Sexy Sunday Series # 7 : Lip Product Addict Tag

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody! ^_^ How are you this Sunday morning? I hope everyone is having a good mood (yeah I say mood because I know there are people who doesn't like Sunday because the next day is Monday. Weird, but I know there are people like this) *hahaha pagi-pagi merepek* :P Anyway, I am back with my Sexy Sunday Series, talking about my favourite makeup item which is lip products. I decided to do this Lip Product Addict Tag because I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos by beauty gurus (Fleur De Force, Essie Button & Amelia Liana) and have been wanting to do one since last month, but as usual, it got delayed. *Yeah, typical me* Anyway, I am also tagged by the lovely Fatimahearts (thanks dear). Go ahead and check out her blog okay? :) So lets get started, shall we?

1. Favourite Lip Balm / Treatment

L - R : NUXE  Eye & Lip Global Anti-Aging Cream, Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub and Burt's Bees Lipbalm in Pomegranate Oil.

It has to be these 3 combos. Yup, these 3 items work like magic and give me the smoothes and supple lips ever! I have a blog post on how to get smooth and moisturized lips using these babies, so click HERE please. :)

2. Best eye-catching red

To be honest, I am not so into red lipstick because I don't really think I look good in red lips. I prefer berry lips or red with orange or berry undertone. That's why Rimmel London Apocalips in Stellar is right up in my alley. The perfect red with orange tone and it looks good on my skin. I have to be careful though after applying this because it is so wet for the first 15 minutes. But after that period of time, it stays on nicely on my lips. It is so gorgeous!

3. Best luxury & best drugstore

I don't own many luxury lipsticks because I find it so hard to decide on what to buy! True story! For example, whenever I go to CD or Chanel, I will swatch and swatch and swatch, then I'll get confuse and I went home without buying anything. It happens all the time because since luxury brands are expensive, I really want to make the right choice when buying. *Panjang pulak bebel* Anyway this Marc Jacobs Lip Gel in Dizzy Spell is so pretty! It is a peachy pink nude shade. It is moisturizing on my lips and it gives the right amount pigmentation of a nude lipstick. I actually used this lipstick for my makeup engagement. :) The packaging is on point with the black casing and magnetic closure. So fancy! :D

For the best drugstore lipstick it has to be Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm. Even though technically it is in a pencil/crayon form, but hey, you get what I mean right? I have nothing bad to say about this product because it is just beautiful. It glides on smoothly, very pigmented and stays on my lips for a long time. I really love the stain effect on my lips. My favourite shade would have to be Unapologetic and Sultry and my least favourite is Mischievous because it looks so patchy on my lips (I have no idea why). I have a full review on this range, click HERE please. :)

4. Best MAC lipstick

Seriously, MAC Syrup is the one that I reach for all the time. Syrup is a plum/mauve pink shade and it is a Lustre formulation which is a sheer lipstick and leaves your lips moisturized. I love it because it is suitable for everyday use, especially those days when I don't know which lipstick to use. I talk about Syrup all the time,  I think you guys had enough already. -_-

5. The most disappointing

I love the shade, seriously I think Bourjois Color Boost in Peach On The Beach is so gorgeous. When I swatched it in store, yeah I know I can rock it. I know it is a glossy finish but somehow when I use it on my lips, oh my gosh... It is just so greasy! On top of that, I really think it smells like sunblock. And the packaging feels cheap. T_T

6. Liner - Yes or No

A definite yes. Lip liner helps your lipstick to last longer, outline your lips so that your lipstick won't bleed out especially if you are using bright lipstick and it also helps to bring out the shade of your lipstick. I have two favourites, the first one is Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Liner in Brown n Nude. It is so gorgeous!! I am so sad that Max Factor is no longer available in Malaysia. I should've buy more. :( Another favourite of mine is the Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip (FULL REVIEW). The lasting power is great and it is waterproof! I love these two and yes, they changed my life. :D

7. Best Gloss

I am not a lip gloss kinda gal because I don't like the sticky feeling on my lips. *sikit ok lah* but too much of that makes me uncomfortable. NYX Butter Gloss is my favourite because it is not sticky at all! The fact that it smells caramel buttery goodness, yeah count me in. I only have one which is this one, named Eclair. I went to Sephora so many times but it seems like they are not gonna restock it. Why?? I need moreeeeeeee! 

