[Travel] Perth Trip : Day 1 - Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Fremantle Market and Margaret River

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! :)

Today I want to share with you darlings about my trip to Perth, Australia on the 24th November till 1st December 2013. Technically I stayed at Margaret River (which is about 2-3 hours drive from Perth) on the first 3 days, and remaining 4 days in the city. But it's just easier to call this my Perth trip since I landed in Perth. Hehe I will try my best to include any details/links so that you guys can check them out ok?  :D honestly I have forgotten some details, haha :P

We arrived at Perth International Airport about 6 am and managed to get our luggage, settled our MPV rental at about 7am. So yeah it is pretty early.

Actually we rented the Kia Karnival from Budget for the 7 days we were there. The fact that we have to return the MPV exactly at 6.51am on the day we are going back to KL (our flight is at 4pm) is so not cool. If we are late even for a minute, we'll be charged for a full day rental. -_-  Make sure you guys check on that terms and condition before paying ok? Well the solution we came up with is to rent a smaller car in the 7th day just to get us from the apartment to the airport later in the afternoon. Btw the rental for the MPV is AUD610 for 7 days. Okay, drama kan? Haha lets get back to my story here...

Welcome to Perth!

It was so early when we reached there so we headed straight to Kings Park and Botanic Garden and check out the morning view. The park is simply amazing. Amazing!!

Attempting to do the jump shot with my niece and nephews. Haha total fail. Whatevs -_- anyway can you see back there? The view is overlooking Perth's city centre!

It was sunny in the beginning then suddenly it was cloudy. I thought it's going to rain but nope, just a cloudy sky.

So pretty!

Souvenir shop

We visited the park once again a day before heading back to KL. There will be more photos in future post, so stay tuned for that! After about an hour there, we headed on to Fremantle to check out the market.

 We spotted this along the way...

Yeahh the factory outlets! I'll see you in 4 days! Hehe

Fremantle is one of the cities in Western Australia and it is located at the mouth of Swan River. Fremantle is a place where you will get good products at the Fremantle Market, E-Shed Markets and also good 'ol fish & chips! For more info on Fremantle City, click HERE.


You can basically find ANYTHING here. From food produce, accessories, souvenirs, flowers, arts, skincare, candles, and the list goes on.

Well hello there cupcakes! I gotta snap some cupcakes whenever I see one.... ;)

For my Muslim friends, there is one Indian food stall which is halal that sells samosa, briyani, laddu and other Indian Cuisine. I'm not sure of the name but it has the halal logo. :)

This is so precious....

Then we arrived to Toy World. Yeahhh, toy's heaven for kids. Or maybe even adults? ;)

It was already noon at that time and we have to drive up to Margaret River where our first apartment is located. It was a 2 and half to 3 hours drive from Perth. Yeah a long way to go. So we stopped at Rockingham Mall to check out the stores and get some food.

For Muslims out there, you can go to the Food Court and search Ispa Kebabs. I ordered Chicken Kebab and it costs AUD9.50 (if I'm not mistaken) and it is huge man! I can definitely share this with someone else.

Margaret River is a town in the South West of Western Australia. It is a town with its own charm and to me, it is the perfect weekend getaway. More  pictures of the town in my future posts. I want to share about the apartment first, Margarets Beach Resort.

We rented an apartment because there were 4 adults and 3 kids, so we kinda need a big space to accommodate and plus, we need a kitchen so that we can cook (trust me, cooking in is the best way to save your money especially if you are travelling in  a country with higher currency rate). But ultimately we cooked because we are restricted to buy certain food because we need our food to be halal.

Living Room. *excuse my nephew. :P

Fully equipped kitchen with cooking utensils, plates,bowls, glasses, etc! Awesome!

The Master Bedroom. This room is big enough to add another bed.

This is my room with Kak Jah (my brother in law's sister). That duvet is the MOST cozy and comfy duvet ever. Seriously, it is so heavy but when you cover your body with it, it just, it just...aaahhh I don't know how to explain it! I'm the kind of person that will have trouble sleeping whenever I sleep in unfamiliar bed, but this time, baring terus pengsan because it so comfy! :D

Our balcony. Great for morning breakfast and tea time. hehe

There was only one huge bathroom with shower and bath tub. There's also one washing machine and a dryer, so you don't have to worry about bringing out too many clothes! ;) well not for me la, if I can I want to pack everything in my room and bring it with me. hehe If you are wondering about the internet connection, yes they have wi-fi. :D 

APARTMENT RATE : AUD241 per night

But you will get 1 night free if you stay for 2 nights, so we stayed there for 3 nights with the price of AUD482. You have to book directly from the website to get the offer! ;)

I absolutely love the apartment. It is modern, comfortable, quiet and cozy, it is near to the beach and they have wi-fi. Woohoooo! That seems to be the most important thing nowadays kan? hehe :D The owner  himself is there all the time, well I didn't get to see him but my brother in law said he is such a lovely person. I encountered with one the staff, I don't remmeber her name but she is the sweetest girl ever. So pretty! :) Check out the website if you are interested to visit this area!

It was about 6.45 p.m. and we decided to take a stroll on the beach for a little while to watch the sunset, but we missed it. LOL and it's getting quit dark so we just stayed a little while.

Ain't that pretty? ;)

2nd day is coming up, so keep on reading okay? ;)

Btw, don't forget to join my PERTH GIVEAWAY lovelies!! 11 more days to go!

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. Looking forward for more sharing on your trip ^^

    1. thank u dear, 2nd part will be uploaded somewhere next week! :D

  2. Bestnya!!! Suka dengan bunga-bunga tu. <3

    1. bunga2 kat sana sangat2 cantik.. menangis tgkkkk

  3. Ahh! You make me can't wait for my Australia trip next year! >.< But am not going to Perth. :( All the photos of breathtaking views here really nice. Looking forward for the next post!

    1. oohhh when are you going babe and where too? i bet it's gonna be awesome too! ;)

  4. haih, cantiknya pemandangan!! share more, please.

  5. hamboi, baring terus pengsan ni mesti awesome sangat katil dia kan XD

  6. Hi sis...
    Boleh share kat mana you stay masa ka perth city? Will be there this nov with family...

  7. Hi Sabby,

    can i check with you when you were in Fremantle, is there many parking around? free or paid?
    (I'll be doing a self drive around Perth too).

    Thanks a lot!



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