Hello 2015

Ahh, 2014. Where should I begin? 2014 has been such a wonderful year for me personally but 2014 also witnessed too many tragedies happening in Malaysia. I am not gonna talk deeply about the unfortunate events that happened because I don't want to start our new year with sadness. Lets just pray that 2015 will be a better year and lets be hopeful that there's always a rainbow after the rain. Lets be strong together Malaysian. :) Recapping 2014 has been a wonderful year for me in blogging wise. So today I am kicking it off by writing about a blogging community that has been in my heart since 2013, the awesome The Butterfly Project Malaysia. ^_^

On 23rd December 2014, The Butterfly Project organised it's second Christmas Party which was held in The Apartment, Curve. It was such an amazing event as almost 100 bloggers were there to celebrate each other! Newbies and seniors bloggers were there to get to know each other. It was such a delightful and wonderful experience seeing girls and guys getting along just because of our passion, which is blogging. :) Well, that's what The Butterfly Project is all about ; educating, sharing and the most important part is to have fun! Let's check out the official photos of the event captured by Kawi Studio . All the photos are beautiful!! I didn't managed to capture much because I was busy talking to everyone. *hahaha* 

Yummy turkey!! :D
Delicious food spread by The Apartment! :D

Wefie with my sayangness!
What happened here? hahaha ask mira cik cit. :P

During the dinner, all the butterflies and caterpillars (terms we used for new bloggers) were given The Butterfly Project's 2nd beauty box for review. I was assigned as one of the 9 senior butterflies to assist and guide caterpillars and butterflies to review the beauty box. Well I'm not saying I'm such a pro in reviewing beauty products, but of course I would love to help if anyone has any questions. :D

Each of the bloggers were given a paper with a 'theme' and mine is HAPPINESS, so they need to find their team members and after all the members are complete they need to find the team leader. It was so much fun looking at them finding one another! *hehehe* Without wasting anytime, let me introduce you to my team members! :)

We are the HAPPY CHRYSALIS! Yeahhhhhh why we chose HAPPY? Simply because we are happy people and we wish everyone would be happy all the time and be thankful with what we have. Happiness is the key of an amazing life, trust me! :) We chose Chrysalis because we wanted a name that resembles a butterfly so chrysalis (a pupal stage of butterflies) is very fitting! :D Stay tuned for our reviews okay?



Kah Mon 

Izzah Farihah


Rane Chin




Izzati (Tatie)

Duo power in the house, Choy Peng and Edazz!

There most awaited part of the day is the Secret Santa! I still don't know who my secret santa is, if you are reading this, can you please step up? :) And to my darling Shivani, I hope you love the presents, love ya! xoxo And to you my lovely readers, stay tuned for The Butterfly Project Beauty Box review okay? :) I am wishing you a great 2015 and may you achieve your dreams. Be happy!! :)

Till then,




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