[Makeup Tutorial] : Urban Decay Naked 3 - Light Smoky Eyes

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! ;)

I am back with another makeup tutorial using the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette! Yes, I just can't get enough because for me this palette is so versatile. I have done a FULL REVIEW OF URBAN DECAY NAKED 3 (with swatches) and also a SOFT PINK NEUTRAL EYES makeup tutorial previously, please click those links if you haven't read it! :)

For today's tutorial, it is more towards a smoky eyes. I created a light smoky eyes which is wearable during the day, or you can even go for this look at night time. Towards the end of the photos, I darken the shade a little bit on the left side to let you girls see how just a little bit addition of colour can change the look. Let's get started!

Firstly, apply an eye shadow base all over your eyes. Currently I am using ARTDECO eye shadow base and I love it! Will do a full review on it soon!

I used 5 shades in this palette :

Next, apply TRICK all over your eyelids and do not pass the crease line.

Apply NOONER on your crease line, starting from the outer corner and bringing it in to the center of your eyes. Blend well.

Get an angle brush and dip your brush into BLACKHEART. Open your eyes and mark the eye shadow on the outer corner. By slanting the angle brush, make sure the line is parallel with your water line.

Drag the shade from the outer corner towards 1/3 part of your eyes. Change to a blending brush, dip the brush into BLACKHEART again and blend until you get your desired intensity.

Get a clean blending brush and apply DARKSIDE on top of your crease line. Blend blend blend but do not go into the crease line, only on top of your crease.

Smudge a little bit of BLACKHEART under your eyes for that smoky effect and connect the line to your outer corner.

Use STRANGE to highlight your inner corner and under your brow.

Use a liquid eyeliner for the winged eye look. I am using Koji Dolly Wink in Black.

Add on mascara if you wish.

This is the final look. As you can see on the right side is slightly softer/lighter smoky eyes compare to the left side which is more intense. You can play around with the intensity of BLACKHEART or DARKSIDE to match your preference.

For me blending is important too because it can help to diminish any harsh line and also to ensure the shade is properly blended. If you compare between the left and the right side, right eye is well blended than the left side because you can see the gradiant effect of the shade. Actually there is no right or wrong in applying eye shadow, it comes down to your own taste. Personally I do both of this look all the time because sometimes I couldn't care leas about blending. Haha :P

I tried 3 shades of lipsticks to match the eye look, which one do you think is more suitable for me? ;)

MAX FACTOR Burnt Caramel

MAC Chatterbox

FARMASI (I don't know the name but is is a fuchsia/dark purple shade)

What do you think of the overall look? I am happy with it because I can rock this during the day and night! I will do another tutorial using this palette, that one would be extra dramatic!! ^_^

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. I like the look when u match it with MAX FACTOR Burnt Caramel!! At first I thought the eyelook is a little too smokey to me but when I see the overall look, I think it's not bad afterall! Thanks for sharing :)


    1. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog. I will visit yours soon! :) yup i think i like the look with the burnt caramel lipstick too.

  2. Cantik! Suka yg lipstick max factor burnt caramel tu :)

  3. Easy pictorial, making things look so easy =D Definitely feel like trying out

  4. Wow, Sabrina.... what else can I say but "wow!"

  5. Oh, your swatches are lovely! I'm so getting this when Sephora restocked this again! :D
    Thanks for posting this!
    xx, Mira | http://hunnyandvanilla.blogspot.com

    1. Sure no problem dear. I'm glad u like it. :) will check out your blog! ;)

  6. Gorgeous ! You are making me wanna get it so badly now ! hahaha

  7. You're such an inspiration!


    1. Thank u so much dear <3 i will check out your blog :)

  8. Nice :D I have yet to try out blackheart yet!



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