January 2014 Favourites and Highlights

Assalamualaikum and hello darlings! :)

I apologized for my MIA, but I have been occupied with my baking job these few days and now I have the time to sit down in front of my laptop and write. Ahhhhh ^_^ I know it's kinda early to talk about my monthly favourites but I guess this only way to keep track on my monthly favourites series because I have been lacking on it since forever. I want to make this a compulsory every month so I hope uploading a blog post a little bit earlier is fine I guess. Are you with me? :D

Anyway, there's a slight change in my monthly favourites because I am adding TWO components in my favourites posts. Firstly I am adding in a "Healthy Favourite" item each month to share with you guys what healthy products, fitness ideas  (basically anything related to healthy lifestyle) that I have been loving in that particular month. Being healthy and fit is one of my goals this year. I hope by sharing my 'healthy favourite' will motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle too. :)

Secondly, I am including the highlights or my favourite moments in that particular month. It can be anything from the littlest thing to the biggest thing that happened in my life. It can be about my baking, my blogging life, events, family, loved ones, cats, whatever that makes me happy. The reason for doing this is because I want to spread positivity and I want to be grateful at all time. Especially when I am feeling down or dealing with problems, I need to always remember to be grateful and cherish all the wonderful things that happened. Sometimes when we are upset or angry, we tend to forget the good things and focus on the bad things. One little problem is not the end of the world, so keep swimming and keep on moving forward. I just want to be more appreciative of my life and share my happiness with you guys. ^_^

Okay that's a very long introduction! haha So let's get started on my January Favourites 2014! But before reading my blog post, check out my video. :)

1. LUSH : Mask of Magnaminty (RM51.33/ AUD16.94)
Yes I know, I have been talking about this non stop. I am almost done with the post but unfortunately I accidently deleted the draft post. So stupid of me. I don't want to go into that. Urghhh -_-  Anyway I will redo the post, so hang in there ok, I am so sorry! :( Anyway I included this mask in my 2013 Beauty Favourites. This mask is awesome. I absolutely love it! Wait for my review okayyyyy.

2. JUICY COUTURE : Viva La Juicy EDP Spray 30ml  (RM78/AUD26)
I bought the EDP in Perth Airport, right before departing to KL. Honestly I wasn't sure about the scent, I just want it because the bottle is so cute and the price is such a bargain. At first I thought the scent is quite similar to my Burberry Brit perfume. But after using it for quite sometimes,  I fell in love with the scent. I am not good in describing scent but this perfume is a florally sweet scent. I like the last note of the perfume, it is so sexy. ^_^

3. ETUDE HOUSE : Eye Shadow Brush (RM19)
I bought this end of December during their buy 1 free 1 sale. I mainly use it for transition colour on my crease but it works well for blending too. The bristles is soft and the short handle makes the application easy. I have nothing to complaint about it. 

4. NATURE REPUBLIC : Botanical Eco Crayon Lip Rouge in #1 (RM31.90)
I am not a big fan of bright lip colours. I have always been into nude shades. But when I swatched this lip crayon for the first time, I knew I need it in my collection. It is a fuchsia shade which is buildable. You want a subtle look, use it lightly. For that bold lips, layer it up baby! It is gorgeous! Do you want a full review on this? :)

5. BENEFIT : The PORE fessional Agent Zero Shine (RM115)
I bring this powder everywhere now. It is great for touch ups and great to combat shiny face. I like the packaging because I never seen anything like this before. I have done a full review on this powder so click HERE if you want to know more. :)


For this month, I have been loving the English Tea Shop "Apple Rosehip Raspberry Ripple" organic tea that I bought in Fremantle, Australia. I am a coffee addict, at times I always feel If I don't drink coffee every morning, I won't have a productive day. I am trying to change up a bit of my morning routine by incorporating organic tea in my breakfast. Of course I do not want to completely stop drinking coffee (I don't want to), I try to alternate between coffee and tea every morning. This tea is certified organic and it is naturally caffeine free. The taste is not like the typical tea taste, this is a fruity tea with a lot of sourness. The tea contains raspberries, sweet apples, hibiscus and rosehip that act as anti-oxidant and also pomegranate for that extra taste. I add a teaspoon of organic agave to reduce the sourness. I only bought a box of 20 sachets (RM15/AUD5) and I am almost out of it. I need to search for new organic tea. :)


Alhamdulillah, my 2014 started with a bang. I was given the opportunity to be featured in Utusan Malaysia, 'segmen Blogger Pilihan' in the 11th January 2014 edition. I talked about my online business, Little Bakerina and my passion for baking. I would like to say thank you to Ruby for the opportunity and Yuji for the wonderful write-up. Never in a miliion years I would have thought to be featured in a newspaper, talking about my passion. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all my supporters especially my family, Babah, Mama, Kak Long, Kak Ngah and Qypot, my boyfriend, my friends and of course my loyal customers. I love you guys, no words can describe how grateful I am to meet all the lovely people in my life. Thanks you so much! :') 

This is my second highlight of the month. I never baked a 3 tiers cake before and I am honoured to be given the trust to bake the wedding cakes. I don't always take wedding cakes order because I feel is not my calling. haha anyway, this is the first time I baked a 14 inch, 3 layers chocolate cake. It is huge man! I would never thought I can pull it off. I feel so accomplished because there's always a first time in everything right? If I don't push myself, I would never know my capabilities. :)

Okay guys, that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. ^_^ See you darlings soon!

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. your video makes me feel happy already XD suka your January favourites, teringin nak try semua. congrates for the newspaper feature and your 3-tiers cake mission accomplished kak sabby!

    1. thank you so much mieza. Insyaallah, mieza bole try semua brg2 ni. :) hehe tula, x sangka bole buat. thanks sayang. :)

  2. Nice collection you have kak sabby..sukaaa!
    wahhh!! muffin tu tempting sangat..nakkk! huhuu

    1. thank you pika. hehe sedap2, cupcake stu mmg sedap. :P

  3. Teringin nak try produk lush tu... Congrats kak sabby for being fetured in the news paper, keep on the good work! :D

  4. Wahhh!!! Masuk paper la! Tahniah... Teringin nak makan cupcake sis Sabby. I love Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy too.. smells so good. (^-^)"

    1. thank you june, insyaallah one day bole punye rasa. :) hehe kann sedap kan perfume tu...

  5. Congrats on being featured on the papers! And really lovely cupcakes there, the flower ones. If I have gotten them, probably tak sampai hati nak makan. Hahaa.

    1. thank you von. hehe i know kan, sometimes the simplest design is the most beautiful one. :)

  6. Untunglah dah famous!!!
    Masuk paper tu.. hehehe

    Good luck for Little Bakerina :)

  7. Congratz sabby prue for featuring in the newpaper!!! One thing is, sabby, u look so young, plus cute, of course! i dont realized ur real age! Really!
    anyway, will always support u! ;)

    1. thanks for your support dear, I really appreciate it! :) hihi yaaa, nak masuk series dah. :D

  8. cute video sab!! would u mind sharing what camera u used and what video editing app? I tried making my first vid the other day. didn't turn out so well!

    1. thanks dina! :) oh gosh, I use my iPhone 4s for the video (seriously) and the app YouTube Capture. It can be downloaded in your phone. I edited the clips through my phone and uploaded straight away to youtube. As for the wording, i edited through youtube using my laptop. I hope that helps. :)



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