Sabrina's 2013 Beauty Favourites!

Assalamualaikum and hello darlings!

Oh and happy new year too! It's already 2014, lets be productive and work towards our dreams! ;) I'm excited to announce that I am collaborating with Sabrina Tajudin for this special post! Woot woot! That's why we named this post SABRINA's Favourites because of our names! Hihi :D Without wasting anytime, lets take a look at my Best Find in 2013 that I absolutely love!

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+

Retail Price : RM68 (50ml), RM125 (145ml)

This is the best moisturizer ever! If you have dry skin, well darling look no further. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ helps me combat my dry patches around my nose area. Honestly I never have that annoying problem anymore. My skin has always been well moisturized when I started using this lotion. It even worked for me when I was in Perth. The air is very dry, cold and windy, the perfect causes for dry skin. My skin was dry during the first and second day because  I was so lazy to put on moisturizer. But I know I needed moisturizer to treat my dry skin so I had to be 'rajin' and put this on and it worked perfectly. No more dry skin. [FULL REVIEW]

See how much I love it? ;)

#2 : LUSH 
Mask of Magnaminty

Retail Price : RM51.33 / AUD16.94

Okay, I know I just got this in November, and you might think it's a bit too soon for me to include this as my favourite face mask of the year. But seriously, this beats any face mask I tried before. I was used to using face sheet mask and I when I started using this, I immediately fell in love. The moment I apply it on my face, I can feel the tingling sensation, cooling and minty. Oh so relaxing! I would wait for about 10-15 minutes and rinse it off and my skin feels so smooth and supple. I really feel it really cleanse out all the gunks on my face. I even use it twice a week because I love it so much. No kidding! ;) Unfortunately Lush is not available in Malaysia *sobs sobs*, I'm so sad. This is a fresh mask so the shelf life is only for 3 months. Need to get a new batch for March. -_-

Pure Seduction Fragrance Mist

Retail Price : RM66 (125ml, comes together with a body lotion)

This scent is how Victoria's Secret stores smells like. Fresh, fruity and sexy at the same time. I use this day and night, for any occasions. It is a fragrance mist so it doesn't linger that long but who cares??? I would just bring it anywhere if I want to! :P Go to VS stores and try this out, ohhh so sedap wey!

I have about 1/3 to go. :D

Colorstay Foundation in 200 Nude

Retail Price : RM59++ (30ml)

Believe it or not, this is my first foundation I bought. I usually use BB Cream or CC ream so this is kind of like my turning point. I have another foundation but I prefer this is way much better. It is medium to high coverage, non-oily and the most important thing I love about this foundation is the stay power. I really lasted for about at least for about 8 hours if I have my makeup on. 

#5 BOBBI BROWN Corrector

Retail Price : RM95 (1.4g)

I suffer from a terrible dark eye circles and eyebag. I am the human Panda to be exact. -_- This baby helps me so so so so much in covering my dark circles, well of course my dark circles is still visible. But if you see me without this? huhuhu -_-  The salmon, peachy shade counters the bluish purplish and neutralize.This is my compulsory step in my makeup routine and I have been using it since February or March and I already hit pan! Woot woot!  My shade  is in medium to dark bisque but I'm thinking to change a lighter shade for my next purchase. Love it!

Brightening Powder Powder Compact Foundation SPF PA25++

Retail Price : RM200

Hands down the best powder foundation I came across in 2013. I mainly use this to set my base. I love that it matches my skin perfectly, non-greasy and it gives me a brightening effect whenever I'm using it. It is expensive for a compact powder but it's really worth it because I've been using it for almost a year now and I haven't hit pan. Will I repurchase? Yes I will. [FULL REVIEW]

#7 MAYBELLINE Color Tattoo

Retail Price : RM19++ (I'm not really sure but somewhere around that)

This Color Tatton is creamy, long-lasting and has great color payoff. Use it as your eye base or if you are lazy like me , just use one shade and apply it all over your eyelid to brighten up your eyes. The price is affordable and accessible. I started with 2 but now I have 5. :D The Inked In Pink (Metal) is not available in Malaysia though, I bought in Perth. Oh Maybelline, please bring in more shades!! [FULL REVIEW]

