Kinohimitsu Luau Party With The Butterflies

Assalamualaikum and hello darlings! :)

Do you remember my entry to the Kinohimitsu Luau Party? Yes I got in! Woohooooo! :D Thank you Butterfly Project! :D Honestly I didn't know what to wear that day, so I just belasah whatever I have in my wardrobe! hehehe

And I made these in 15 minutes. A headband, a belt (which I used as bracelet) and a flower ring (which I didn't use. haha the fastest DIY ever. hahaha sorry Ma, I took your faux flowers, nanti ganti balik. :P

The Kinohimitsu Luau Party is held at Vila Manja which is located at Jalan Damai, Kuala Lumpur. The traffic was so bad that a 10 minutes journey turned into almost an hour ride. Phewww.. Nevertheless we reached there safe and sound! ;)

Woot woot, Hawaiian themed party!


Vila Manja  is a place where you can pamper yourself from head to toe. Yes we all need that once in a while right? The place is quiet and cozy, the perfect place to relax. Situated in a secluded area, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Check out their Facebook Page to find out more about the services!

Yeah a complimentary of head and shoulder massage by Vila Manja. I love massage but can get a bit geli-geli sometimes. Hihi

Illy and Tammy were the MC's for the night. Good job babes! ;)

We were divided into groups (5 in a group) for games. Party without games is boring right? Eheh for the first game, we need to fill up a water bottle using a selection of tools such as sponges, clothes and other cleanibg tools. And guess what, my team won! Haha my teammates were Cik Lily Putih, Liz, Innanie and Leya. Good job girls! ;)

Kinohimitsu has a new product called Kinohimitsu J'Pan Bio-Booster. It is the first and only symbiotic-organic to boost the body's nutrient absorption power by more than two times Now that's the purpose of the two games! Smart! ;) Basically in my word, this new product helps your body to optimize nutrients absorption  from food and supplements that you take.

 So who should consume Kinohimitsu J,Pan Bio-Booster?

People with :
Low immunity
Nutrient deficiency/weight gain
Weak digestion
Leaky Gut
Brain fog
Alcoholic and beverage drinker

*We received a box of the Bio-Booster to try out, I will keep you guys updated! ;)

2 Kinohimotsu spokesperson were there to tell us their experience consuming Kinohimitsu as a part of their daily routine. And let me tell you, they both look good! ;)

Both in the middle are the spokesperson. ;)

There were 4 booths that we were supposed to get our stamps on, the Gifts, Boosts, Mocktail and Spin and Win!

The goodie bag we received is a major love. I love everything! 

Enjoying our special mocktail by Kinohimitsu which I believe is a concoction of Kinohimitsu beauty drinks and other ingredients. Taste so good! ^_^

Spin and Win booth which I got 2 extra Stem Cell beauty drinks! Wheeeeee :)

And of course, photo booth is such a staple element in any events nowadays. 123Cheese Photo Booth is one of the sponsor that night and you know what, they are totally awesome!! Unlimited photos (you  get every photos) and they uploaded the photos in their Facebook Page in just a few days! Check out 123Cheese FB Page to find out more about their services. :)  Oh my gosh, we girls had so so much fun! hahaha want to see the photos? hehehe

Chup this one is by my iPhone saje, lighting cantik ma.. :D

I decided what I want to wear like 1 hour before going... huhu -_-

My favourite photo. hahahah perasan diva! :D cantik tak the headband I made? Heeee

A few contests were held during the luau party, and these girls won! I think I missed one or two girls in this photo, but congrats anyway! ;)

Look, we even got a certificate! Woot wot! :D thank you so much to the Butterfly Project and Kinohimitsu for organizing this awesome luau party! This is my first Hawaiian themed party to be honest. I had so much fun, I bet other bloggers feel the same way too. I will drink up those beauty drinks and be beautiful all the time! Hehehe ;)

To find out more about Kinohimitsu, visit :

Facebook Page : Kinohimitsu
Official Website : Kinohimitsu

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. wahhhhhhhhhhhh hebat 15 minutes jer buat DIY.. tangan seni giteww :P

    1. Haha takde maknenye tangan seni.. Potong riben, cabut bunga je. Haha

  2. great party, hehe.. was worry if I miss the lrt back taman jaya.. lol.. scary after 10pm.. on bridge so quiet.

    1. It can be scary if u were alone at night. Huhu thank god u got home safe!



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