[Beauty Review] : Colours Cosmetics Flat Top Foundation Brush

Assalamualaikum and hello love! 

Today I want to share with all of you a new product from Colours Cosmetics MalaysiaColours Cosmetics Malaysia is an online business that sells makeup stuff ranging from all sorts of brands! Yes, we can never have enough makeup, am I right? :D Colours Cosmetics Malaysia is launching the all newly improved Flat Top Foundation Brush today and  they are super nice to send it over and let me be one of the few bloggers to try it out. I am so excited to share it with you girls! ^_^


Colours Cosmetics Malaysia very own foundation brush! They came in at the right time because I was in the hunt to buy a new foundation brush because I am bored with my Sigma F80. *hahaha* FYI, I only use Sigma F80 and beauty blender for my foundation, nothing else. So this is the perfect breather, a new chance to try out new brush. :) This is the newly improved design and it is promised to give better result for users. 

Just take a look at the size! Don't you think it's the cutest brush ever??? Eeee so cute! :D It is short and chubby just like meeeee. *hehehe* 

Size comparison between Sigma F80 and Colours Cosmetics Malaysia Flat Top Brush.

The total length of the brush is  9.5cm.

The bristles is synthetic and it is 100% cruelty free, vegan and halal. 

The brush is super soft! ^_^





The size is definitely the selling point for me. It is short and suitable for me as I have rather small hand. It is the perfect size to keep in my daily make up in case I need to touch up. And of course it is a great size for travelling as well. For me the brush is not as dense as the other foundation brush that I have used before due to the soft bristles. I notice that it does not soaked up too much of my liquid foundation and that's good news. I want my foundation on my face and not stuck in my brush. The brush glides smoothly on my skin and it does not irritate my skin. With several blending, it does not leave any visible strokes and I am done. This brush can also be used on powder foundation which I find it very convenient. I actually prefer using the brush with my powder foundation because of the soft bristles. I find it very easy to buff in my powder foundation into mys kin. But of course I have no problem using it for both type of foundations because I find it works perfectly for both application. I have used the brush daily for a week and the bristles did not shed at all. I have nothing bad to say about it actually because I believe it is a good product. I think the pricing is on point because I really think it is affordable. 


If you want to purchase now, I have a special discount code to all of my readers! :) All you need to do is key in the discount code to get 15% off on the new and improved Colours Cosmetics Malaysia Flat Top Brush! The code is valid from now until 30th June 2015! ^_^ 

>> SPRUE15 <<

What do you think? Are you thinking to get one? :)


For more information Colours Cosmetics Malaysia, please visit :


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*Disclaimer : The product is sent to me for review purpose, however my opinion is 100% true and honest as always. Thank you! :)



  1. haihhh apa ni apa ni... menggoda betul!

    1. haha jom try! gune discount code dpt 15% off! :)

  2. Oh wow such a cute brush! ^^ I personally don't use a brush for foundation, instead opting for an air-cushion to better cover up my dry flakes, but this looks promising! ^^ Also the fact that it's a home-grown brand makes it all the more better =D And it's purple! =D

    Great pictures, thanks so much for the gif as well!

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. Thanks for reading dear! As for me I only use Sigma F80 and my beauty blender to apply my foundation. And luckily this brush is a good option for now! :)

  3. Replies
    1. hahah come on dina lets get it, ada discount code ni! :P

  4. Best kan brush nie....tp...bnyk sngt pilihan brush kat rumah...muka ad satu je....

    1. hahah tula kan. tapi akak mmg ade a few je foundation brush so this one is the perfect addition. hehe

  5. So intrigued to give it a try! Gatal tangan la :)



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