TRAVEL | Bali 2015 (Day 1) - Zoe Villa tour

Assalamualaikum and hello love! I am back with a travel post as I just got back from Bali last week for my honeymoon! :) It was indeed a wonderful holiday and I won't change anything for the world. The only downside was the journey in the plane because we experienced one and a half hours of air turbulence and it was scary. I'm not gonna lie, I was afraid but thank god I have my husband besides me. We know that currently the weather has been quite unfortunate. Nevertheless Alhamdulillah we are safe. :) Anyway lets start with the journey to Bali! Our flight was at 12.25pm (MH851) and we arrived at Angkasa Pura Airport (Bali's new airport name, replacing Ngurah Rai) around 3.15pm. From the airport, it took us about 1 and half hours to reach Zoe Villa because of the traffic jam. The villa is located in Canggu Bali, which is a very peaceful and quiet place. It's beautiful!

The entrance. 

After checking in, we went straight to our villa because we are so exhausted from the travelling and all I can think off is to lay down on the bed.
Pathway to our Villa

Our villa is number 4.

The moment we opened the door, we immediately see the private pool which has a pretty decent size. We spent so much time in this pool, it's lovely! Having a private pool is a great option for girls with hijab because you can relax and use the swimming pool without worrying anyone get to see your aurah. ;)

Kitchen area. Cozy kitchen for 2. We didn't cook anything, just the fridge to store some food and drinks. Water dispenser is also available so no need to worry to buy mineral water.

Lounge area

The villa has a high ceiling which makes the place so spacious!

Let's check out the bathroom!

Space for 2. 
Huge bath tub.
The rain shower head is amazeballs! I really need this in my new house!

From the bathroom, we can see the private pool directly. But don't worry, you can pull down the blind  if you are not comfortable but half only. *hahaha*

Ahh, don't just wish you can live here?

We hang out in the villa for a couple of hours then went out for our dinner. Luckily there was a halal eating place named 'Warung Heboh' which serves mixed rice.  The place is cozy and have a nice ambient to it.

The grilled honey chicken is so good! I have no idea what's the name of the chicken dish but that's what I think it is. *hahaha* And of course we gotta have our meal with Teh Botol! Nyummsss! :D

Posing ah
This is just beautiful. Peace. Quite. Serene. Hmmm

As for a conclusion of Zoe Villa, I would highly recommend it especially to honeymooners. They also have rooms for family with 2 kids (max). We booked the villa through Agoda and it costs about RM850 for 3 nights (without breakfast). It's a good price if you asked me. :)

1. Perfect location if you want peaceful and quiet place.
2. Good wifi.
3. Great customer service, friendly and pleasant staff.
4. Day tours (by hours, starts at IDR450,000) and airport transfer (to and fro IDR370,000) is available. 
5. Not sure if you can request for iron/hair dryer. I brought my own hair dryer. :P But I'm pretty sure you can request.
6. Close the door whenever you want to go to the pool because there are some kind of bug flying around because the villa is in paddy field area. But don't worry, it's not bad at all, just take extra precaution in case you have sensitive skin like me.

That's all I can think of right now, will add more if I suddenly remember anything! ^_^

For more information on Zoe Villa :

Stay tuned for Day 2! :)

Till then,



  1. Pool inside villa tu best nye! Video pun best! *thumbs up!

  2. Wahhhhh cantikla villa tu, iday pernah tengok kawan pergi, then bila tengok sabby punya gambar, eh samalaaaa. hehehehe. Thanks for sharing sabby. Seronok dia berhoneymoon. Heheheh :)

    1. sure iday, seronok share benda yg kita suka. :)

  3. kak Sabby thanks for sharing! the price for Zoe Villa ni memang awesome lah, mak kita kata dia boleh pegi ni, hehe! cantik betul interior villa tu. cant wait to see more of your Bali travelog ^_^

    1. hehehe go go suruh mak g honeymoon dengan ayah. romantic! :D

  4. Wah..bestnyer.. InsyaAllah taun depan our turn plak.. can't wait :)

  5. Bestnyaaaaaaa! Nak honeymoon jugak! LOL

  6. Hi Sabby, tahniah :)
    Nak tahu macam mana dengan plan aktiviti? Sendiri ke?
    Transportation? Sunset dinner :) Love to hear it tq dear.

  7. Assalamualaikum kak sabby, wahhh sheila jatuh cinta tengok villa ni. memang nak ke sini, bawa Adam sekali. babymoon. ekekekeeee... serius kak sabby, lawa gila kalau dapat rumah buat serupa gini. heaven kot :)

    semoga kak sabby dan suami dimurahkan rezeki dapat anak soleh solehah.. hihiiii

    1. tula... kalau dapat rumah mcm ni mmg tak kluar dah. hehehe :D thanks shiela for the wish, insyallah. :)

  8. SANTEK nye villa ni suke suke aah pool die beso i nye dolu dh la kecik pastu kotoq plak huhu yg plg best tu prasaan honeymoon tuhhh HAHAHHAHAHAHA x trkata thp kejelesan HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

    1. hahaha gedik betul makcik nih!! hhahha ape lagi, plan another trip laa :P

    2. hi sabby.... halal food area canggu ni banyak ke ? tq anyway nice pic .. !

    3. not so sure, tapi yg betul2 dekat dgn villa kitorg ni yg warung heboh ni je. tapi area sini mmg susah sikit halal food

  9. I wear hijab too so stay in villa with private pool make me more comfortable :)))
    Nice trip...

    1. that's true! now we can swim without worries. hehe

      p/s : sorry for the late reply btw. huhu

  10. Hi! :)
    Hoping you´ll read responses to 1 year old posts? :)
    We are thinking about booking this place for a visit in Bali, but some reviews say that it`s far pretty away from everything? Did you feel that way too? I mean like restaurants, the beach and so? :)

    1. Hi Maria, yes it is pretty far from everything actually. But you can request from the villa to have transportation arrangements to anywhere you want to go. :)



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