S.O.X. Fixie to be won daily!

Last weekend was the most hectic weekend I had so far. My schedule was full with my baking jobs, cooking for a potluck and attending several bloggers events. But you know what? I enjoyed every moment of it because I am blessed to be living the way I want and of course not having to wake up early on a Monday morning is always a plus! hehehe :D

One of the bloggers event I attended last Sunday night was such a fun and energetic event. We were surrounded with youth that made us feel 'a lot younger' than our age. Haha well maybe it's just me but surrounding yourself with younger people will make you look and feel younger. Yeah this is my tips on how to stay young forever! ^_^

Have you heard about S.O.X. before? S.O.X. is a prepaid sim card by Celcom that is dedicated for school kids aged 17 years old and below. Extra savings with cool benefits for these kids  such as low rates for calls and SMSes and so much more! 

If you want to know more about S.O.X. , click ----> School of X 

The event is held at Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya on the 22nd December 2013 where we got to meet youth influencer that has amazing numbers of followers in their social medias. I saw someone posted up a photo in Instagram and in just 5 minutes the photo has 100++ likes. Double wow! :D Now that is very influential. ;) The purpose of this casual gathering is to share the news about a prize that kids below the age of 17 years old could win! A prize that a teenager would definitely love. ;)

Yes, you could win a Fixie baby! ;)

I have seen several flashmobs before, but a S.O.X. Fixie Flashmob? Never before! ^_^

It was so entertaining, dancing and Fixie, yeah man!

Another surprise awaits us, a game that could win us a fixie. The game is the same concept as the musical chair game that we used to play when we were little. This is S.O.X. Musical Fixie yo! All the influencers and bloggers are divided into 2 groups and each winner from both teams will compete against each other to win the fixie!

And guess what...................

I was the winner from the 2nd group and managed to get into final! hahahaha :D It's only me and this dude. 

But unfortunately I did not win, this boy won. Congrats dude, you will definitely get a better use out of it than me. I have not been on a bike for more than 8 years. :D 

A lil bit piece of the night with my lovely blogger friends.....

9 bloggers were there to rock the night out! *not really* :D 

From left, Amir Nawawi, Kifli Mally, Innanie Arifin, yours truly, Sabrina Tajudin, Chency, Frankie, Fishie and Ruby.

Kau memang ratu posing kannnn :D

Wrapping up the night!

Now I'm gonna tell you how you can win a fixie on a daily basis. Are you ready? ;)

You need to be a S.O.X. user and you must spend RM1 per day. Calls, SMSes or MMSes, it's your choice! As long as you spend RM1 a day, you are automatically in the running to win a Fixie bike. How easy can it be? Just close your eyes and spend RM1. hehe This campaign started on the 9th December 2013 and will end on 31st December 2013 so hurry guys. And remember this contest is open for 17 years old and below only okay? ;)

For more info on the campaign, click ----> Win A Fixie Everyday

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. Wah wah wah.. i wanna win this fixie. Wanna cycling to class.. Gituwww



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