#8 STILA In The Light 
Eye Shadow Palette

Retail Price : RM126

I can't say enough of this palette. The eye shadows are buttery, smooth and highly pigmented. Consists of 4 matte shades and 6 shimmer eye shadow. Kitten is my favourite eye sahdow shade from Stila and it is one of the shades in the palette! Wheeeee! You can use this palette for neutral or smoky look. This is worth the money spent and honestly if I really have to live with only one palette, I would choose this. :) [FULL REVIEW]

#9 MAC Powder Blush (Matte) in Melba

Retail Price : USD21 (I think in KL the price is around RM86++)

I am not really a blush junkie. I seldom buy the same shade because I like to experiment with different brands. This is my first MAC blush and I absolutely love it. It's easy to blend, great colour pay off and lasts for quite a long time on my skin. I will most definitely will buy more blush from MAC! ^_^

Don't you think this is gorgeous?  ^_^

ESSENCE Lip Liner in Satin Mauve
MAC Syrup

MAC Syrup : Retail Price (USD21)
Essence Lip Liner in Satin Mauve : Retail Price (RM4.90)

Okay I know this is kinda cheating, but I have to include both of this products because I have been using them non stop since I own them. MAC Syrup is a mauve/pink sheer tone lipsticks that is beautiful for everyday use. I pair it with Essence Lip Liner in Satin Mauve to enhance the shade of the lipstick. The lip liner is so creamy and glides smoothly on my lips. And the fact that it is only RM4.90, omg! :D

I love this nude, neutral shades for my lips. It goes with everything. This is my favourite lip combor for 2013! ;)

So these is my beauty favourites for the year of 2013, whats your? :)

Don't forget to check out Sabrina Tajudin 2103 Beauty Favourites by clicking the button badge below! ;) I have been reading Sabrina's blog for quite sometime and last year somewhere in May or June was the first time I met her. She is beautiful inside and out, a great friend who always helping me out whenever I have silly questions. :') And her blog is so amazing, I just love the way she explains to her readers about the products she's reviewing and her art, OMG so gorgeous! I wish I have that 'artsy talent' in me. :D

Have a good day lovelies, and happy new year! ^_^

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. weee! we have the same favorites! color tattoo mmg terbaeekk! yes please bring more shadesss!

    1. yeah high five! color tattoo mmg terbaik! :D

    2. geng!! suka color tattoo jugak.. long lasting pigmented and very2 worth it! :)

    3. Kannn! Color tattoo mmg best! ;)

    4. Wiida pun suka gile color tatoo! most of your favorites are mine too <3

    5. kannn color tattoo the bomb! :D

  2. Oh thank you for the essence lip liner review! I've been eyeing them but haven't found any reviews which I trust! I'm going shopping! :D

    And the Color Tattoos are absolutely amazing! There's absolutely no need to buy shadow bases from MAC or Estee Lauder anymore!

    1. Hi arpita! Yup i've been loving the lip liner since the first i used it. Creamy and nice color payoff but it is so inexpensive! And yup the color tattoo is great as base and i agree with u that we don't need those expensive eye base bcoz this is awesome! ;)

  3. The Stila eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous :D

    1. They are! Very buttery and pigmented, totally worth thw money. :D

  4. you know what kak sabby? i bought the Essence lip liner in satin mauve right after you posted it in your monthly favourites, hehe! used it and fell in love already. i wish i can try LUSH products too, semua mcm menarik je. and that Maybelline Color Tattoo memang part of the most awesome finds of the year!

    1. Yeayyy! Hihi essence lip liner tu best kan, xyh beli yg mahal2. ;) tula kan best if lush ade sini, best gile! Huhu and as for the color tattoo, everybody seems to love that so much! Mmg best find! :D

  5. Macam patut beli jugak je corrector tu.. I have panda eyes too 0_0

  6. OMG!! banyak nya maybelline colour tattoo tu. jealousnya

    1. hehe kumpul sikit2 je, ramai lagi yang ade semua. huu

  7. color tatto tu mmg best.. pernah buat testing di watson. calit sikit je kat tangan, balik tu basuh x nak keluar. waterproof ... dalam list nak beli. x sure warna merah ada x....

  8. kak sabby, foundation revlon tu sesuai untuk kulit berminyak tak?

    1. yup sesuai sbb formulation yg akak guna for combination and oily skin. :)

    2. oh yeke..thanks kak sabby, memang nak try pakai tapi takut tak sesuai pulak untuk oily skin macam saya ni..



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