Sasa New Concept Store in Sunway Pyramid

Assalamulaikum and hello my darlings. I have a great news to all my friends who loves SaSa! SaSa in Sunway Pyramid is now open with a new twist! Yes, it is now a lifestyle concept store that caters to every 'beauty' needs for women. *maybe for guys also? :P* Anyway. I was invited to the launch but I reached the venue pretty late because I was lost! -_- I am not really familiar with the mapping in Sunway Pyramid and I was so lost in finding the store.  I made a one and half turn of the LG1 floor and you do not that Sunway Pyramid is so huge! Okay so just remember this, if you want to visit the Sunway Pyramid outlet, go straight to level Lower Ground 1 (LG1) and find Parkson, it is just nearby. :D *don't be like me okay? huhu* So what's new about this SaSa new concept store? As you know SaSa is well-known a one stop centre for all beauty needs such as from skincare, body care, hair care, make up and fragrance. And now you can have interactive service in the store too. Keep on reading to find out! ^_^

During the launch, there were 2 make up demonstration from 2 makeup artists from ARTDECO and Cyber Colours. They showed 2 looks which is for Fall/Winter make up look.

Now let's explore the store!

When you enter the store, there will be WHAT"S HOT aisle on your left. This is perfect for anyone who is in the market to find out best sellers products at the moment!

Make up section

There are 2 makeup station where you can try out any of the make up products that you a re interested in.

Fragrance section

Hair & Body Section

Skincare section

The coolest thing about this new SaSa store is that, now you can have your facial here! Yes, SaSa now has facial service to cater to your skincare needs, but don't forget to make an appointment first to avoid any problems. :) I love it that they now have more services to be offered to their consumers because personally I love a place that can cater to all my needs in one place. If you interested to check out SaSa's new concept store in Pyramid, head on to :



For more information on SASA MALAYSIA, please visit these links :


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Sabby Prue

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  1. fuh seronoknya bawak mak pergi sini, mesti rambang mata

  2. Lovely photographs!
    Spurred on by the hype, I've had a visit to the store myself but would have never guessed that you could actually get facials at this SaSa! Thanks so much for letting us know~ Also, that scented Revlon nail polish... I've got my eye on that now! haha ^^
    Great review and I so feel you. The map is just too confusing at Sunway Pyramid. @_@ Sigh.

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. thanks for dropping by dear.! i would never thought sasa would bring in the facial service too, hehe. by the way, I am really digging the revlon scented nail polish. I don't use nail polish at all but seriously i just want to get it because they are so beautiful!!

  3. Ohh this is such a lovely store! :3
    I wish we had a Sasa here in Australia! C:

    1. awww.. no worries dear, i bet you can find something similar in australia. thanks for dropping by! :)



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