Shape Up with Collistar!

Who doesn't want a great skin and a great body? As for women, the battle of skin condition problems such as cellulite, flabbiness and stretchmarks are inevitable. They will always be around no matter how we take  care of them. But what we can do is to reduce the appearance of these problems. Good news ladies, Collistar has a wide range of products to overcome these troublesome problems! ^_^

What : Shape Up Campaign with Collistar
When : 12th September 2013
Where : Penthouse @ The Icon

I am excited to attend this event because I'm all about keeping my body firm and slim because I have been struggling with my weight and body shape for as long as I live.I learn a lot during this event because there is actually several steps that we need to follow to achieve our dream body. Lets check out Collistar's products that can help us to keep our body healthy, slim and firm!

Exfoliation is a process to remove dead skin cells to ensure better absorption of any other products applied on the skin.

Cellulite softening is a must before starting off shaping up process because only after the cellulite has been soften, cellulite is now easier to burn. 

After the cellulite has soften, we need to use the Fat Burning and Slimming products to shed off those unwanted fat!   

After shedding those fat, we need to tone and firm the body to get our desired body shape. ^_^


A new product called Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentrate (RM185, 200ml) is introduced to the media that day. It is the first anti-cellulite product inspired by meotherapy and biorevitalization techniques which helps to achieve the same results as using the medical-aesthetic treatments. The roller balls and the gel gives cooling sensation and the scent is so fresh! ^_^

One of the Collistar girl demonstrating the Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentrate on me. *LOL I don't know what's wrong with my facial expression. haha :P

Click --> Collistar Official Website for more info on the products!

Launching of the Collistar products.

Performances by Celebrity Fitness

Have you ever seen a guy belly-dancing before? :D

Product demonstration on Hunny Madu

Hi -Tea spread by Teaffani

Yeahh keep calm and shape up!

Thanks for the goodies Collistar and SaSa! :)

Collistar is having a contest called 'Shape Up Challenge with Collistar' that only take 90 days!

The awesome prizes waiting for the winner!

Wanna know how to participate?

Are you up for the challenge? What are you waiting for? ;) Make sure to check out SaSa Malaysia Facebook Page for more info on the contest! :)

Till then,

Shape up and be fab!

Sabby Prue



  1. kakak... yang guy belly dance tu mcm ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

    than akak as always lah comel giloz!

    1. Hahaha kann.. Masa dia kluar tu akak speechless. Hahhaha :P

  2. mak aih lelaki tu! hahahahahah!

    i like the design of the roller, looks convenient!

    1. haha speechless tgk laki :P

      yup2, the roller bg cooling effect yg sgt best!



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