal Paris Malaysia as well!

We had a wonderful hi-tea at Angelic Tea & Scone House. This is a vegetarian reataurant so don't you worry my dear Muslim friends. The puff pastry and the mushrooms were so nice! I would never thought vegetarian food would taste so good! :D

Oh the best part. The tea time set.... Scones, mini croissants and sandwiches.

The scones are so yummyyyyy! The combination of cream cheese and fruit spread is to die for.  Ahhhh I'm in pastries heaven!

And of course, hanging out with my dearest blogger friends are definitely fun! Thanks guys for making the experience even more awesome! :)

Our goodies to bring back home. Oh I'm speechless (they are all full sized bottles!) ^_^

A BIG thanks to the Butterfly Project and L'oreal Paris Malaysia for the invitation. I appreciate it very much! :) Make sure to check out my ENTRY for info on the new formulated White Perfect Transparent Rosy Whitening, the one that is introduced in this event! :)

Till then,

Be rosy, be beautiful!

Sabby Prue



  1. Baby, u ni pakai ape2 pun lawa, jelessssss T_T

    1. lohhh.. awat nak jelesnye.. baby boo pun pakai ape pun gojes jugak... xoxo



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