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Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies!

I was so busy last weekend with my baking jobs to the extend sometimes I don't even have the time to eat. Sometimes I just forget, well, that happens all the time. I can not focus on something else besides finishing my cakes. When everything is settled, then I can relax. Since I am living with my parents, my mom usually does the cooking. Whenever I am busy she will always have food on the table. Thank you Ma. :) 

Anyway last weekend my parents went back to our hometown Perak and I was left at home with my brother. I was dead tired and I don't have the energy to cook. So I decided to try out a food delivery service by Foodpanda. Yes! food delivery to my doorsteps! How awesome is that?? :D The website is so easy to navigate, you won't get confused. But just a heads up, make sure you key in the right location (I will tell you more about this so keep on reading).  Without wasting anymore time, let's get started, shall we? ^_^

Go to  Foodpanda website ------

Choose your CITY and LOCATION.

Okay so my address is in Cheras but technically my place is closer to the Pandan area. However when I typed my address (as in my housing area) , the location did not appear. If I were to choose Cheras, it will be so far away from my home where as if I choose Pandan area, it will be so near to my place so logically I chose Pandan Jaya area. I clicked at FIND FOOD NOW and the  website takes me to another page consists of restaurant listings.

There were quite a selection if you are staying in the main city centre. Scrolling down the choices, I decided to order from TGI Fridays. :D My brother didn't want any food so I ordered for myself only. Click to the GO TO MENU and it will take you the restaurant's menu.

I decided to have the Chicken Caesar Salad and 6pcs of Buffalo wings. My favs from TGIF! :) Just click ADD at the menu and it will be automatically added into your order (Look at the right side of the page). The total amount will be inclusive of  tax and delivery charges. After finish selecting your order, click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

You need to fill in your details as above. If you have additional instructions or comments, you can include them in the comment box. I want my salad dressings to be separated  from the salad so I wrote that. You can actually pick up your food , meaning you just pre-order your food and self collect them at the restaurant.

There are 3 ways to pay for your food either by CASH ON DELIVERY, PAYPAL or ONLINE PAYMENT. I chose to pay with PAYPAL. After selecting your payment method, click PLACE ORDER NOW.

Check your total amount to ensure it is the right order.  Key in your email for PAYPAL account as well as the password to log in your PAYPAL account.

Once you are logged in, your details will be displayed in this page. If everything is correct, click PAY NOW.

You are done!  The confirmation email or text message will be sent to you and all you need to do now is to wait for your food! Yipeeeee no need to go out and search for food. :D The food will be delivered in ONE hour, so all you have to do now is relax. Hehe

BUT, I received a call from Foodpanda customer service stating that the location I chose is incorrect because I was supposed to choose the Cheras area. I explained to him that my location is not included in the listings.  -_-  Well, I was a bit bumped about it but the guy from the customer service said he will check with the delivery boys if any of them can send my food. This is because they have delivery boys for certain area so my route is not in their way. I asked him if it's not possible to deliver my food, can I get a refund and he said yes. He asked me whether this is my first time ordering from Foodpanda and I said yes. He apologized to me because all of this happened but he said he will call me back to confirm. So he called me back and he said one of  the delivery boys will send the food to my home. But he did say that delivery time will take slightly longer because the delivery man is not familiar with the area.  Woot woot! Thank you so much, I appreciate it! :) I didn't get the guy's name from the customer service, thank you for helping me out and thank you for the great service. ^_^

About one and a half hours later.....

My food arrives!! :) And they separate my salad dressings too. Yeay! (or they usually do that?)

Don't you think it is super easy to order your food via online? The best part is you can choose for the restaurant listings and you are not bound to one restaurant only. But I do wish they will widen up the restaurants selection because when I search for Cheras Leisure Mall, there were only 13 restaurants available where as there are 71 restaurants to choose from if you are living in Pandan Jaya area. But overall, I am happy with their great customer service, easy navigation of their website and I love the fact they have 3 payment options to make it easier for everyone. Do you know you can download Foodpanda apps in your smartphone too? For Iphone users, search Foodpanda in your App Store and as for Android users search the apps in your Google Play! ^_^

             App Store - iPhone users                                                      Google Play - Android users

If you are interested to try out Foodpanda service, please visit :

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. I have try it before for my UM Cares Makan-Makan Ceremony.

    Its good and easy! :)

  2. Wassalam! such a cute Blog :)
    Following you now, Do follow back and return the support <3

    1. Thank you for reading my blog Maliha. I will definitely check out your blog. xoxo :)



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