Beauty Review : REVLON - Absolute Radiance Range (CC Cream & Two Way Powder Foundation)

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies!

I want to review 2 products that I have been trying out for about a week, since I posted an Instagram photo of these babies, some of you requested for a full review. So here we are! Read on lovelies! :)

Revlon has a new makeup range that is promised to help the texture of the skin as well as to provide radiance and brightness towards skin. The 2 products available in this range are REVLON Absolute Radiance CC Cream (SPF 30/PA++) and REVLON Absolute Radiance Two Way Powder Foundation (SPF18/PA++).

REVLON Absolute Radiance CC Cream 
(SPF 30/PA++)

If you haven't heard about CC Cream, it is a colour correcting cream that helps to even out the skin tone. I always say CC Cream is an advance version of BB Cream and I still do because CC Cream is designed to deliver more benefits towards our skin. The REVLON Absolute Radiance CC Cream claims to be a ONE STEP Complete care cream that hydrates and colour corrects in just 7 days! With ingredients such as proprietary of Licorice, Vitamin C and Mulberry, the CC Cream helps in brightening and maintaining a younger looking skin! 

The 8 wonders what REVLON Absolute Radiance CC Cream can do for you :

The CC Cream comes in 3 shades, 010 Creamy White, 020 Natural Ochre and 030 Natural Beige. The shades selection is very minimal, so I guess it's a downer for darker skin tone.


1.0oz / 30ml

Leading Pharmacies and Departmental Stores in Malaysia

My shade for the CC Cream is 020 Natural Ochre, lets see how it fairs on my skin!

As you can see in the photo above, the right side is fairer than the left one. I thought it's a bit too fair for me but I know I have to wait  a few minutes for the shade to really sinks into my skin. 

Even out skin tone
Dewy and glowy finish
Not cakey even with 2 layers
Easy to blend
Contains SPF

Feels greasy after applying, need to wait about 5-10 minutes for the greasiness feeling to go away
Limited shades selection
Lasted about 5 hours, my face starts to get greasy after that.

REVLON Absolute Radiance CC Cream is a light to medium coverage CC Cream, well most CC Creams are. This is a good everyday base for your skin if you are one of those girls who does not prefer to wear foundation. This is great if you want to be presentable with a touch of makeup.  Because of the ''radiance' effect of the cream, I think that is the reason why my face starts to get greasy in just about 5 hours. Nevertheless I really like this CC Cream because I love the dewy and radiant look, yet it looks natural. Also the fact that it feels light on my skin is a major point because I don't want to feel like I have tonnes of makeup on my face! I have been using this CC Cream for about a week now but I'm not sure if it really improves the texture of my skin. This is because I follow my skincare routine as usual and my skin condition is pretty much the same.

REVLON Absolute Radiance Two Way Powder Foundation (SPF18/PA++)

REVLON Absolute Radiance Two Way Powder Foundation (SPF18/PA++) is designed to provide luminosity and a flawless complexion. 

The 4 key benefits of this product includes :
Lightened the appearance of dark spots
helps minimize the appearance of pores
Reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles
Protects skins from UVA/B Rays

The REVLON Absolute Radiance Two Way Powder Foundation (SPF18/PA++) comes in 4 shades ; 010 Ivory, 140 Natural Ocher, 165 Cool Beige and 180 Medium Beige.


0.32oz / 9.1g

Guardian Stores in Malaysia

Matches my skin tone perfectly
Not cakey
Great for touch ups
Contains SPF

Nothing, really.

For me this is just the normal type of powder foundation. It conceals you imperfections in a minimal way. This shade matches me perfectly so I don't have to worry being too fair or too made up.  I use this whenever I apply my REVLON Absolute Radiance CC Cream for extra coverage as the CC Cream is light to medium coverage. And also it serves as my makeup setting powder. I really like it that it is not cakey even though I've applied 2 layers of the CC Cream. It's an okay product if you are looking for a new powder foundation.

Now lets do a demo! :D

I usually apply my CC Cream by dotting them on half of my face, then blending in using my fingers with tapping and swirl motions. After finishing blending half of my face, I will move on to the other half.

Half face. Can you see the difference? :O

The CC Cream evens out my skin tone

I look a bit shiny here....

The powder foundation calms down my 'shiny' look. What do you think? Is this what you call radiant looking skin? *_^
*p/s : I did not use any makeup base, concealer or setting spray. Only the 2 products. :)

I really like these 2 products and they do compliment each other. But if you have your own setting powder that's fine too. If you really want to purchase ONE product from this range, I would suggest to purchase the REVLON Absolute Radiance CC Cream instead the powder foundation. The CC Cream is the one that gives more effect on the skin rather than the powder foundation, well that's my opinion. The decision is yours. :)

Have anyone of you tried this range before? How do you feel about it? ^_^

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. Ooo the powder looks nice. I use revlon powder too! Not this one haha. But mine is almost finished so maybe I'll go for this :D

  2. It is quite nice. Thanks for the review and pictures :).
    The packaging is very pretty too!

    1. Yup i think both of it are good products. You are welcome dear, thanks for reading my blog! :)

  3. im thinking of buying the revlon cc cream when i spotted it last week.after i read your review i think i should give a try.i do like more the revlon two way cake photoready foundation as it does good job on my combo skin.i already follow your blog.feel free to visit my humble blog at and do follow me if you like it :))

    1. thanks for following babe! I want to follow ur blog too, but couldn't finfd your GFC follow button.. -_-

  4. This is the first time I've seen a review of this CC cream! Nice! :D

  5. Salam. Blogwalking sini :) Done follow ^^

    1. wslm, thanks for following! I dah follow u dahhhh :)

  6. rajin btol korg review kn hehe thanks for sharing tho btw sy pon pkai cc cream tp nano white lahh aah sgt best 1 layer je skin tone dah sekata lah even scar2 xdpt lah nk nutup pon kn cc cream mmg best :)

    1. Hihi i mmg prefer bb or cc cream dari liquid foudation. Tapi now dah berjinak2 nak pakai liquid foundation for extra coverage :)

  7. Salaams! pretty & informative blog =)
    just bought ^^ . will b trying soon. So optimistic! hehehe

    1. wslm dear. Thank you so much for reading! let me know how you like it! ;)

  8. Dear Sabby,
    The powder one looks good! Does it cause any irritation? Am current using Maybelline's powder and it does cause irritation! :( i'm looking for a better one but still in an affordable range. :)

  9. baru habis bb cream maybelline.. sekarang dok ber avon.. lepas ni nak try yang sabby suggest lak.. hehe



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