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Assalamualaikum and hello love. :) Have you heard about INNISFREE has open it's flagship store in Sunway Pyramid? I was lucky enough to be invited to the bloggers meet up and experience first hand of the store. I personally love Korean skincare and I am excited to use all of the beauty products I got that day. INNISFREE which means 'pure island' promised to bring in only the best and natural ingredients from the clean island of Jeju, Korea. 

One of INNISFREE best sellers products is the Green Tea range which is specifically targeted for those who loves a good moisturization product. The Green Tea line is designed to fully nourishes the skin from within through the concentrated  moisturising energy of the green tea seed. 

The Green Tea line products contain rich green tea essence (derived from fresh Jeju green Tea leaves)  that provides moisturization from deep within because of the amino acids an minerals that can be found in the green tea leaves. Together with the green tea seed oil, the products become more effective by keeping the skin youthful for a longer period of time. 

I got this set to try out and oh my god, they are amazing!! :)

Another best seller product is the Jeju Volcanic line that contains Jeju's natural volcanic cluster calls 'volcanic scoria' that can control sebum productivity more than red clay or mud. These products are able to remove dead skin cells, reduce the appearance of black heads and purifies pores.

INNISFREE has so much more to offer to it's consumer. They have amazing range of products that can cater to any types of skin. Besides the Green Tea line (moisturising) and Jeju Volcanic line (pore care) INNISFREE has 6 other variants to help you to maintain and take extra care of your skin such as :

Whitening Care : Eco Science White C line
Wrinkle Care : Eco Science line
Nutrimoisturizing Care : Olive Real line
Trouble Care : Jeju Bija line
Firming & Lifting : Soybean Firming line
Total Care : Jeju Orchid Line

This got to be one of my favourite, face sheet masks!

The makeup section is worth checking out. I am currently using the Powerproof Eyeliner in Black, love it! If you love natural skincare, I highly suggest INNISFREE because INNISFREE is practicing 4 Free System which means are free from parabens, animal ingredients, colorant and mineral oil. Keep a look out on my reviews of some of the products that I got from the store launching! :D

Visit INNISFREE at :
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
G1.70, Ground Floor (Orange Zone)

For more information on Visit INNISFREE, please visit :

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