YADAH Spring Festival Party x The Butterfly Project

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! 

What a better way to start off my new year with YADAH and the awesome Butterfly Project. I was excited to be a part of the event because I am quite familiar with the brand and curious to know what they have to offer for this coming year. The event was held at Little Wonton, TTDI, is such a cozy place for an intimate event. Lets hop right in, shall we? ;)

YADAH is a range of botanical skincare products that uses natural plant extract such as essential oils, floral water, barks, traditional herbs  and so on. The unique ingredient that differentiate YADAH from other brands is the usage of Opuntia Ficus extract that is grown organically in Korea.  Opuntia Ficus extract is known for strong anti  inflammatory and high potent antioxidant properties. YADAH products are gentle and yet effective with the promise of 100% free from articial colouring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphate and does not contains any kind of animal extract. 100% natural! ^_^

While waiting for others to arrive, I managed to capture some shots of the place. Little Wonton's decoration is vintage-like. I really feel like I'm stepping in to some kind of Chinese old movie scene. It is pretty and cozy and I can imagine having small party and functions at this place. Besides the location is pretty strategic and easy to find.

Little Wonton
20-1, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.

Well yeah, have to take a photo with this cute girl herself! ;)

The event started of with a little bit of introduction of YADAH and followed by some information on YADAH's best sellers products. Elaine also touched on the subject how important it is to use sunblock in our daily routine. Sunblock is very important to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays but what more important is to know the ingredients in your sunblock. Parabens, talc, mineral oil, and all bunch of chemicals are usually included in our sunblock, do you know how harmful they are to our skin? :(

We did a little test on 3 sunblocks (which we have no idea what brands are they) to understand the texture, the scent and the effect on our skin. 

My impressions on each Sunblock 

Sunblock A : I really don't like the scent. It is chemically scented. It gives a little tint on the skin. and it's abit sticky.
Sunblock B : I like the natural scent. It glides smoothly on my skin and I don't feel any greasiness after applying.
Sunblock C : I don't like the scent. It's too over powering for me.

*I am particular about scented products. :D

As expected, I kinda know that Sunblock B is YADAH's new sun block called 'Oh My Sunblock'. I know it because I recognize the scent because it is kinda the same with other YADAH's brand. hehe :D The 'Oh My Sunblock' will be out by end of January, so watch out for that! ;)

Then we also tested out one of YADAH's best seller which is the  YADAH Bubble Deep Cleanser (RM49.00 for 150ml) using the liquid and pencil eye liner.

And yes, I went overboard. hahaha :P

2 pumps of the Bubble Deep Cleanser since I drew too much. lol

I massaged the cleanser into my skin and the liquid eye liner disappeared instantly, where as the eye pencil needed  a really good rub. But overall, all my drawings are wiped off and my skin feel well moisturized, no dry feeling at all!

There was also a challenge where 2 bloggers is chosen to eat a bowl of noodle. And they need to eat as fast as they could! Before eating, they need to apply the Lip Tint to test out whether the shade really stay on or not! 
Dina and FurFer  prepping themselves! haha I don't know you could eat like that Furfer @_@  hahah it was so funny seeing them challenging each other. Good job guys! Oh yeah, FurFer won and I'm not sure whether the lip tint stayed on after eating because I was busy laughing. hahaha :P

These are the best sellers products from YADAH. I already reviewed the Sweet Milky Tint (RM25) ,Highlash Mascara and Bloom Mascara (RM35)

Click these link for the full review :

The Lip Tint Balm (RM25 each at 4.5 g)  packaging is so cute!  Aww man I wish I can have all of them. :D From left  Cherry Red, Bling Bling Yellow, Shiny Peach and Sugar Pink. I tried the Bling Bling Yellow and it has this natural scent which I really like and it is so moisturizing. I like it a lot!

A display of all YADAH products.
YADAH Moisturising Cactus Mist in Fresh Garden and Fresh Lime (RM25 for 60ml)
 YADAH Handcream (RM17 for 14g)

YADAH Collagen and Brightening Ampoule (RM65 each for 30ml) is one of their best seller too!

 YADAH Angel BB Cream (RM49)

YADAH Natural Hair Shampoo (RM35 for 250g, RM45 for 400g)
YADAH Natural Body Lotion and Body Wash (RM35 for 250ml)

YADAH Lovely Lip Gloss (RM19 each)

Personally I really love YADAH products because of the natural ingredients. The plus point is that the price is so affordable because most of natural ingredients products are very expensive. The cute packaging is a great idea attract consumers. Eventhough I am not 'that young' I still love cute and adorable packaging. hehe.  You can visit SaSa Malaysia to buy YADAH products or alternatively you can buy YADAH product online at HiShop.my, Hermo.my, Zalora.com.my and Mivva.com.

Now lets talk food! hehe :D

This Banana Chocolate (I don't remember the name actually. oops :P) tastes so good!

Oh yeah... Super yummy! The garlic taste is perfect, the sourness and spicy is awesome. And the noodle is extra nyums!

This one is sausage+cheese wrapped in a wonton. Yeah. I want more...... :D

Wahhh posing gitu! :D

So we required to list down our new year resolutions. Hehe I have more actually, the space is too small. :P

For more information on YADAH, kindly visit :

Offical Website : YADAH
Facebook Page : YADAH Malaysia

A big thank you to The Butterfly Project  and YADAH for having me at the event. I had an informative day and lotsa fun too! ^_^

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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