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Assalamualaikum and hello my love! Today I am going to share with you a full review on the LORAC Pro Palette 2 which I got for my birthday last month. I was not expecting at all to buy a new palette but a friend of mine, Zie helped me out and got this for me when she was oversea. Thanks so much Zie! ^_^ Speaking of my birthday, initially I wanted to upload a blog post on my birthday haul, well it is more of a collective haul because I have been spending here and there since last month and justifying that it is all because of my birthday. *hahaha* But the problem is, I kinda have forgotten what I've got since last month, so I guess we shall let this haul slip away. Sorry guys! I have always wanted the original LORAC Pro Palette but hey, the 2nd one is great too so I am not complaining. :D I have been using this palette almost everyday from the day I got it until now and I can finally summarize my final thoughts on this palette. So keep on reading if you want to see the swatches! 

The LORAC Pro Palette 2 comes with a mini eye shadow primer (Behind The Scene Eye Shadow Primer). I have not try the eye primer yet, I will update you guys  if I've tried it.

The packaging is a sleek and thin cardboard-like that has a magnetic closure. The packaging has a rubbery feel to it that actually makes it easy get stain on. As you can see above, you can actually see patches of stains and also my fingerprints. It also comes with a good size mirror.

The LORAC Pro Palette 2 comes with 16 eye shadows that is divided equally into 2 types of eye shadows which are matte and shimmer eye shadows. I always think a good palette must contain matte and shimmer eye shadows so it can be fully utilized. the lorac is actually the sequel to the famous and well loved LORAC Pro Palette. The first Pro Palette is a warm tone palette where as this 2nd palette is more towards a cooler tone. LORAC Pro Palette 2 claims to be ultra pigmented and velvety smooth due to the soothing botanicals infused in the eye shadows. The first row of the palette are all matte while the second row is all shimmer eye shadows. Lets take a look at the swatches! *all photos are without flash*

Buff : Light cream/beige (matte)
Lt. Brown : Medium brown (matte)
Cool Gray : Light taupe (matte)
Nectar : Peachy brown (matte)

Plum : Dark plum shade (matte)
Navy : Dark navy blue with a hint of green (matte)
Charcoal : Medium dark gray (matte)
Black : Black (matte)

Snow : White (shimmer)
Beige : Light peachy beige (shimmer)
Rose : Peachy copper (shimmer)
Mocha : Brown with red undertone (shimmer)

Chrome : Medium taupe.  (shimmer)
Silver :  Metallic silver (shimmer)
Jade : Khaki green (shimmer)
Cocoa : Deep brown with red undertone (shimmer)

USD 42 / RM165


Unfortunately, it is not available in Malaysia. But I have seen it in a few IG sellers. I will try to find them and put the links here. But it will take a while.


I must say, I finally understand why people keep raving about this palette. It is super pigmented! You really need a quick dab of your brush into the pan and you will get an amazing colour on your eyes. For me, all of the shades are velvety smooth and buttery. It glides smoothly on my eyes and it is so blend-able. But, there's a problem. It is maybe a bit too blend-able for me. I am the queen of blending eye shadows because I want to avoid the harsh lines. So what I mean is that when I really blend it, the colours will somewhat disappear and I find myself going back to the pan for more product. So the trick is, don't blend so much, just a little bit of blending will work fine. I have tried using the eye shadow with and with out eye primers and the result is amazing. The eye shadows stays on my eye lids for more than 8 hours and I am very happy that my eye make up does not smudge. I don't have oily eyelids to begin with, but if you do, make sure to prime your eyes. The 8 matte shades and 8 mattes shimmer shades is definitely the selling point for me because I love having both types of eye shadows in one palette and thank god for making it equal quantity! I love the palette because it has a variety of shades that I don't think I would use such as Plum, Navy, Jade and Silver. But honestly Plum and Navy are my two favourites in the palette alongside Rose, Mocha and Cool Gray. The shimmer eye shadows do have fall outs but its not apparent, so it's not really a big deal for me. When I watched and read the reviews on this palette, everybody keep saying that this is a cooler tone palette but personally I think it's a mixture of warm and cool tone. It's like a perfect combination for me. I will suggest this palette to anyone who prefers neutral shades but want to reach out to another territory. I am a neutral palette kinda-gal, and I always tend to go for that range of eye shadows so I guess this is the first palette that has more fun and different shades that I'm used too. It feels great to be out of my comfort zone and try new things. You should too! :) Another plus point, it is travel friendly because of the thin packaging that makes it easier to bring it anywhere.

Oh ya, I will be doing my Blue Butterfly make up tutorial using this palette soon, I will keep you guys updated once the video is up! In case you don't know which look I'm talking about, here it is!

Blue Butterfly Make Up ^_^

So, are you getting one? ;)


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Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. oh mY GOD navy dengan charcoal cantik gila!! :O

    kind of wish they have it at sephora. tak pernah jumpa pun T^T

    1. yes! Navy mmg sangat cantikkkk! eh semua la cantik. huhu tula, Lorac xde kat malaysia, so sad. huhu

  2. sangat cantik la kak. elok je blend nya warna tu

  3. i scrolled atas bawah for a few times and I decided that I love all the colours! cant wait to see your Blue Butterfly tutorial kak Sabby ^_^ this palette is indeed a worthy investment :D

    1. yes it is worth it, just too bad that it is not available in malaysia. :(

  4. Lt Brown, Beige and rose looks so pretty! tu la, i igt kat sephora malaysia ada. xde rupanya... meh!

    1. mmg cantik sgt, i couldn't get enough! sephora really should bring in the brand... huhu

  5. Aww the Lorac, I've heard so much about this! Too many beauty bloggers have been calling it "the next Naked palette" which I find extremely blasphemous but at the same time, I'm curious as well. ^^

    The look you made with it though HNNNNGH so beautiful! You're so great at makeup and your lenses really top it all off perfectly! Kudos to you. Just wow. ^^

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. Yeah I heard people say that it is better than UD naked. Oopss.. but i don't know, i guess every palettes have their own specialty. :D

      Thanks so much dear, I really enjoy using my face as my canvas. haha i love playing around with makeup. :)

  6. If compared to UD naked pallettes, which one is the best?

    1. I don't own Naked and Naked 2, I only have Naked 3 and the naked basics so I can't really compare. :) But I guess it depends on your colour preference. :)

  7. I was skeptical, hype and all, but I think it looks lovely on you but then again, you have the kind of face that my make any palette look a dream.
    They really should get you to hawk palettes, girl! You are always make their colours look ultra-gorgeous.

    1. awww thanks dear. I love the palette, so great for everything. :D



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