Taste of Italy at Pizza Hut

Pizza is definitely one of my top 5 favourite food in the entire world. It is one of the type of food that I can't live without and one fact about me, I actually eat pizza at least once a month. :D When I found out Pizza Hut created several new menus, inspired by Italian dishes, well you know I won't missed it for the world. With their tagline 'Enjoy Italy One Bite at a Time', Pizza Hut incorporate signature Italian cheeses, flatbread pizzas and the freshest quality toppings. Are you curious what Pizza Hut  has in store for you? Keep on reading dearies! ^_^

Don't they look so appetizing? :)  Lets take a closer look at each of these Italian-inspired dishes! 


A'la Carte (RM3.90) | Add on (RM3.00)

The Italiano Bruschetta is a cheesy garlic bread and it is topped with pesto and tomato sauce. Serves with tomato salsa. I really like the bruschetta because the combination of cheese, garlic and the sauces is perfect. Usually a bruschetta is made out of a baguette bread but at Pizza Hut they are using their signature garlic bread.

A'la Carte (RM12.90) | Add on (RM11.90)

Mama Mia Meatballs has a creamy and cheesy sauce to go along with the chicken meatballs.  Signature 3-blend Italian cheeses, culinary cream, Napoli sauce, olive tapenade contribute to the creamy texture of the gravy. The cherry tomatoes on top of the meatball create a sweetness and tangy taste to the whole dish.
A'la Carte (RM14.90) | Add on (RM13.90)

Pesto Chicken Spaghetti consists of pesto sauce, tender chicken, cherry tomatoes, roasted onion, chopped garlic, red capsicum, chilli flakes and chopped parsley. I would say that the pesto sauce is quite unique because it is spicy and somehow it reminds me of 'cili padi' taste.

A'la Carte (RM14.90) | Add on (RM13.90)

Garlic Cream Fettuccine reminds me of a pasta dish that I cooked few months ago for my brother. The pasta has ingredients such as roasted garlic, pumpkin and spinach. Alongside with the creamy sauce, it is sort of like a carbonara pasta dish, but on a dryer side. I like this one.

And now we have come to the best part, PIZZA! ) There are 3 selection of pizza that you can choose from. All pizzas use flatbread pizza, different from the usual pizza dough. I personally love thin crust pizza so this is awesome. And of course, not forgetting the 3 signature blend of Italian cheeses is going to complete you Italy experience! ;)

A'la Carte (RM24.90)

For the meat lovers out there, this is definitely the one for you! And of course mine too because I love meat. Tuscan Beef Pizza has beef pepperoni, marinated beef steak, cherry tomatoes and tomato pizza sauce. Of all the dishes, this is MY FAVOURITE. I love pepperoni pizza so this is a definite winner in my book.The extra touch of the marinated beef steak is a plus point because it brings the pizza to the next level. I'm pretty sure I can finish the whole pan. :D

A'la Carte (RM24.90)

Romano Chicken Pizza has chicken toppings, chicken roll florets, red capsicum, yellow onions, tomato pizza sauce, spinach and garlic. I like this pizza because it has double dose of chicken for the toppings. The tomato pizza sauce gives a bit of tangy taste to the pizza and the yellow onions goes well with the dish. I actually don't like onions on my pizza, but this works well.

A'la Carte (RM24.90)

The toppings for Florentine Chicken Pizza include marinated chicken, red capsicum, pumpkin wedges, pesto sauce, olive tapenade and chopped parsley. This pizza really represent olive as the taste of olive is overpowering. If you love olive, then you gonna love this.

Besides ordering A'la Carte dishes, you can also purchase combos deal if you are dining with 2 or more person. Wheeeeee! ^_^

Signature Course (RM32.90)
YOU SAVE : RM15.20
1 Pizza
1 Pasta
1 Italiano Bruschetta
2 glasses of Pepsi

Ultimate Course (RM59.90) 
YOU SAVE : RM26.50
2 Pizza
1 Pasta
1 Mama Mia Meatballs
1 pitcher of Pepsi

 Good news for Take-Away and Delivery

Pizza Hut offers Big Italia Box (RM49.90) 
YOU SAVE : RM13.17

1 Italian Pizza (Selections : Tuscan Beef, Florentine Chicken or Romano Chicken)
1 Pasta Perfetto (Selections : Garlic Cream or Pesto Chicken)
8 pcs of Italaino Bruschetta
4 pcs of New Orleans drummets
2 soups of the day

Pizza Hut also offers Taste of Italy Pair Deals where you can purchase 2 regular size pizzas (1 from Taste of Italy range and 1 Family favourites traditional pizza) at RM34.90 and you will save RM11.80. Pizza Hut Taste of Italy promotion is now available at all outlets, so what are you waiting for? Get yourself some pizza! :D

Of course, I gotta end this post wit a photo with my fellow bloggers. :) Thanks Pizza Hut for inviting us to a wonderful meal, and of course to Ruby! :)


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Till then,

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  1. Menu kali ni .... saya suka pasta diorang jee.....flat bread macam tu kureng skit laa...

    1. hihi saya suka yg tuscan beef pizza tu, yg tu sedap! :)

  2. looks good :) its been long time since my last visit to PH. :)
    bw here

    1. pizza hut selalu jugak makan, my fav is super supreme pizza, nyums! :D



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