Ms Rosy, The Fair Lady

Every girl dream is to have that everlasting rosy glow on their face for the rest of their life. Is it impossible? Of course not! And we are so lucky because Ms Rosy is kind enough to share with us her secrets of rosy fairness! ;)

But wait! 

Before we start getting to know Ms Rosy, I want to let you girls know that this is a secret to  

a rosy fairness, naturally, from within kinda beauty.

And not

the type of glow that you need too apply on your cheeks every single day, ok? 


So who is Ms Rosy?

I would consider myself a resemblance of Ms Rosy because I love everything that she loves! The colour pink, fashion, makeup, shoes, aaaaahh the list is endless!

Ms Rosy can't live without her phone, so do I. It's the first thing that search every morning the moment I wake up, with or without opening my eyes. I can basically just 'raba' and find my phone. :D Ms Rosy is a tech-savvy girl, just like the rest of us, including me! It is so easy to stay connected to her via social medias! We can't live without technology right? ;)

Don't forget to #rosyfairness in Instagram so that all your photos can be compiled in her photo album. Follow her Twitter  for instant updates and ask her any questions on her Facebook apps where you can get to know her better and you can even ask her anything! ^_^ Technology connects everyone! 

Of all my makeup items, lipstick is my obsession. I can't get enough! 

This particular Melissa's Sky in Nude Pink is definitely my favourite. I've been going to events with this gorgeous sling-back pink heels non stop, but what can I say, I'm hooked! :) Shoes and fashion are more than just statements, they represents who you are! I love it! 

Ms Rosy enjoy spending time wit her loved ones. I believe everybody loves their family and friends. What more can I say about family, they always come first, right? :) 

But of course, the secret to Ms Rosy's rosy fairness lies in her skincare routine. Wanna know more about her skincare regime? Keep on reading now! :)

L'oreal Paris White Perfect Transparent Rosy Whitening

The 2 special ingredients in this amazing skincare are :

A drop of Melanin Vanish is 50 times more powerful than a drop of Melanin Block which was found in the previous White Perfect formula range!

These are the secret for a rosy fairness!

L'oreal Paris White Perfect Milky Foam (RM21.90 for 100ml)

The first step to get a flawless skin is to cleanse your face with this milky cleanser to remove dirt and impurities from skin. The cleanser contains the 2 special ingredients, Melanin Vanish and Pink Tourmaline Gemstone. 

L'oreal Paris White Perfect Toner (RM22.90 for 200ml)

2nd step is to tone your skin with this refreshing toner to  helps to minimize pores and help your serum or moisturizer to absorbs better.

L'oreal Paris White Perfect Double Essence (RM59.90 for 2 x 15ml)

♥ Star Product 

Next is the Double Essence which contains the powerful Melanin Vanish and Pink Tourmaline Gemstone in an-easy to use pump.  The Double Essence is used to helps lighten up skin tones and reduce brown spots for a fairer and radiant skin.  ^_^

    L'oreal Paris White Perfect  Day Cream SPF17/PA++ (RM33.90 for 50ml) 

                                               ♥ Star Product 

Moisturize is such an important step to keep your skin hydrated. This day cream can protect your skin from the harmful UV Rays while keeping it even toned and provides fairness with a rosy glow. The UV filters helps to protect against UV-induced darkening which then lead to a lesser appearance of dark brown spots or freckles.  And a great feature where they have a lid cover in the tub so you cream will stay clean, and mess-free!

                                  L'oreal Paris White Perfect  Night Cream (RM36.90 for 50ml)

                                                        ♥ Star Product 

You gotta take care of your skin, even at night! Just follow your skin regime during the day and use the night cream instead the day cream as your moisturizer. This night cream helps to repair and rejuvenate your skin while you are sleeping. And at the same time, it can prep your skin for the next day because you will wake up with fairer and rosy glow the next morning. Ain't that what we all want? ^_^

With all of these products, no wonder Ms Rosy's skin is so radiant, flawless and beautiful! :)

All of the products from this range smells so good. It is nicely scented, not too over powering. I love the Double Essence because of the existence of the 2 powerful ingredients so I know it's going to do it's job beautifully. I really like the Day Cream too because the texture is quite thick so I know that it will keep my skin hydrated all day long. And the Night Cream is perfect because I do not feel greasy when I apply it. Greasy and oily face while sleeping is a big No-No! 

You can tell that......

I am excited and happy to get the opportunity to try out this products!

Rosy, glowy and fair skin, here I come! ^_^

Oh wait! A photo contest is happening from September till December 2013. All you have to do is to show Miss Rosy your best pose, Instagram it with #rosyfairness and your photo will be automatically be in the Facebook app. Register and claim your photo, you are one step closer in winning awesome prizes! Everyone has chances too win because there will be 3 weekly winners. Wheeee ^_^

I uploaded a photo of Miss Rosy and I, sweet eyh? :D

For more information on the products and contest detail, visit :

Till then,

Keep your skin glowing with rosy fairness! :)

Sabby Prue

** A big thanks to the Butterfly Project and L'oreal Paris Malaysia for the opportunity to try out the products and for the lovely event. And also for organizing a wonderful contest for bloggers. 




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