Eat, Drink and Win Contest with Domino's Malaysia!

Assalamualaikum and hello darlings! 

Today we are going to talk about my favourite food of all time, pizza. YES. Pizza is always the best choice if I really don't know what to eat since I can just call up or order online without having the hassle to go out. Now which one do you think is the best pizza delivery service in Malaysia? :D Well good news to all pizza lovers out there especially if you are planning to buy a car! :D  Domino's is now organizing  Eat, Drink and Win Contest that is happening from 8th September until 19th October.

I got to know about the contest when I attended the official launch of Domino's Pizza collaboration with Mountain Dew Blue Shock in Subang Perdana last week. Honestly that part of town is so unfamiliar, but lucky I did not get lost and for the first time ever, Waze did not screwed up on me. -_-

A special fact about this contest is that, customers now can enjoy the all new Mountain Dew Blue Shock which is the flavour chosen by the public through the Facebook poll, 'Choose Your Dew' that ran from August 4th till August 22nd. Mountain Dew Blue Shock is a raspberry citrus flavour that is in blue colour that represents a youthful and exhilarating image and has a low level of carbonation. I personally not a big fan of carbonated drinks, however this latest addition of the Mountain Dew family is the perfect fit for me as it is not too carbonated. Yeay! ^_^ Other popular variant that is available are the Pitch Black (Citrus Grape flavour) and Live Wire (Zesty Orange flavour). Oh, and Domino's is the first Quick Service Restaurant to have this new Blue Shock drink so you have to visit Domino's to try it out! ;)

So how does the Eat, Drink and Win Contest works? All you need to do is to calculate how many 1.5 litres bottles of Mountain Dew Blue Shock will fit into the new sporty Honda Jazz 1.5L. And you also have to come up with a creative slogan. You really have to work hard for your slogan because it is the extra point that may make you the winner because I think there will be people guessing the right quantity. ^_^

The gorgeous Honda Jazz 1.5 L. *_* You have to figure out how many bottles of Mountain Dew Blue Shock can fit into this car.


A Domino's customer can enter the contest with a minimum purchase of RM5.80, which is the price for a bottle of Mountain Dew Blue Shock 1.5L. A purchase of RM30 and above entitles to two (2) entries and a purchase of RM70 and above entitles to three (3) entries, whereas online customers are entitled for two (2) entries. You can click HERE at it will lead you to the contest page! :) 

Oh wait, Domino's also has 3 combo meals that can give you greater savings! :)

Now, of course I'm going to end this blog post with some mouth-watering food images, right? :P

Everything looks good, kan? *hehehe. Apa lagi, go and visit your nearest Domino's!*

 Innanie and Wiida *feeling abis makan pizza*

Naaaaa, if you want to eat pizza, go to Domino's Pizza. If you want to win a Honda Jazz, go to Domino's Pizza too. :D 


For more information on Domino's Pizza Malaysia, please visit these links :

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