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I read a post on Sabrina Tajudin blog about her favourite YouTubers and decided to share with you guys my favourites too. It was fun reading her favourites and it turns out some of my favourites is her favourites. ^_^  I started watching makeup tutorials and other beauty related stuff on YouTube since early last year and currently I have a quite number of favourites. I will categorize these beautiful YouTubers according to why I like them and such. I basically love all of their videos, but I just want to specify what I love the most about their videos. Wanna know who's my favourite? Check out my 21 favourites YouTubers! Yes, 21! I can't narrow them down because I love watching their videos and I want to share all of my favourites with you guys. :P 


1. Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr is a beautiful girly girl and her makeup is always flawless. The reason I bought the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation is because she constantly using it in her tutorials and her skin looks amazing. I love the way she explains her techniques because it made it easy for her viewers to understand. Check her out!

2. Lisa Elridge

Lisa Elridge is a well-known make up artist in UK therefore she has worked with many celebrities, models and such. She made make up so easy and effortless. I love the way she explains her make up techniques. Most of the time she uses high-end products so it's great to know whether the products really worth it.

3. Shaaanxo

I love this girl accent! She is from New Zealand and I simply love the way she talks. :D  She uploads about 3 to 4 videos a week, mostly 2 of them will be makeup tutorials. I love when she does lipstick swatches because she applies EVERY shades she has on her lips. Talk about determination! I lobe her Chit Chat Get Ready With Me videos because I like listening to her random thoughts. haha

4. Carli Bybel

This hot babe has the prettiest eyes ever! All of her make up tutorials is awesome, she has everything for everyone.  I think of all her tutorials, I love her smoky sparkly look, check her out if you are looking for dramatic eye make up. Another thing I love about her is that she always include a motivational quote in the beginning of her videos to constantly remind her viewers to love and appreciate the good thing life.

5. Nicole Guerriero

Nicole Nicole Nicole. I love her. Sometimes when you watch someone in You Tube, you kinda know whether the person is real or 'trying to be real' (as in faking it). This is girl is as real as it can gets. I don't know how to explain, just go to her channel and check her out. :)

6. Jaclyn Hill

I remembered the first time I watched her videos was about MAC best products. She used to work with MAC so she knows her stuff. Since then I subscribed to her and I love all of her videos. She always gives in depth explanation in her makeup tutorials, I especially like her contouring video. Awesome. She is funny, gorgeous, real, bubbly and fun to watch!

7. Lauren Curtis

Lauren Curtis is a beauty guru from Australia. Originally she is from Perth but now she is located in Sydney. I love her beauty tricks and tips too. She can really be funny sometimes. Check her out! :)


8. Essie Button

Estee. She always has the best things to review. She has always been the reason for me to try out new stuff. Seriously I am not kidding! I have like 6 things to buy because of her. Urghhhh. :P Just an extra information, she is actually a Canadian living in the UK. :D

9. It's Judy Time

I started watching her vlog channel first before subscribing to her beauty channel. What I love the most about her review is she will use the products for the whole day and she will update by the end of the day. Her opinions is always honest and her video quality is great too. You should see her lighting and camera setting, so professional!

10. Emily Noel 83

Emily has a great talent in make up and that is why I think her reviews are true, honest and straight to the point.  She will tell you if it's good or not,  whether the product is worth it. And I love her because she has a cat name Cupcake. How cute!! :D

11. Casey Holmes

Don't you think she looks a bit like Britney Spears? :) Her You Tube name used to be It's Blondie but now she's gone brunette, she changed it to her real name which is Casey Holmes. I love her First Impression Friday where she tries out new products she bought for the first time so I can see her first reaction of the product. 

12. GossMakeupArtist

The only guy I love in the beauty circle, Mr. Wayne Goss. If the product is good, he will let you know it's good. But if it's bad, he will let you know why you shouldn't buy it. He's very opinionated, that's what differentiate him from anybody else. He has this dark humour side of him which can be very funny at times. He uses high end products most of the times but nowadays I have been seeing drug stores products alternatives. Check out his beauty tips and tricks too, they're awesome!


