[Travel] Perth Trip : Day 3 - Gloucester Tree, Busselton Jetty and shopping at Woolsworth

Assalamualaikum and hello guys!

I am so sorry for uploading my DAY 3 so so late. I was so occupied with other stuff and today I am finally free to upload this post. Honestly I just want to show some photos I captured on this day. Today is all about the nature. Walk-trail, tree climbing, just absorbing the nature goodness. ^_^

If you haven't read my first and second part of my Perth 2013 series, kindly read that first and come back to this post okay? hehe :D

Our first stop was the Gloucester National Park which is located in Western Australia, 281km south of Perth and about 3km from Pemberton, WA.  The reason we went there because my brother in law wants to climb up the Gloucester Tree which is 60 metres tall equivalents to 200ft! @_@ It is so high, I am not kidding you! The tree is used to served as fire lookout tower back in those days. 

Click these links below for more info :

You see that steel thingy (i don't know what it's called) well honey, that's what you stepped on to get to the top. No harness, no safety at all. 

My brother in law climbing up the tree!! He's the only one doing it. not for me definitely, hahahaha

Yeahhh picnic time! :P

Phewwww! He made it! Congrats Abg Izal, so proud of you! :)

If climbing up th tree is not your cup of tea, you can opt for walking trail. The Bibbulman Track has 3 distance that you can choose from, 400m, 800m and 10 km. Originally we just want to go through the 400m but we ended up with 800m! Kinda nervous because we thought we lost our way, but no worries, they have signage (you can follow the colour of the signage). Pheww.. takut jugak ok because there were signage 'Beware of snakes" Yikes! -_-

Haha over!

Mikel & Ookish

I absolutely recommend this park if you enjoy walking and doing nature stuff. A great place for a picnic too. Relax and enjoy the nature. The weather was perfect that day. And the most important thing that I did not get any mosquitoes bites in the forest. hehe :P

We went to the Visitor Centre afterwards  to collect Abg Izal's certificate for climbing up the tree. and I could not pass on these lovely flowers. Oh my gosh, I wish my future home to have small gardens with lovely flowers. So pretty! ^_^

We headed to Busselton Jetty for the train ride!  

The reason for going to the Busselton Jetty is because we want to go to the Underwater Observatory (UWO). From the main entrance, we need to take a train ride to reach the Underwater Observatory. The distance from the souvenir shop to the UWO is 1.7km. You can definitely walk but it is quite far. The train ride costs AUD2.50 for 17 years and above and FOC for 16 years and below. But if you are travelling in larger groups, there other packages you can choose from. (CLICK FOR DETAILS)

What is the Underwater Observatory? It is a building that is  8 metres deep into the ocean that allows visitors to experience one of Australia's largest artificial reefs. If you are into marine lives, reefs, and all that jazz, this might be an interesting place for you. (CLICK FOR DETAILS)

Sorry I don't have many pictures in the UWO, there were just to many people inside. -_-

The train ride is pretty awesome. I love it because I don't think we have that in Malaysia. The ocean is breathtakingly beautiful with crystal clear water. The wind, oh the weather is perfect even though it's a bit chilly. I can imagine myself relaxing and hangout by the beach for hours. ^_^

For more information on Busselton Jetty, click HERE!

After spending some time at the Jetty, we went into town and check out what they have in store. It is a pretty laid back town, not hectic at all. Most of the buildings there is one or two floors only.

Oh yeah then we went to Woolsworth (It's a supermarket with lots of great things) . We went nuts in there and buy some things that we couldn't find in KL. I think we spent about 1-2 hours there. :D I didn't managed to get any footage inside the supermarket, but this is what we did outside. hahaha

Aduhaiiiii -_-


We reached our apartment in Margaret River at about 7pm (I think). We were so tired but hungry so we cooked, ate and slept early because we are heading to Perth on the next day, woot woot! Okay guys, that's all for now. Day 4 will be up soon! Hahah okay maybe not soon, gimme some time. LOL

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. Assalamualaikum kak sabby! bestnya panjat pokok tu! mencabar gila kot. hehe. comelnya anak2 buah kak sabby. geram tengok. subhanallah.. indahnya alam semulajadi. rindu nak tengok laut >_______<

    1. Wslm.. Thanks for reading sheila.. :) mmg amazing kan tgk all the nature side of this world, breathtakingly beautiful. :)

  2. bestnyaa, kita suka nature walks macam ni ^_^ masuk forest park, pergi beaches, heaven betul dapat back to nature :)

    1. Kalau nature walk mcm ni okla, tapi kalau panjat2 gunung i don't want. Hehe



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