[Travel] Perth Trip : Day 2 - Cape Leeuwin, Cape Naturaliste and Busselton Jetty

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies!

Welcome to the second part of my Perth Trip 2013! If you haven't read the first part, kindly click the link below. :)

Our second day is our 'Back To Nature Getaway'. It's all about nature today. The ocean, clear blue sky, cold wind.... Aaahhh bliss! We were so lucky because the weather is super duper great for sightseeing. We did A LOT of walking which I have no complain because I do need some workout. ;)


Our first stop is Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse which is located 8 kilometres from Augusta, the most south westerly tip of Australia which is the meeting point of 2 oceans, the Indian and Southern Ocean. The view is breathtaking to the extend I can not describe with words, even good photos will never do it justice. 

We bought the Cape Leeuwin Precint tickets (entrance fee with self-guided audio tour of the lighthouse grounds )which costs :
Adult : AUD$8
Child (Up to 16 years old) : AUD$5

There are2 types of tour that you can take on too where you can go into the lighthouse tower and the 3 caves. Click HERE for the tickets prices and tour time. :)

A little cafe at the lighthouse.

You will get this radio thingy before you start you tour. You just have to key in the number of the station your at and this radio thingy will tells you the story of the place. Honestly, I only key in at the first station. I don't really bother to listen to the radio. :D  

I don't really feel like typing so much about the place, just take a look at the photos, they are indescribable. :)

Selfie with the ocean. LOL :P

There's an adorable little cafe at the lighthouse which sells coffee, desserts, pastries, cookies and such. 

Ahhh my favourites! :D

Now tell me, you don't want to have your meal facing the ocean? Oh my god.......

so comel! Madiha with her cookies. :)

Nak jugak! :D

Oh, of course. I'll never forget about my tummy. This gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies (AUD$3.50) is to-die-for! so so so good. Nyums!

After about 2 to 3 hours at Cape Leeuwin, we headed to Margaret River Chocolate Company. But we made a quick stop at this local bakery in Augusta.

I tried the Almond Croissant from the bakery but I was not happy about it. Oh well....


Yes this is the place where you get chocolates, nougats, ice creams and yes they have a restaurant here too so you can hangout and eat with your loved ones. I didn't really capture any photos inside (I don't know why) well maybe because I was so overwhelmed with their selections. hahaha

Bought a Chocolate Orange Truffle Candle for myself and chocolates for family and friends here. Buy your chocolates here, they are yummy! Visit their official website HERE! :)

Motok with her ice cream

I had the Cranberry Pistachio Nougat covered with milk chocolate. Sedap gile!!

After spending about one to two hours at the chocolate factory, we went to Cape Naturaliste for whale watching! Woot woot! :D

I saw this at the parking space. I figured that I need to share it with you darlings. :P


Cape Naturaliste is situated about 13 kilometeres from Dunsborough  which is at the northernmost point of Western Australia.  There's a lighthouse and museum too if you want to explore, but we didn't do that. Instead we walked through the trail to whale lookout. Bare in mind to wear comfortable shoes because the journey will take about 20 - 25 minutes from the entrance to the lookout point. 

Click these two links for more info :

You won't get lost I promise. Just follow the signage. ;)

We were there at the very end of November therefore we didn't really see any whales. But the guy at the counter said they saw a few whales in the 3 months times. It actually depends on your luck whether you will get the opportunity to see the whales, so don't get over excited! :D

I can sit here for hours and just look out to the ocean. This is so beautiful, Subhanallah. :)

Aww this is too cute!

Goofing around behind the bushes!


Busselton Jetty is the last pit stop of the day. We came back the next day for the Jetty tour, so more info will be in that post. Look out for that! :) As for now, enjoy the photos. The sun was about to set at this time. People were playing volleyball, jogging, strolling, walking their dogs, just chilling. But it was so so so cold! Thank god I had my sweater with me! ^_^

This is the area where you can swim. Sort of like a pool. so cool! :)

Okay guys, thank you so much for reading! I am sorry for taking so long to update the trip because there are so many photos to choose from and to edit! Sabar yaaaa! :)

Please join my Perth Giveaway which is ending on the 22nd of December 2013, so hurry lovelies! :D

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. It must be a memorable trip for you and your family, love those breathtaking scenery pics ^^

  2. So pretty! I wanna go Perth also :(

  3. everything in the pics are beautiful, subhanallah (T_T) I wish one day I'll be able to visit Aussie as well..

    1. Insyaallah Mieza, nanti dah keje saving duit for travel. Berbaloi sangat. :)



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