Beauty Review : Sephora Jumbo Liner 12 HR Wear

Assalamualaikum and hello dearies!

Today I want to share with you girls (or boys :P) about my favourite eye shadow sticks. I have been using them for quite some time and I never really heard people talking about it. I discovered this crayon-like eye shadow through watching a few videos of  Tati (Glamlife Guru) in YouTube. She raves about it so much and I thought what the heck, lets try it! 

SEPHORA Jumbo Liner 12 HR Wear

Looking at the SEPHORA website, they have 28 shades but I don't think we have that much in Sephora KL. Maybe I'm wrong?

Shades Available :

I own 3 shades that I absolutely lovin' at this moment!


Sephora (KLCC, Starhill, Paradigm, or Sunway Pyramid)

0.10 oz

It is a crayon type of eye liner/ eye shadow stick. I love that they include the exact shades at the bottom of the packaging. It makes it easier for me to search for the shades I want to use rather than needing to open up each cap!

The only downside is these Jumbo Liner is not retractable, therefore we need to sharpen it up when the eye shadow has become shorter. It's not really a big problem but it would be nicer if it is retractable. ^_*

As you can see in the photos above, the Jumbo Liner is very pigmented and opaque. I only did about 3 strokes for each shades and they look so vibrant. The Jumbo Liner is easy to apply on your eyelids because of the creamy texture. The crayon glides smoothly without needing to press hard. There's a slight shimmer in these 3 shades I own, but there are other colours that are matte in the collection. I will buy this Jumbo Liner in other shades, yes I will. I want all shades if I could. :D

For a subtle and neutral looks, you can blend it out to get a slight colour on your eyes or layer them up for a bolder look. What I like the most about these jumbo liner is that you can use it as an eye liner or as eye shadow, a 2 in 1 product. 

It claims to have a 12 hour staying power, well, I seldom have makeup on for more 10 hours but I can tell you that this jumbo liner do not budge! But I guess it depends on what type of eyelids you have. My eyelids are not oily so it's not a problem for me. The jumbo liner is resistant to water, heat and humidity (yes we have ALL that in Malaysia).

Lets do a little test, shall we?

Here I am rubbing slightly hard on my skin and only a small part of the eye shadows came off. But if you rub super duper hard, yes the eye shadows will totally rubbed off.  But personally I won't be rubbing my eyes if I know I have makeup on. So I conclude without excessive rubbing, the eye shadows will stay on your eye lids for as long as you have your makeup on. 

I did run my hand under the water without any pressure/rubbing and the eye shadows did not move. (sorry I forgotten to take a photo. -_-).  I guess the waterproof part is on the right track.

I took a cotton pad, run it under water and used it to rub on my hand and all the eye shadow came off!


Despite being a waterproof product, it is easy to remove using the cotton pad with the right pressure. But of course you need makeup remover to remove your makeup ya! 

Creamy texture - Glides on smoothly
Pigmented - Great colour pay off
Variety of shades to choose from
2 in 1 product
Water, heat and humidity resistance
Easy to remove
Great for traveling because of the size/packaging
Price wise : Affordable

It is not retractable.

Yes, other shades.

Have you tried the Sephora Jumbo Liner 12 HR Wear? How do you like it? Let me know in the comment box below. ^_^

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. i also like this jumbo pencil...but thing is it need special sharpener to sharpened it lo!!! but yes the color paid off and the price is not expensive too!

    1. ya la, the sharpening part is the only downside.. hehe but its ok la, the colour payoff is great!

  2. uuuuuu! i love the kaki! eh bukan kaki awak! hehehehe but but but.... can i have all the shadessss *puppy eyes* <3

    1. haha tu la, kaki pulak nama dia. patutnye Khaki kan? lol

  3. This is my love too! I like the product very much but I've noticed that the pencils are not friendly travel. Whenever I put them into my makeup bag, the cap always detached from the pencil. But overall I like the product. Good review! Agreed with everything you said :)

    1. i've experienced that too babe, but u really need to press hard the cap when closing. I never have that problem anymore, try it! :D

  4. the colors are very vibrant!! i went to Sephora Sunway Pyramid and got torn between this one and NYX Jumbo Pencil since I never tried both.

    1. better get this one than NYX. Just my opinion since I tried both. :)

  5. I love these too! They are such a fantastic product. I do think they are better than NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencils! It makes me sad, as well, that they aren't retractable. It's truly the only flaw.

    1. Yup i think they are better than the NYX Jumbo Pencil. And yesss I wish they are rectractable! so sad...

  6. Salam Sabby! Nice to meet you last night :) Rajin you buat beauty reviews... I kinda like this jumbo pencil from Sephora too. Sesuai sgt nak cepat2 add colour to the eyes! Keep on writing!

    1. Wslam ayuni! Nice to meet you too semalam. hehe i minat about all beauty stuff, sbb tu rajin. hihi yeahhh jumbo pencil ni senang nak pakai, no hassle! :)

  7. Just discovered your page...have to say these pencils are awesome and even their normal 12 hour eye pencils...which i have many more colours of. Wish that there were more colours in Malaysia in this range...i have 6 already...but i'm greedy and want more



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