Earth Day 2014 with Melvita

Assalamulaikum and hello lovelies! What did you do during the Earth Day on the 22nd of April? Well, I spent my day with Melvita Malaysia! :)

Melvita Malaysia celebrates Earth Day this year by organizing Eco Cycling activity  at Taman Wetland Putrajaya with medias as well as 10 children from Persatuan Dyslexia Malaysia. We were divided into a group of 5 (but my team has 7 members) because we are going to play sustainability games! Each of the groups will attend to one dyslexic child but our team got 2 kids, Ryan and Mubin. :) We are going to ride a bicycle and explore Taman Wetland. ^_^

Prepping our skin with Melvita Sunblock and of course Rose Floral Water to refresh our selves under the hot weather! :)

We rode our bicycle from the start point to the first check point. I haven't ridden on a bicycle for so long. I was kind of nervous but I know I can do it. But the road was going down the hill! I was scared to be honest and the fact that the bicycle was not really in a good condition. And you know what, the moment I reached the destination, my back tire punctured! OMG I could have fallen. Huhu anyway luckily I didn't but still..... This was my second bicycle because the first bicycle I tried, the chain was broken! -_- Putrajaya Wetland, you really need to regularly check your bicycles condition to avoid any accidents from happening. Anyway Our first stop is to locate how many pelicans by the Swan Lake. We guessed 9 and it was correct! Haha so now we need to feed the swan, ducks and what not first before getting our sticker. :)

Since my bicycle tyre was flat, I have to walk with my bike to the start point to change the bicycle. Yeah, walking up the hill, really working up my 'behind'. Oh yes this is definitely better than going to the gym. Ahaha :P So when I reached the start point with group members, I decided not to take the bike and I would walk instead. Much easier since the second check point is not that far. We have to go to the Look Out Tower and bring 30 eggs to the highest level without breaking any eggs in order to get our sticker and our next clue. There are 5 of us so we divided the eggs accordingly, but not really. Belasah je bawa berapa pun. 

For the 3rd check point, we were given 5 photos of sceneries and we need to locate them. I don't have a photo of the place because I was actually pretty tired from the walking. haha :P We went back to the starting point and rode on the tram to go to the next activity. The 4th pit stop is where the artwork begins. Using fruits and vegetables and paint, we need to create an artwork on a drawing paper that represents the nature, our mother earth. 

Ryan and Mubin focusing on the art

Tadaaaaa! Don't you think this is cute? hihi 

My team members, Cikgu and 2 children from Persatuan Dyslexia Malaysia, Mubin and Ryan. Tammy, Innanie and Ain were there too. :)

Artworks by other groups

So now we have come to the final pitstop. We went to the nursery to capture photos of Melvita ingredients (or is it products?). There were 10 photos and we must have all the photos to get our final sticker.

Yeayyyy so now it's lunch time! I was so hungry and thirsty, I think I burnt a lot of fat already. hahaha 

We were served organic food that day. I never really had any organic foods before, but it is quite good. :D

I had a fun day exploring the Putrajaya Wetland and I really had a good workout during the activities.I love being in the nature because it reminds me how important it is to be conscious about the environment and to preserve what we have. Everyone should play their part in conserving what we have left. Bring your own shopping bag whenever you go to the supermarkets to buy your groceries, reduce the usage of air-conditioner, bring you own food container whenever you are planning to 'tapau' your food and practice recycling habit. There's endless things that we can do, so lets do it together lovelies! Thank you Melvita Malaysia for organizing this wonderful event to remind us the importance of keeping the environment clean and to lour our mother nature. And of course thanks to Tammy for extending the invite. :) Btw click THIS LINK to watch a video of Tammy, Innanie and I. :P


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