Beauty Review : YADAH - Sweet Milky Tint

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! :)

Today I want to share with you girls YADAH latest products, the Sweet Milky Tint. They have another 2 mascaras but that review will be in my other post. So stay tuned for that ok? :) 

YADAH is a brand originated from South Korea that uses botanical plant extracts such as essential oils, floral water, barks and traditional herbs so they are 100% natural. Their products does not contain artificial colouring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphate and animal extract! Yeay for green company! :)

Have you tried any lips and cheeks tint before? Personally I've only tried one brand and for me it was okay. I think at that time I wasn't into this lip tint look. However, NOW I am really excited to try the lip and cheek tint because I have been watching too much of Korean drama series lately. I just couldn't get enough of their flawless makeup. There's one particular drama series called Madame Butterfly in One HD, the character Yoon Sul-Ah always spotting lip tint look and she looks amazing! Then there's another drama Full House 2 where the heroine, Man-Ok also have that lip tint look. That's an excuse for me to try it out too, right? :D

'Sweet Milky Tint is a delicious milky tint that gives your lips and cheeks a natural touch of colour.'

These Sweet Milky Tint contains semi-precious gemstones to help retain skin hydration with a touch of natural shine. The ingredients used in this product are Common Purslane, Gingko Nuts, Common Fig, White Mulberry, Pomegranate and Milk. You must be wondering how do they get their tints into these 2 colours, well, the colour pigments are from Tomato and Gromwell flowers extracts. Pretty amazing right? :)

There are 2 shades in the series :
01 : Sweet Cherry
02 : Sweet Pinky

When I first swatched the 01 Sweet Cherry, it looks more to coral/pink shade but when I applied it on my lips, it looks more towards to red/pink shade.

As for the the 02 Sweet Pinky, it is a pastel or baby pink shade but it looks very natural on my lips, the colours did not really show.




SaSa (Starting December 2013)

Via Online - Zalora, Hermo & Mivva (Starting December 2013)

Lets try them on!

The first thing I do before putting on any lips products, I will apply my lip balm to keep my lips moisturize.

Then I continue on my face base (foundation/cc cream/powder) on my entire face and make sure that I use my face base on my lips too. Just pat it on to get this look

Start layering tint from the center of the lip. Then gently spread the excess colour on the rest of your lips.

Easy to use applicator.
Great colour pay off.
It does not budge for several hours (no eating or drinking)
Cute packaging.
Good size, great for travelling.

The colour rubbed off about 60% after eating and drinking

It is a bit wet when I first applied on the lips, but then it settled in and I feel my lips is well moisturized. I love the shade on my lips, it's vibrant but looks natural on my lips. I just wish it won't rubbed off so much after eating or drinking. But it's okay, I can reapply as many time as I want. hehe The Sweet Cherry does smell like cherries which is a pleasant scent, I kinda like it. 

As you can see the shade did not showed up on my lips. Well if you see me face to face, you can see it but in photos, it's not noticeable.

I applied the Sweet Pinky on my cheeks to get that rosy glow!

Apply a suitable amount on your cheeks.

I blend with my fingers because I don't want to add more colours. I'm afraid if I use the applicator to blend, I would have a clown cheeks. :D

What do you think? Do you think it gives me rosy cheeks? :D

Easy to use applicator.
Rosy glow for the cheeks.
The colour does not budge (on my cheeks), quite long lasting.
Cute packaging.
Good size, great for travelling.
The Sweet Pinky smells like milky strawberries. Actually it smells like Rocky in the strawberry flavour! :D

For lips is a turn off because the shade doesn't really show up.

Overall, I really like both of the lips and cheeks tint. The Sweet Cherry is a great for lips and the Sweet Pinky is more suitable for the cheeks. I really love the idea of a 2 in 1 product, because it is a perfect companion while travelling. The cute packaging is also a plus point, as well as the easy to use applicator. It stays on well (without drinking or eating that is) and at the same time I don't feel that it is drying to my lips and cheeks. 

The Sweet Milky Tint will be in stores starting December 2013. If you are interested to try out the Sweet Milky Tint, make sure to check out SaSa and via online stores (ZaloraHermo & Mivva). 

Year End Sale is also happening in SaSa for other YADAH products, check them out!

For more info on Yadah, visit :

Official Website : YADAH Korea
Facebook Page : YADAH Malaysia

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. Sabby, the last photo of yours the colour is just preeeety! I shall check this out in Sasa soon. Thanks Sabby. Btw, I have followed you :) Hope you could drop by my blog too and follow if you like..

    1. thanks for following babe! hehe yup the Sweet Pinky looks good on the cheeks. Yeah do check it out, it will be out in december! :)



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