13. Miss Glamorazzi

Who doesn't know Ingrid? I love her videos, everything! From her favourites, cooking, GRWM, all of her videos are fun to watch. She has this lovable aura, I don't know how to explain it but by just watching her, I feel happy. :)

14. That's Heart

She is the most adorable girl ever! I love her character, she is so bubbly and so cheerful. I love her GRWM and hauls videos. To me, she has this special charm that really captivates me. Her videos always make me happy too. :)

15. Zoella

Now who doesn't know this cute, adorable and funny girl? She has more than 3 million subscribers and I don't want to go into details about her because I know everybody loves this bubbly girl!

16. Beauty Crush

I would describe Sammy as quirky, fun and edgy . I love her hair and her fashion style which I think is masculine and yet feminine at the same time. I don't know if you guys understand what I am trying to say but that's how I feel about her. I love her hauls because sometimes she shows her random stuff. Yeah she a fun girl! 

17. Clothes Encounter

Ahhh this lady has a super sexy voice. That was the first thing I noticed about her when I stumbled upon her videos. A total fashionista! She has this series where she goes to thrift shops, buy some old clothes and reinvent the clothes to make it a fashionable piece. If you are into fashion, definitely check her out.

18. Fleur De Force

I love watching her hauls and vlogs actually. Her puppies Squidge and Treacle are so adorable. And her husband is adorable too. LOL :P

19. From Head To Toe

Another Korean in the house! I discovered Jen when I was searching for a review of something (I can't remember what it is). I love watching her monthly favourites and also her tag videos. Super fun!


20. Evelina Berry

Evelina videos are amazing. The way she edits her video, oh my gosh. So much efforts put into each of her videos. I don't know how long it took her to shoot, edit and upload. Freaking awesome! And I love her series "Evelina Fashion Cafe" where she talks about certain topics and gives out ideas and tips.

21. Michelle Phan

Well she has almost 6 million subscribers, she owns a cosmetic brand named EM, she has a drop dead gorgeous boyfriend (^_^) and she is as sweet as a person could be, talented, positive, creative, and the list goes on. She is such an inspirational person, I love it when she constantly send the message to her viewers to keep on reaching for their dreams and never give up. And of course, her videos is always top notch!

Phew, that's quite a long list right? :P

Do you love watching any of my favourite YouTubers? :)

All of these videos make me happy and inspire me to create awesome videos. This year is the year I will be uploading more videos. Please subscribe to my channel if you want to. :)

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Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. cool list! how can i dont know that girl lisa! her video is amazing! baru sub ni! Hope we both can collaborate in video pulak! <3

    1. yeah babe, lisa is awesome! :) of course we can collaborate, you are of a few ppl that I have in mind to do collaboration with! <3 :)

  2. thanks kak Sabby share this info since i'm not a You Tube lover actually. hehehe but for tutorial, why not kan tengok... nak improve! :)

    1. yup betul, akak belajar makeup through youtube je. :)

  3. There's more youtubers that I didn't knew! :O but I love Jenn from Clothesencounters :D she's totally suit my style :P chic but on the grunge side! x I nak buat video like them one day but dunno how to edit videos :(

    1. You know what, I think your style equals to Jenn's style! ;) me too darling, I want to learn to edit videos so I can be awesome just like them! Lets work towards it! :)

  4. thanks for the list!! new youtubers to stalk!!

  5. Wow...your list of you-tubers are amazing. Didn't know there are so many beauty youtubers. My old list was only from head to toe, michelle phan, beautify meeh & essie button. Now that I've subscribed all the channels, I can't wait to watch them when all my anak tidur...hehehe...

    1. thanks Nadia. I learn a lot from them. Different style, different techniques. More knowledge the better right? :) hehehe ya la, this is you ME TIME. Lepak and watch youtube. awesome! :)

  6. I love all of them. My fav for tutorial of course shaaanxo and beauty by bel. Carli is sooooooo pretty!

    1. Carli is so pretty kan???? and her bf Brett, eye candy!! lol :P

  7. Hye Sabby.. Just stumble upon your blog, which is great ^_^
    Love it <3 <3 <3

  8. Wow wow this amazing Sabby. Very unique article. YOu did it. I love all about this blog

    i from Indonesia, my blog talk about business, small business, a simple way

    im blogwalking to you

    i wish you keep healthy and happy.

    Thankyou dear



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