8. Something extra

I can talk about anything for this question so I choose to talk about my favourite shade of lipsticks which is nude! I am obsessed with nude lipsticks and I just can't get enough. If  you want to buy me a lipstick, just make sure it is in nude shade, okay? :P Anyway, I want to share with you my top 5 nude lipsticks. :)

Max Factor Burnt Caramel is a brownish nude. It is definitely my lips but better (MLBB) shade. I just can't get enough of this lipstick. Again, I should've bought back ups. :(

Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge is a mauve nude that has an awesome staying power since it is waterproof. It is also MLBB shade that compliments my skin tone. The only down side that it is drying, but I don't really care about that because I will use the clear lip gloss to make it less drying.

Burberry Lip Cover in Tulip Pink is a pink nude shade. Besides the luxury and chic packaging, the lipstick is indeed moisturizing. Check out my FULL REVIEW on this lipstick.

Face Of Australia Lip Quench in Lychee Crush is a pale pink nude. I look wash out when I use it on it's own, that's why I mixed it up with other nude lipsticks or lip gloss to make it slightly more pigmented. Read my FULL REVIEW on this lipstick.

MAC Shy Girl is my first ever MAC lipstick. It is a peachy nude lipstick. Since it is a Cremesheen formulation, it does moisturizes my lips and provides a true pigmentation. I really love this lipstick, the perfect peachy nude lipstick.

I hope you girls enjoyed reading my Lip Product Addict Tag. I had so much fun going through my lipstick collection. I TAG EVERYONE who read this blog post to do it. hehe ^_^ Btw, what do you want next for my Sexy Sunday Series? Reviews? Tips on lipstick application?  Let me know in the comment box below! :)

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. gosh I'm tagged because I read this post XD love all your choices kak sabby! i thought of buying that one from bourjois but since u said it is so greasy and smells like sunblock, i will think twice and check it again, hehe! by the way, I love that Burnt Caramel by Max Factor, it looks like a nude brown that I can rock ^_^

    1. hehe try la dulu yg bourjois tu. akak mmg x suka yg glossy sgt. :D thanks for reading darling!

  2. Wahhh! Nice collection Kak Sabby..
    The Max Factor Burnt Caramel tu seriously cantik warna dia. mana nak cari ni sebab mostly Max Factor counter dah tutup..

    1. aah burnt caramel tu best gile..menyesal tak beli back up. huhu takde dah kat sini. xtau nak beli kat mane. tu yg sayang nak gune. huhu :(

  3. Alaaaa.. dah terbaca baru tahu kena tag. Tak mau buat, segan dengan lip collection sendiri. Hehe..

  4. Alamak, kenapa bacaaaaa haha love all the something extra lipstick colours!

    1. thanks for reading dear.. i suka sgt nude lipstick. mmg x dapat dibendung dah. hahaha :P

  5. Banyaknye lippis dieee....kalah em all...terpengaruh with

    1. hahaha jomla buat iqa. seronok selongkar lipstick collection! :D

  6. Alamak, kena TAG! Haha. LUSH Popcorn scrub best! Saya pun suka warna Rimmel London Apocalips Stellar tapi yg tak bestnya kalau terlebih sapu boleh melekat di gigi. Sama la kalau pasal lipstick high end ni boleh berjam-jam tengok review/swatch lepas tu akhirnya tak jadi beli. :D

    1. yup betul tu, yg apocalips tu la masalahnye. nanti melekat kat gigi. huhu tapi warna dia cun, tu yg suka sgt!



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