TRAVEL | Bali 2015 (Day 2) - GWK Cultural Park, Pura Luhur Uluwatu and Jimbaran

Assalamualaikum and hello love. This is the second part (2nd day) of my honeymoon post to Bali. If you have not read the first post, kindly click Travel Bali (Day 1) to check out the villa that we stayed in. :) As I mentioned in the previous post, there will be a lot of photos rather than words. :D During our honeymoon, we did not take any honeymoon package whatsoever. We just booked the villa on our own and arrange our schedule. The villa has Day Tour services where you can choose where you want to go. Roughly the tours will be around 6 to 12 hours, depending on your preference. The fees for the day tour will starts at IDR450,000 and above. My husband and I decided for this trip, we are not going to rush our days and we are not going to go to all the attraction places because firstly, we were only there for 4 days and 3 nights. Secondly, this is supposed to be our HONEYMOON and yes we both wanted a relaxing holiday and we don't want to wake at 9 am just because of wanting to go somewhere. We opted to go around 2 or 3 places only for a day. We are going back to Bali to explore more for sure! ^_^ On the second day, we started our day with a relaxing morning. We had our breakfast by our private pool and of course had a perfect morning swim. It was indeed a lovely morning. :) We left our villa at 1pm for our day tour, so I had ample time to get ready so I really like that. If you know me, I really don't like to be hurried. Annoying! *hahahaha*

I had a cup of Bali coffee with poached eggs and toasts while my husband had scrambled eggs with toasts and a glass of OJ.
This is the door to our Villa. :D

The first place we went to is GWK Cultural Park which is located in Ungasan, Badung regency that  serves as cultural destination for events, exhibitions and such. It is also the home of Garuda Wisnu statue which stands at 120 metres tall and 64 meter width. I was told that there were a lot concerts were held in this place. The place is still under construction so the place is not completely done.

We managed to catch the Balinese dance performance. There's a schedule outside the amphitheater if you are interested to check out any of the performances.

This is Garuda Wisnu, stands at 120 metres tall and 64 metres width.
Again, gotta love this beautiful door!
The entrance fee for GWK Cultural Park is IDR100,000 per pax which I find is pretty steep. This is one of the place you can skip because there's nothing much to do here. Not worth it.

Our next stop is Pura Luhur Uluwatu which is a must visit place if you have the time. The view is simply breathtaking! Click HERE to find out more about the temples, I 'm gonna give you guys some shots on the place. :) Oh btw, we were told to take precautions of the monkeys but seriously I only saw about 3 monkeys due to the constructions happening at that area. Oh the kecak dance is must see too but however we did not see it because I don't want to wait 2 1/2 hours at the temples doing nothing just to wait for that dance. that will take place during sunset. So make sure to arrange the time nicely with your tour guide, okay?

OMG gemok gile muka!! T_T
The guys need to wear a sarong and the girls has to wear this yellow cloth around her waist.

Our last stop of the day is sunset dinner at Jimbaran. This is the most raved location to watch sunset and I am really looking forward to this because I love watching sunset because I really think it is the most beautiful view ever! We reached Jimbaran quite early (I think around 5.15pm). So after ordering our food, we walked around the beach for some photos and just enjoy the moment. :) We told the waiter that we want our food to be service at 6.30pm and they said okay. So if you want to have a good spot for sunset viewing, make sure to come early. 

The airport is just around the corner!
We saw a couple doing their pre-wedding photoshoot! Awwwwwww tetiba teringat outdoor photoshoot sendiri. hahah! :P
Yummy chilli crab!
Grilled prawns
Sotong goreng tepung is a must. :P

2 chilli crabs, 400g of prawns and 700g of squids (the squids they charge per piece not gram), 1 steamed rice and 2 bottles of Coke were price at almost IDR700,000. I guess it's about RM200 for 2 person. I don't know know whether this is expensive or not but we don't really mind because we know that this will be the only expensive meal we will have on this trip. *hahaha*. But they do have set meal if you want to, but we prefer ala carte. Anyway the name of the restaurant is 'Langsam' if I am not mistaken. 

Click my Bali Travel Vlog if you want to see the sunset at Jimbaran, it is stunning! :)

Day 3 will be up somewhere around next week, so keep a look out on that! :)

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  1. oh mannn bestnyaaa. hopefully one day boleh pergi melancong jugaaaa

  2. one day I'm going to go to Bali alone for the beach experience, hahaha! kak sabby ni lawa betullah, suka tengok ^_^

    1. hehe it's a good place to be, but pegi sekali mmg tak cukup. Mesti dtg lagi! :D thanks mieza <3

  3. Assalamualaikum kak sabby, auwww best kan honeymoon. suami sheila nak sangat pergi sini... hehehe

    1. hehe insyallah, one day mesti sampai punya! :)

  4. Wow...menarik...zaman kecik ² dulu pergi xrasa apa pun..skrg mcm teruja nak pergi lagi..btw...sabby memang cantik...

    1. hehe pegi lagi sekali, mesti best! :) thanks btw dear.

  5. Kak Sabby! SUkanya baca entry ni! sempoi jaaa~
    Love both of you lahh..So sweet! Sweet anad!



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