Recipe : Apple Turnovers

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies!! :)

I have not posted anything for quite some time, thousands of apologies! I was in state where I was just too lazy to update anything. hehehe :D Anyway, I am back with TWO recipes for you darlings. Yes two! hahha I'm just in a mood to bake. These two recipes consists of apple and cinnamon (If you don't know, these 2 is my favourite food combo!) Can we just get started please? :)

My recipes are usually simple and easy. I always try my best to have as little ingredients as I can because I don't want to wash the dishes after I finish baking or cooking. hihi Apple Turnovers is such a wonderful treat to have during cold weather. The crispy pastry with the warm apple cinnamon filling is delightful.  Even though we don't have Fall/Autumn or Winter season here in Malaysia, but the constant rain keeps us warm and cozy. The smell of cinnamon and apple mixed together is oh so perfect.

My Apple Turnover recipe only consists of 5 ingredients :

The Filling

You can replace the brown sugar with the regular white sugar if you want to. To me, the brown sugar is less sweeter than the white sugar.

And a store bought puff pastry. This recipe makes about 20 pieces of apple turnover so if you think you want to do only 10 pieces, do reduce the amount of the ingredients into half. I only made 10 pieces of Apple Turnover and I used the balance of the filling for another recipe. The recipe will be up in 1 - 2 weeks time, so stay tuned ok! :)


Firstly, preheat your oven to 220 degrees.

Mix brown sugar, flour and cinnamon powder in a large bowl. 

Pour in the diced apples and mix till incorporate.

And you'll get this. I can just eat it like this. :D

Get your puff pastry and rolled it out, according to your size preferences. I like my apple turnover to be the usual size of a croissant. Place a spoonful of the apple filling on the puff pastry (not too much)

Take the other side of the puff pastry and put it on top of the filling to close it up. You can use egg wash (act as a glue) to seal it up but honestly, I don't think it does anything so I just skip that part. Take a fork and pinch all around the puff pastry to seal it so that none of the filling oozes out.

Place the apple turnover on a baking tray.
I know they are so ugly  looking, hahaha I just can't be bother to make them look good, I just want to bake and eat them ASAP! hihi :P

Brush on egg wash on the apple turnover for the golden finish. Sprinkles some sugar for that extra sweetness and crunch. Bake for about 20 minutes (or depending on your oven)

p/s : I only baked 5 out 10 pieces that I made. I kept the remaining 5 pieces in the freezer, so I can bake them whenever I want. Wheeeeee ^_^


Buttery and crispy puff pastry with warm apple cinnamon filling is the right companion during rainy days. Love!

I hope you like the recipe. Do let me know if you have tried this recipe. Another apple recipe will be uploaded next week, watch out for that! Alternatively, I posted an APPLE PIE recipe, check it out! :)

Till then,

Happy baking,

Sabby prue



  1. How if I don't like cinnamon????
    Just not to put it in or replace with anither thing???

    1. hmm maybe u can add in any spices that you like. hehe :D

  2. omg.. this look so goooddd!!! makan time panas2 dengan cold milk. yumsss!

    1. uuuu mmg sedap makan panas2, but i minum ngn coffee la. hihi :D

  3. i made this dutch pggil appe; is so easy to make..i normally sprinkle some sugar on top..

    1. owww.. thanks for the info! :) aah i pun slalu sprinkles sugar on top but somehow today I forgotten. hehe

  4. nampak sedap n senang...kena try ni...kalau nk lg best blh add on serbuk kayu manis mesti lg best kn

    1. aah, you bole buat cinnamon sugar babe! :D yummsss

  5. The recipe look so easy.... i might use banana instead. Hmmm do u think i can still use the same spices or is there other suggestions since bananas are sweet... :P

    1. yup it's so easy! hmmm banana goes well with cinnamon too. maybe you can reduce the sugar if you think it'll be too sweet. :)



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