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Assalamulaikum and hello dearies. :)

It is currently 1 a.m and I could not sleep. I am so exhausted to the extend that I can't sleep. It happens to me all the time. Whenever I am too tired I won't be able to sleep. So what caused me this exhaustion?

My work = my hobby = my passion = BAKING!

Maybe some of you don't know that besides being a blogger, I am a home-based baker. My humble online bakery named Little Bakerina is my passion, my heart and my soul. I have never imagined in my life that I would bake for a living. Yeah, coming from a girl who hates cooking  (when I was younger that is). Baking has become my stress reliever besides makeup shopping. hehe I always turn to baking whenever I feel stressed out or just have that feeling to get away from anything!

Rainbow Swirls

Dessert in jars : Nutella Cheese Cake

Desserts in Jar : Red Velvet Cake

Themed Cupcakes with buttercream toppings : Superman

Fondant Cupcakes : Baby Shower for a Baby Girl

You guys most probably only see the end product but do you know what happened behind the scene? Oh messy messy messy! :D

This is my homemade buttercream toppings for my cupcakes. This is only the small part of my working area. It is so messy I tell youuuuu! :D

This will happen every time I am mixing the buttercream with colourings. If I'm lucky, I might get the stains on my face too. -_-

I never really blogged about my baking in my blog which is kind of weird don't you think so? I seldom update LB's blog too since I have Facebook Page for Little Bakerina. I think the last post was about 8 months ago. Haha ya I know, so damn long. I guess it's easier for me to upload photos and announcement on my FB Page or Instagram. I will try my best to share my baking journey with you darlings, would you like that? ^_^

So if you want to know any updates on Little Bakerina, kindly visit  :

Instagram : @littlebakerina
Email to order and inquiries! ^_^

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. omaigodd kak sabby, the bowls you used sama dengan what my mom used when baking kek lapis, hehe!!

  2. I would love to know how u gentel the fondant n change into art pieces. I personally bought sabby cupcakes n they are awesome possum!!! Sedaaap sgt.

    1. aww thanks babe! thank u for ordering. :) hihi ok sure can, but i need someone to help me la take photos. hehe

  3. the flower rainbow cupcake so pretty.. and your nutella cheesecake is yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up babe.. <3 you're an inspiration

  4. Geram tengok Topping cream yg colorfull tu..terasa2 je manisnya...hihihi

    1. hihi tak manis sangat pun coz all my cupcakes mmg kurang manis. :)

  5. I love baking too. I'm so sad because I moved to South Korea for this year and had to leave all of my baking things behind. Now, I don't even have an oven! :(

    1. ohhh that's too bad. Get a new one dear, you'll be happier, guaranteed! :)

  6. Ohh your red velvet cupcakes look so sedap! Epic skills babe, epic skills. <3 Muaccks! :D

  7. sabby, meh buka baking class. I nak jadi ur first student. don't worry.i tak kesah kena marah. hehehe



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