Exclusive Preview of Zodiac Series by XES Signature

Assalamualaikum and hello darlings!

Now, I want to let you know that besides make up and skincare, I have a 'thing' with shoes. I love collecting shoes even though I am not going to wear all of my them. Typical girls situation. :P If you love shoes, then you probably know about the Malaysian International Shoe Festival 2014 (MISF) that was held on the 27th till 30th of March 2014 in PWTC, Kuala Lumpur.  I bet the event was a success every year because this year is already the 5th year! Kudos! ^_^  I have never been to any MISF before because I always thought it is crowded (I don't like crowded places). But when I got the invitation for an exclusive preview from XES Signature, of course I'd say yes! Hihi :P

XES Signature launched their new collection called Zodiac Collection during the 2nd day of the MISF.  The Zodiac Series is designed to represent each woman's personality based on the 12 zodiac stars. XES Signature has a vision to create a more up scale design with the elements of glamourous and fun to make it more appealing to consumers are now trendier. Lets take a look at the Zodiac Series by XES Signature, I'm sure you gonna like some of them. :)

(RP : RM139.90)
For the gentle and caring, mysterious, loyal, adaptive and responsive kinda girl. The designs are feminine, vintage and pretty with the touch of metallic shade. Available in black and purple.

(RP : RM139.90)
For the timeless, realistic, efficient, ambitious and mature.  Definitely a great pair to be worn during an exclusive event or a glamourous night out. Available in red and black.

(RP : RM149.90)
For the creative, adventurous, highly intelligent, thoughtful and humorous. A comfortable peep-toe wedges with woven-like material. Great for casual outing with jeans or pants. Available in black and beige.

(RP : RM139.90)
Characteristics of a Gemini is energetic, clever, imaginative, witty and likes to be in the centre of the attention. This design comes in 2 colours, black and white. Suitable for a night out of fun!

(RP : RM149.90)
Personalities of a Leo includes ambitious, confident, loyal, encouraging and relax. Leo loves to stand out from the rest and the printed pattern on the wedges certainly does that. Available in black and beige.

(RP : RM149.90)
Balance, graceful, diplomatic, idealistic and hospitable is the personalities of a Libra. The crossover ankle straps is sexy, don't you think so? Available in black and red.

(RP : RM139.90)
Aries is known to be independent, courageous, generous, optimistic and enthusiastic. This peep-toe heel with printed pattern is adorable! Available in black and beige.

(RP : RM149.90)
Personalities of a Taurus are persistent, loyal, patient and dependable. These wedges are perfect for daily use without looking too dressed down. Available in black and beige.

(RP : RM139.90)
Personalities of a Scorpio are discipline, reflective, passionate, resourceful and dynamic. Open toe stilettos is the way to go for a casual but presentable look. Available in black and white.

(RP : RM139.90)
The combination of two colours in this design makes it easy to pair it up with any outfit. Dedicated to the Aquarius who are inventive, clever, original,humanitarian and a forward-thinker. Available in black and red.

(RP : RM149.90)
I can describe this design as fun because of the stripes pattern. Suitable for the Pisces who are energetic, compassionate, able, devoted and energetic. Available in cream and black. 

(RP : RM139.90)
Virgo's personalities are practical, precise, analytical, helpful and reliable. For those who are looking for a classic style, go for this design. Available in black and red.

XES booth at MISF

We were then escorted to XES booth to collect our shoes. ^_^ Thank you so much XES, I love it as it is very comfortable. :) Oh if you are wondering, I chose the Sagittarius design. ;)

Sabrina and Sabrina. ^_^ Thanks for inviting me dear! :) If you girls love any of these shoes, check out XES stores nearby and see it for yourself! ;)

Click HERE for store locator! :)


For more information on XES, please visit these links :

Official Website : http://www.xesshoes.com.my/
Official Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/xesshoes


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