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Assalamulaikum and hello lovelies! I'm back with a skincare review, woot woot! :D Today I'll be reviewing Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush, a tool that could help you to have a deep clean face. Cleansing brushes has been in the market for quite sometime. I'm always interested to try out one of these brushes but at the same time I don't want to fork out a lot of money. :D Anyway, lets jump into the review shall we? ;) 

Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush claims to gently massages and cleans out skin by removing impurities, dirt and makeup in seconds. It also allows our skin care products to absorb better and helps to maximize the instant hydration benefits of moisturizers. Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush is derrmatologist-tested, tested on and suitable for daily use on Asian skin (suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin) and also clinically tested for skin irritation. Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush also removes make up 85% better than cleansing by hand, improve skin's appearance immediately and even out your complexion.

What you will get in the box.

The brush head is soft and it can reach over 400 rotations per minute.


Attached brush head to the connection pin until you hear a 'click' sound.  Make sure that the power button is OFF.  Let me take you through on how to use it :

~ Remove your makeup
~ Wet face and brush head
~Apply your cleanser directly on your face
~ Push On/Off button to start and push the 'Speed Control' button to choose low or high speed level. 
~ Cleanse your face using gentle massage motions.
~ Starts with your cheeks (15 seconds on each cheek)
~ Massage your nose and chin areas for 15 seconds
~ Finish with forehead for 15 seconds
~ After finish massaging, rinse your face with water and clean the brush head with water. To clean brush head, use warm and soapy water to get rid of the residue from the bristles. Lay brush head with bristles facing up to air dry. 

Remember to to change the brush head every 3 months. It is suitable for daily use, twice a day.

    MADE IN    


Any authorized Mary Kay Independant Agent

I have been using Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush for a month now and I can feel that my skin feels cleaner. I only use it twice or thrice a week or when I have a full face make up. I don't use it everyday simply because I don't want to irritate my skin, even though it claims to be okay to use it everyday. But I'm always skeptical about 'over do it' skincare routine. Sometimes I do believe less is more. :)  Do you really need this in your skincare routine? Well it depends on the condition of your skin. If you have good skin, a simple cleanser and wash is all you need. But if you have blackheads, whiteheads, large pores, I guess this is a good way to deep clean your face and get rid of all the impurities caused by your makeup, and of course the polluted environment. It is lightweight and it is travel friendly. It is also waterproof so I don't really have to be extra careful (I mean worried about getting electrical shocked. hahah :P). I do notice there is a reduction of whiteheads and blackheads around my nose and chin areas. I think it is because I deep cleaned my face 2 or 3 times a week using Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush and it helps to remove the dirt and impurities out. I highly suggest this product if you are looking for a way to take a better care of your skin. I look at this brush as a gentle exfoliator that helps to remove impurities and maybe some of my dead skin. I do feel like I'm in a facial salon whenever I use this brush because I feel so pampered. :D 


For more information on Mary Kay, kindly click this link :


Have you tried any of cleansing brushes? If you have, let me know how do you like them! ^_^

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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*Disclaimer : Product is sponsored by Mary Kay, however my opinion and reviews are 100% honest and true as always. Thank you. :)



  1. I have only tried Olay Professional Pro-X and it has been doing good to my skin, I really love it. I agree with you kak Sabby about using this facial brush sparingly. Using it every day can cause trouble to our skin like over-exfoliation. 3 times a week should do :)

    1. Hi Mieza. Yup the Olay Pro-X is a good alternative too, I never tried that one. hehe I too believed that we don't have to use it everyday because I think over do it will only cause dry skin or irritated skin. I need all the moisture for my skin. hihi

  2. Aiyak just wanted to ask have you tried Olay's one and see which is better :P haha

    1. haha ooppss sorry! but you can try this out toooo :P

  3. i have wanted to try this out, that's why i've been stalking posts regarding this :P good job with the review! :) hello from the Philippines! <3



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