Beauty Review : YADAH - Highlash and Bloom Mascara

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies!

Omg it has been so long since my last post. If you followed me on instagram then you knew I was on a holiday with my family. This post was supposed to be up during my absence but somehow i could not get it uploaded due to the slow internet connection. :( anyway, hope I'm not too late to share with you girls about these new products by YADAH!

This is the second product of YADAH latest makeup range, it's Highlash Mascara and Bloom Mascara. I have reviewed the first part of their makeup range which is the Sweet Milky Tint. If you haven't read that, click HERE for the post! :)

Highlash and Bloom Mascara are differentiate through the colours of the cap. Highlash is blue while Bloom mascara is in pink cap. The packaging is made out of hard plastic which makes it durable and easy to travel with. The mascaras are formulated with unique Opuntia Ficus for the purpose to keep the lashes healthy and for vitality. YADAH products are made out of all natural ingredients, therefore the mascaras are 100% free from Paraben, Talc, Sulphate Surfactant and artificial fragrance.A definite safe product for those who has sensitive eyes and contact lenses wearer like me! ;)



Via Online - ZaloraHermo & Mivva (Starting December 2013)


Highlash Mascara is said to provides long-wearing curls, volumizes and lengthens the lashes without smudging. Yes I need my lashes to be fuller! It is also water-resistant, another good point because we don't want our mascara to smudge by end of the day kan? ;)

The bristles is quite huge and rounded.I think it looked like a Christmas tree. hehe I guess the rounded bristles will grab your lashes and volumizes it to the max. Does it really do that? keep on reading! 


Bloom Mascara is a water resistance and smudge free mascara that can help to create fuller lashes and volumizes your lashes.

There are 2 sides of the bristles. As you can see in the picture above, it is a bit curvy with long bristles. 

Ok, let's try them on!

*I am doing comparison between these 2 mascaras (one mascara for each eye) so you can see the difference clearly. Left side is Highlash Mascara and right side is Bloom Mascara. :)

My natural lashes. I did not use my eyelash curler.

This is the first coat of the mascara.

Both of the mascaras give almost the same amount of length and volume but Highlash Mascara gives a bit more fuller look than the Bloom Mascara.

This is the second coat of the mascara.

Highlash Mascara gives more volume and fuller look to my lashes. It lengthens but I don't think it really does anything in the curling department. It is clumpy, even with only one coat. 

Bloom Mascara makes my lashes natural looking and lengthens nicely. It does curl a bit to create that volume. It is clumpy too, but not as clumpy as the Highlash Mascara. 

Both of the mascara formulation is a bit wet so I kinda wait for a little while before doing anything else with my face because I'm afraid I will touch my eyes and smudge the mascara. The wands are bit too big for me because it gets to my eyelids several times. I need to angle out the right way to get it right (practice makes perfect! :P). I've used the mascara for about 4 to 5 hours and it did not smudge on me. 

Both of the mascaras claimed that it can be removed by using lukewarm water. So I did just that.....

p/s : the brownish residue is my foundation/concealer/corrector.

Yup it does what it says! The mascaras can be removed with only lukewarm water. Water resistance and easy to remove? Heck ya! ;)

If you want a dramatic look, I would suggest to go for Highlash Mascara because it gives your lashes the fuller and thick lashes. And if you like the 'spidery type' of lashes, this is definitely for you. And go for Bloom Mascara if you want a natural everyday look. This is definitely my pick! Remember I did not use eyelash curler in the demo, I believe using eyelash curler will enhance the length and fullness of your lashes. I like their cute packaging with vibrant colours. Furthermore, the price is affordable and with natural ingredients used in the mascara, why not? Grab one and try them for yourself! ^_^

The Highlash and Bloom Mascara will be in stores starting December 2013. If you are interested to try out the mascaras, make sure to check out SaSa and via online stores (ZaloraHermo & Mivva). 

Year End Sale is also happening in SaSa for other YADAH products, check them out!

For more info on Yadah, visit :

Official Website : YADAH Korea
Facebook Page : YADAH Malaysia

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. You have a nice and long lashes, jelly to max!!

    1. Awww thanks dear. :) i will visit your blog! ;)

  2. nice review! but I think I prefer the bloom mascara more, curl even without curler



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