Bubble Gum Wax [Part 1] : Dare To Wax!

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies!

This post is such an exciting post to blog about. Why? Because I'm talking about the ONE thing that I would only consider doing when I'm about to get married. Never occurred to me to try this out, BUT when I saw The Butterfly Project, the Truth or Dare project, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Maybe I should register and try my luck in getting a spot for this 'daring' event. Well, I succeeded. Excited, nervous and worried! :D

Welcome to the Bubble Gum Wax, a place where you can get rid of those unwanted hairs! :D 

Exciting day ahead of us, so lets take a look of what exactly happened that day! ^_^

Goodies are waiting to be used for our DIY session!

Scream for Ice Cream baby!! 

Selection of ice cream to feed the hungry butterflies....

BUTT cookies. haha so cute! :D

Charcoal Noodle with Thai Sauce. Hmm I don't know how I feel about this....

Ice cream time! Nyum! Oh and that's Tammy punya kaki. hahahah

Illy was explaining that when 3 girls go into the waxing room, others will be out here and creating their own DIY box using a shoe box to fill in all the goodies that Bubble Gum Wax provide us. 3 winners will be chosen and the prizes are so so goooooood!

Jesslyn gave a brief explanation on what is about to happen to us. All of us are getting Brazilian Wax! Woot woot! She told us to relax and just enjoy the moment. LOL. Nervous weyyyyy! :D

While waiting for other girls in the waxing room, the DIY session begun.

I don't like DIY because I suck at it. I mean, seriously, I don't like wrapping, anything artsy, drawing. Urgh, just not my thing. -_-

This is my box. Pretty sad, right? -_- *MALU GILA*
p/s : we got to bring back home all of the stuff inside the box. Yippee! :D


The winners.....

3rd place : Edazz

2nd place : Kah Mon

3rd place : Alyssa

Congrats girls! You darlings deserve it. All of your boxes put my box to shame. Uhuk uhuk... -_-

Happy nyeeeee

Over kan???

I got my 'red flag' right before I left my house for this event. Unfortunately, I did not manage to wax my *ehem ehem*. But I set an appointment on the 6th November. HAHAHA :D 

Girls being girls. :D

chiffon shawl | gemanuti
black chiffon dress | asian avenue, sunway pyramid
pale pink blazer | dressmeup
studded pump | vinnci
hot pink shoulder bag with gold chain | downtown cheras
fuchsia ring | diva

My waxing experience will be up next. For those who wants to know HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT, please stay tuned! Hihihihi ^_^

*Click HERE for the second part, my Brazilian Wax experience! :D

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Till then, 

Keep it clean ladies!

Sabby Prue



  1. I punya kena tunda ke hujung minggu ni. Elok pulak petang tu red flag. Can't wait! Dulu nervous sangat tapi skrg mcm dah ok je

    1. laaa yeke, i thought u dah settle dah. hehe enjoy babe! :D



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