A visit to Moo Cow's Factory!

Assalamualaikum and hello my love! If you remember this post from my Instagram, then you would know that I had so much fun in Moo Cow's factory several weeks back. It was such an amazing experience to be able to learn and get 'behind-the-scene' the making of natural yogurt! Yes, I love yogurt and I really feel it is a healthy food and I just can't get enough of it! Thank you to The Butterfly Project for the opportunity and who would've thought I get the chance to go to Moo Cow's factory? ^_^ Before heading to the factory, we went Moo Cow's outlet in Publika (Level UG) and get a glimpse what they have in store. Moo Cow is famous for it's frozen yogurt and now they also have Yogurt Mooncake! I tried their Strawberry Yogurt Drink and it was delish!

Oh yeah.... gotta be excited about this! :D

So after this store visit, we went straight to the Factory to find out more about yogurt and we were greeted by the most adorable and the cutest Mamalia, Moo Cow's maskot! OH em geee so cuteeeeee!! :D

You can see here how excited I was. *adoiiiii* -_-

We went up to the office and we met up with Clifford Too, the man behind Moo Cow International. Moo Cow International has been in the Malaysian market since 2011 with the purpose to serve consumers with the best frozen yogurt ever! Moo Cow only uses natural ingredients and flavourings to ensure that their customers experience only the best yogurt that they could possibly get. Do you think the yogurt that you can find in the market now is really yogurt? Well, think again. ;) I personally love yogurt because it is such a versatile food. I can use it in my smoothies, create my own yogurt drink, use it in my salad dressings and as dips and just eat it on its own. And the fact that yogurt is super healthy since it can help you so much in the digestion area due to the 'good bacteria' that you can find in yogurt. Yogurt is discovered way back in 6000 B.C where it is 'accidentally' discovered to the method of preserving milk during winter season and long journey. The first ever industrial yogurt production was created by Danone in 1919 and followed by Minoru Shirota who created Yakult (I guess most people know this brand).

There are several types of yogurt available such as plain yogurt (da-hi-kefir), strained yogurt (greek yogurt), flavoured yogurt, yogurt drink (lassi Ayran or dugh), frozen yogurt and yogurt cake.

Now lets go into the production room and find out how to make yogurt!

STEP 1 : Cleanliness

 It is crucial to wash and sanitize hand and also all of the equipment and utensils used in yogurt-making. Everyone involves in the making of yogurt must wear all the necessary gear for hygienic reason.

STEP 2 : Pasteurization
Warm milk until 80 degrees celcius

STEP 3 : Waiting and Folding
Wait and fold milk until temperature drop till 40 degrees celcius

STEP 4 : Introduce Culture
Introduce culture and mix well. Avoid stirring. Keep on using the folding method. Folding is the most important part, do not stir.

STEP 5 : Incubation
Yogurt needs to be incubated for 12 hours (minimum) and store in chiller for another 24 hours.

This is fresh yogurt, this is what we need in our market's aisles. It is so so so fresh and so delicious. I really wish I can have this for my breakfast every single day. When he added the blueberry flavouring, oh my, so goood!

Then we also learnt how to create yogurt drink. Clifford showed us the secret ingredient of the drink but he didn't tell us what it is. *hehe* 

This is the final result and this is the original flavour and it was soooooooooooooo good!!! Yummy!

Innanie and Madi got the opportunity to make their own yogurt drink too!

This is the best yogurt drink I tried so far and it is guaranteed to be natural! This is really yogurt guys, seriously...... Go and try it for yourself and you won't regret it!

We also tried out their yogurt mooncake which is seasonal. Personally I've only tried once mooncake which was so many years ago. These mooncake is nice and tasty! Moo Cow has 2 types of skin which is baked skin and snow skin.

The baked skin mooncake has 4 flavours includes No Sugar White Lotus, Low Sugar White Lotus, Pandan Lotus and Precious Black. Each is priced at RM13.50 and RM48 for a box of 4.

The snow skin mooncake has 6 flavours includes Red Bean, Pandan, Sweet Potato, Black Sesame, White Lotus and Pumpkin. Each of the mooncake is priced at RM6.50 and RM26 for a box of 4.

Other than the frozen yogurt, yogurt drink and mooncake, Moo Cow also has Yogurt Cheesecake which is quite interesting. I never had yogurt cake before and it is wonderful. It is sort of taste like a cheesecake but the tangy-ness of the cake is more apparent. They have 5 flavours include Peach, Strawberry, Blueberry, Oreo and Original. Each is priced at RM13.90. 

 Cutesy merchandise by Moo Cow! ^_^

Eeeee so cute!!

The butterflies and I had an awesome trip to the Moo Cow's factory. I feel like 'rombongan sekolah' because we get to wear the most comel Moo Cow t-shirt and traveled by van to the factory. *hehe* Thanks to Moo Cow International for having us that day and showed us the making of yogurt! ^_^


For more information on MOO COW, please visit these links :

Official Website : http://moocow.my/

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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