Zespri's Feel The Difference Dinner

Assalamualaikum and hello dearies! :)

Do you remember my Zespri 14 Days Challenge posts? It's a 14 days challenge where I need to consume or use Zespri Kiwifruit as a part in my daily routine. Click HERE to read all of my posts! :) On November 10th, I was invited to Zespri's Feel The Difference Dinner as a token from Zespri to the bloggers for participating in the challenge. I feel so appreciated, thank you so much Zespri! :)

The event was held at the NEO Tamarind in Jalan Sultan Ismail on the 13th of November. The event started at 5.00 p.m. with pampering activities and followed by dinner at 7.00 p.m. But sadly I only saw 'Dinner at 7 p.m.' and totally missed out the pampering session. :( SO sad, but it's okay I still got to enjoy dinner with my wonderful friends. ^_^

Check out what I've missed during the pampering session.. Uwaaaaa! :D



So jelly! -_-

Anywayyy, lets go ahead and continue with the dinner, shall we? :D

Liz and Yours Truly. Bulatnye pipi -_-

There was a discussion with a Nutritionist about fruit myths. Yeah, the 3 myths that had been going on forever!

We played 2 games during dinner. The first game was guessing the name of the songs. And I answered 2 times! :P The 2nd game was 'What's In My Bag' game. But this game is special because we need to find items that starts with  ' ZESPRIKIWIFRUIT'. Yeah, I'm not kidding! Our table join forced by combining our stuff and we won! haha  yeay, I don't really care about the prize, I just want to win. hihi  :D

Hahahaha look at my face. OVER! -_-

Ni lagi over. Nyampah. -_-

Haha he is such a sporting guy! Acting out the Pink Panther! hahaha :D

Our healthy and delicious dinner, totally yummers!

Oh and there was a prize giving session where several bloggers are given Isetan Cash Vouchers for a certain categories. And I won 'Best Recipe For Sahur'. Yup, my oatmeal with Sungold Kiwi and Cinnamon won! Alhamdulillah. Yippeeeee! ^_^

I had an amazing night, great company and great food. You guys rock! Thanks again for the invitation. :)

I'm also one of the featured bloggers in Zespri's official websites. ^_^  Do check out other bloggers as well, click HERE for direct link to the bloggers list! :)

For more info on Zespri, visit :

Official Website : http://zespri.com.my/
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/ZespriMY

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. Hahaha, your face nampak excited giler!

  2. omg Sabby u look so excited LOLL!!! Happy girl indeed!

    1. hahaha i know!! I'm the girl who always get excited about everything! :D

  3. wslm.. thanks for following, i dah follow u jugak! :)



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