Heart To Heart : Baby-sitting, baby shower, wedding & cooking

Assalamualaikum and hello my darlings. I feel like I haven't talk to you guys for so long. Oh my gosh, I'm really sorry for being MIA. I don't know why lately I have been in this phase where I am so not in the mood to blog, I just don't feel like doing it right now. Honestly the reason for that is because I am just so busy at home. -_- My parents are currently on their annual honeymoon, hence I have to take care of the house. I have to take care of my 7 cats (yes, seven) and also I have to look after my brother. 

Yes having 7 cats is fun but it's a lot of work! I have to clean their litters twice a day, constantly fill their food bowl because all the do is eat! T_T *patutla semua gemok gedempol* huhu One cat, named Onyot eats in my parents room, therefore every morning and night, I have to go into my parents room and open the window so she can comes in. The reason why she eats in my parents room because she doesn't get along with my other cats (anti-social that is). I don't have her photo in my phone but I have a video of her in my Instagram, so click HERE

Another cat name Momot or Kakak, she has been with us since I was in secondary school. She does not live with us (inside the house) anymore but she comes home for the food. Yes, hotel style. Her bowl is outside my house, especially for her but of course stray cats come over and eat there too. :D I love Momot, she is the most awesome cat. 


Then there's 5 other cats, Neng Neng, Mok Dey, Combi, Ler Ler and Frizzy (or Mommy). Oh my gosh these cats are so adorable but can be such a pain too. *sekor kencing merata, sekor berak, sekor muntah bulu. haihhhhhh* UWAAAAAA! One of the cats peed on my cupcakes box last week,  yeah........ And there's my brother who is 18 years old. Yes big enough to think on his own but you know, boys will be boys. *biasalah cakap dengan budak lelaki ni, masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri*. Hoiiii, gimme patience please..... T_T

That's Mommy (or Frizzy). This is an old photo when she gave birth to Neng Neng, Mok Dey and Combi. One of them did not make it. :(

Inilah si gemok gemok saya. From left Neng Neng (Short form for Kuning), Mokdey (Short form for Muka Sedih) and Combi (She's the only girl so I named her that, but my parents call her Mokmot).

This is Ler Ler (short form for Gula Gula) when she was a kitten! so cute!! Her body is entirely black and white on her toes, neck and tummy. So comel!! Ler Ler is Mommy's first born. :)

So yeah, basically I am busy at home being a mother taking care of a teenager and 7 cats. It's exhausting, how does my mom cope with this? T_T But don't get me wrong, I love them to death! But seriously being busy at home makes me so tired and lack of inspiration when it comes to blogging. That's why I sorta taking a break until my parents come back. Yes they'll be in KL on Monday! Weeehoooooooo! :D And now I wonder how would I be if I have a baby in the future? how to balance out? *okay chillllllll...  T_T*

Okay so lets talk about my friend. Shel's baby shower. We celebrated it at Marmalade, Bangsar.  I had an awesome group of secondary school friends. We do always get together and hangout and talk about stuff. Every time is an amazing time. I love you girls! xoxo

Top : Mal | Mash | Haley
Bottom : Roe | Yours Truly | Shel | Felly

 Friendship since 1997. :)

 Oh the boys mahu juge bergambar.... hahaha :P

I love you babes!!! I hope our friendship will last forever. xoxo

My darling blogger friend Ayna just got married several weeks ago. I am so happy for her and I pray for the best for both of you till Jannah, Amin! :)

Gorgeous sangat youuuuuu!!! 

With my fellow butterflies sayangness.

And lastly, since my parents away. I NEED to cook for my brother. *hahaha nampak sangat pemalas betul nak masak bila mama ada kat rumah. huhu* :P So here's are some of the food that I cooked. I always upload them in my instagram, go la and stalk me! :P

Creamy Chicken and Tomatoes Bowties

Mushroom Fried Rice

Baked Pasta

Cinnamon Rolls *absolute favourite*

Okay guys, I guess that's all for today. I just need to update something, just need to type it out. :) I'll see you guys next week okay? I have so many beauty reviews coming up! :)

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. oh my oh my!!! comei sangat kucin2 tu ;-)

  2. tudia.. bila dah lama tak update blog. skali update panjang berjela. kih kih kih! good2! keep it up. btw, jemput lah singgah blog ye. www.kaio.my

  3. kucing muka sedih! kena dera ke semua dengan singa sabby? hahahahaha

  4. kemain bz kan yg real life compile stu post je HAHAHAHAHHAHA sebok je pompuan ni kn hahahah btw wahh SASA ade facial service...awesome ni!

  5. Thank you baby for coming, muahssssssssssssss <3<3<3

    1. you are welcome baby booooo. congrats again!! xoxo

  6. 7 ekor? 1 ekor pun susah nak jaga. Haha. :D



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