Bubble Gum Wax [Part 2] : Confession of a Wax Virgin!

Assalamulaikum and hello lovelies!

This is the my second post of the Bubble Gum Wax Party with The Butterfly Project, so kindly click HERE for my first part of my waxing experience. :D  I set another appointment because I was having my 'red flag' during the event. I was kinda happy that day because I don't have to wax my ehem ehem  and I can kacau my friends. LOL but came that Nov 6th 2013, I'm about to experience my first ever Brazilian waxing!

Bubble Gum Wax Service offers 2 types of service, which is waxing and IPL. Waxing is hair removal using wax that can last about 5 - 6 weeks.  IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is a procedure to remove hair permanently using light and heat (Procedures need to be done several times to achieve results). Oh and they do waxing for guys too! hihi :D

FYI, I am getting Brazilian waxing. Brazilian waxing is a procedure to remove all hair down under using wax. Yes, ALL, we are talking about squeaky clean. :D The best part after doing this, you don't have to waste your time shaving! I would say you girls will be jungle-free for about 2 months. Hihihi

Jesslyn was there to greet us (Anis Athia was there too). The first thing she asked, "Nak pergi toilet dulu?" huhu yes of course! I am so nervous to be honest! But I am more segan than worried about the pain actually. -_-

Joyce, the wax therapist was the one who attended to me during my session. She was so so nice to me since she knew this is my first time doing it. I was lead to a room, a cozy room with dimmed light.  I was told to take off my pants and wipe my ehem ehem with a Hygiene Wipe. *the segan'ess'  and malu'ness'  has finally sinks in. -_- *

A proper place to hang your clothes and put your stuff inside the room

The Hygiene Wipe is used to ensure your ehem ehem is clean. You don't want your wax therapist to see something that is not supposed to be there kan? *wth am I talking about?*

Now let's start !

I was told that usually for first timer, Hard Wax will be used because it will be less painful. Soft wax is suitable for those who has been doing waxing for quite some time. Let me tell you a little bit about the difference between soft and hard wax.

Soft Wax :  
~ Use for finer hair (such as face, arm or legs). 
~ In Brazilian waxing, it is use to remove the finer hair on the upper part of your ehem ehem and also for those who has done waxing previously.
~ A piece of paper will be used to pull the wax from the skin (the normal type of waxing that we know)
~ Painful than Hard Wax

Hard Wax :
~ Use for coarse hair (especially those who shaves)
~ The hot wax that has been applied on an area will harden (I'm not sure how long, but about 10 seconds I guess) and then the wax will be pulled away from the area. (no paper is used, THE WAX itself will be pulled). Yes pretty scary, but NOT REALLY! :D
~ Less painful (comparing to the soft wax)

My first time is wonderful. I thought I would cry, but no I didn't! Of course there was my 'Ouch' moments, but it was all good. I would say this, it is painful, but IT IS BEARABLE! It's nothing crazy painful, just a few seconds of pain. I think the hot wax is my concern rather than the pain when the wax is pulled away. :D Joyce, my wax therapists did an amazing job in comforting me, telling me don't be shy and confirming everything will be okay. I feel awkward and shy because I need to position my legs in certain way. -_-  The procedure took about half an hour to complete. It doesn't feel that long because we had a nice chit chat, basically about random stuff and also about waxing of course. The conversations did distract me a little bit but I'm still aware that I'm about to get ripped! :P Bubble Gum Wax certainly knows how to treat their customer, I'm impressed! Thank you so much for making my first experience a great one.  ^_^ 

A few tips for the wax virgins :
1. Let your hair grow at least 6mm (the longer the better) before your waxing appointment.
2. Do your waxing at least 4 days before or after your menstrual cycle. This is because if you do it around the time of your menstrual, you will feel more pain due to your hormones.
3. Wear loose clothes during your waxing appointment.
4. 24 hours after waxing, due to your sensitive skin,  DO NOT take hot shower, no panty liner and basically just take a good care of your ehem ehem. You may apply the gel that they gave you to ease any discomfort. 

I believe waxing is way better than shaving because one waxing will last you about 5-6 weeks and the hair that eventually grow, will be finer unlike if you shave.  ^_* Oh the hassle to shave is gone! Thanks again to The Butterfly Project and Bubble Gum Wax for giving me the opportunity to experience Brazilian waxing. ^_^ I'm a happy girl, and I'm pretty sure my ehem ehem is happy too! :P

If you are interested to try out Bubble Gum Wax service, check out their PRICE LIST!

Yes you may request the shapes that you want... More info, go ask them, don't ask me. :D

Good news!

For more info on the Bubble Gum Wax, please visit :

Facebook Page :

Address : 
Sri Hartamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 
03-6211 5038

Business Hours :
Monday - Friday : 11.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday : 11.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Till then, 

Keep it clean ladies!

Sabby Prue



  1. hahaha jungle free .nak tergelak.hahaa.eh tapi harga dia tu boleh just datang and pay atau kena amik package terus ? haha. btw thanks for ur info.

    1. hahaha i think u can just walk in.. but to be safe maybe u can call them first. hahah but honestly babe, u should try buat at least sekali dlm hidup. hahah :P

  2. Assalamualaikum,

    hi sabbyprue, I'm one of your blog readers =) thanks for sharing about your brazilian waxing experience. hehe! now dah tau difference between soft and hard wax. still thinking nak buat ke tak. takut pun ada, malu pun ada. HAHA!

    1. Waalaikumussalam Aqilah! Thank you for reading my blog, I appreciate it very much. :)

      Hihi yup2 for me I pun sebenarnye lagi concern pasal malu than the pain. hehehe :P



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