My 2014 Beauty Resolutions!

Assalamulaikum and hello dearies!

Can you believe that 2013 is ending? YES, it's going to be over soon and hell yeah this year has been awesome! :) I'm so happy with what I have accomplished this year, slowly but satisfied! ;) 2013 has opened up many opportunities for me and I am so  blessed with all the 'rezeki' Allah gave me, Alhamdulillah. :) But of course, next year will be more awesome, I'm going to make sure my checklist is fully ticked!

To create a list with resolutions is wayyyyyyy too much for me. So I'm going to narrow it down, bit by bit and we are going to start off with my 'Beauty Resolutions 2014'! Woot woot! :D

Juicing and smoothie making

I was doing these starting in May 2013 but somehow in September or October I kinda lost my momentum because of my laziness, which I'm not proud of. Now I have my brand new juicer from Philips, I am determined to make full use of it. The reason I want to do is definitely to keep my body healthy and at the same time to have a glowy and radiant complexion. Drinking fresh fruits and veggies is much better than drinking any processed beauty drinks, do you agree with me?

Drink 2 litres of water everyday

No doubt drinking water is extremely good for you. I myself would only drink about 600-800 ml litres only a day. I know there's no excuse I can give you but that's just the way I am since, well, forever! Why 2 litres? I read somewhere that for every 25kg, you need to drink 1 litre of water, so my weight is about 45 - 50kg so 2 litres is the perfect fit for me. :D 

Buy beauty products that I really need or want

Lets face it, we are living in the world where new things will popped up everyday. It is so hard for us to refrain ourselves to NOT BUY! I know, I understand, I feel you. But do we really need 5 lipsticks of the same shades? or 5 palettes of neutral eye shadows? or even 5 mascaras at one time?  I know it's easier said than done, but I really want to make this work because I need to start saving up starting TODAY.

Incorporating natural ingredients products 
in my beauty routine

As you know, our skincare products and makeup contains chemicals that could harm us long-term. It is hard to completely ignore them because we grew up knowing these amazing brands! But sadly, some well-known brands do practice animal testing and their products contains full of chemicals. :( Good news for us, nowadays we can find a lot of organic and natural ingredients products out there in the market. One of the 100% natural ingredients products that I love is YADAH!

YADAH is a brand originated from South Korea that uses botanical plant extracts such as essential oils, floral water, barks and traditional herbs so they are 100% natural. Their products does not contain artificial colouring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphate and animal extract. They are gentle yet effective! I reviewed their Sweet Milky Tint, Highlash Mascara and Bloom Mascara , click the link down below if you want to read them! ;)

So what's your beauty resolutions for 2014? Mind to share? ^_^

Till then,

Sabby Prue



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