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Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies!

Today I would like to introduce to all of you a skincare solution to those who wants a quick and easy skincare routine. Yes, only 2 steps! Nope I'm not kidding you! :) Essenseri is a Malaysian skincare brand that produces 4 skincare products that is promised to make your life easier. All of the products is made from natural ingredients and free from chemical and harsh ingredients that can harm your skin. :)

4 skincare products available :

Skin Renew Facial Cleanser
Age Defying Serum Mist
Acne Reduction Serum Mist
Extra Whitening Serum Mist 


The first step in your skin care routine is to cleanse your face. The cleanser helps to clean your face from deep within with the help of NMF, Aloe Vera, Allantation, Lactic Acid and a mixture of essential oils.

The texture is is somewhere between a liquid and gel.

A slight foam will appear when you rub the gel with water. 

It is said to have no fragrance but somehow I think it has this lemon-y, lime-y kinda scents. But it's not that strong, it's quite pleasing to my nose. :D What I like the most about this cleanser that it does not leave that tight feeling on my skin after rinsing off with water. The cleanser is suitable for all skin types, however if you sense any redness, rashes or itchiness, please stop using it before your skin get worse. Every skin is different right?

Here comes the 2nd step in the routine, the Serum Mist. Serum Mist is a product consists of 3 important steps in your routine, packed into a bottle! Yes, toner, serum and moisturizer in one! Imagine how easy your day will be by just using this product? ;)

Don't you think that the packaging is so lovely? I love it that they really put in effort to create a good looking packaging because packaging is pretty important too. Kudos!

3 Serum Mist to choose from, catered to certain types of skin. From left : Extra Whitening Serum Mist , Age Defying Serum Mist & Acne Reduction Serum Mist

With easy to use pump, just press the top and voila! Make sure to distance your face and the bottle, and don't forget to close your eyes. The mist is not as fine as I thought it would be, I've learnt my lesson. -_- I spray about 2 or 3 pumps each use, and massage  it into my skin to ensure everything is well absorbed. Make sure to shake the bottle before use.

Now lets find out a bit more about the 3 serum mist available. ^_^


For those who are looking for anti-aging product, this is your best find! The Age Defying Serum Mist helps to control and maintain youthfulness through the production of collagen and elastin. It's never too early toostart using anti aging products because we do not want fine lines, wrinkles and such, am I right? :)


Especially dedicated to those who are looking for a product that can help to even out skin tone, fairer skin,  reduce fine lines caused by UV rays and dark spots. Frequent usage may help in reducing pigmentation! 


This is my favourite of all the 3 serum mists. I got a quite huge blemish on my cheek about a week ago and I squeezed it. Yes, I know I'm not supposed to squeeze but I can't help myself! -_-  Anyway, I immediately sprayed this serum. I used the serum for 4 days and alhamdulillah, the blemish is totally gone! No redness and no scar! Woot woot! This serum helps to balance out the skin and control the oil production. We all know the reason for acne is because of excessive oil that clogs our pores. I would really suggest this if you are looking for an acne treatment.

Sabby says :

I really love the 2 steps skincare routine. This is great for days when I wake up late and I just need to be quick and get out of the house as fast as I can.

The slight fragranced scent is a plus point for me. I don't really like anything strongly scented.

Love the cooling and fresh feeling after spraying the serum on my face. Skin feels softer!

Great for travelling! I will definitely bring this to my next holiday because of the small size (easy to pack, only small space needed).  Because of the 15ml size, I can put in the serum into my handbag and use it to freshen up when I reach my destination. Sometimes during holiday, I tend to get tired after sightseeing and shopping so this is a great way to have during my exhausted and malas day. I'd rather sleep than spending time in front of the mirror. Hehe :D

To purchase Essenseri, click  ---->>> STOCKIST LIST

For more info on Essenseri, visit :
Official Website : Essenseri
Facebook Page : Essenseri

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. I shall get the Acne Mist for myself too ! Thanks for the review babe ! :D

  2. Salam sis,

    Thank you for this awsome product review:) Produk Essenseri ini sememangnya mudah, ringkas dan insyaAllah berkesan! 

    Untuk yang berminat, boleh order melalui Teraju Sari Beauty (agen online Essenseri) untuk harga DISKAUN. WA/SMS 013-3592675 atau PM inbox

    Terima kasih!

    Teraju Sari Beauty
    WA/SMS: 013-3592675
    Instagram: @terajusaribeauty

  3. pernah tengok jenama ni,,,tapi tak pernah try pulak...mcm best je!

  4. Been meaning to try but peeling tak? My skin's too sensitive T^T

    1. My skin sensitive jugak. So far takde peeling or gatal2. Hmm tu la kalau skin too sensitive mmg takut kan nk try new products..

  5. I'm currently using Essenseri too, best! Cleanser dia surprisingly doesn't irritate my skin, rasa moist je lepas pakai, love the smell :D now tengah test acne reduction mist as I have a pimple on my forehead, haha!

    1. Wheee! Ok kan skincare ni.. Try dulu the acne mist, insyaallah it will work for you too! ;)



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