May 2014 Favourites and Highlights

Assalamulaikum and hello girls! :) I have not posted my monthly favourites for several months already, uuhhhh so sorry, I was planning to, but you know sometimes life gets in the way. T_T *hahaha* Anyway, I usually limit myself 5 favourite items per month but since I have not posted my monthly favourites in March and April, I am going to include more than 5 items. I have lots of favourites to talk about today so prepare yourself! ^_^


1. The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth (RM129 for 30ml)
I love this serum. It has criste-marine plant stem cells and beech bud extract that is known to help enhance skin renewal. I have been using this almost everyday  for the past 1 and a half month and I can feel that it helps to plump up my skin and makes me look fresher. It is fast absorbing (absolutely love this part) and sinks into my skin immediately, but it is advisable to wait about 1 to 2 minutes before applying moisturizer or sunscreen. It has this pipette applicator that makes it easier to get into the product. I only use about 2 drops for all over my face. I've gone through half of the bottle already, love it! If you are looking for a new serum, check this out.

2. The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso 2 in 1 Brightening Eye Cream (RM115 for 15ml)
My favourite eye cream so far! I have tried so many eye cream and I find it so hard to really like an eye cream. I like this eye cream because of the brightening effect and the refreshed feeling after using it. If you want to watch (video) my review on this eye cream, click HERE.

3. KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask (RM170 for 200ml, RM260 for 360ml)
This is the type of mask that you want to use right before you are going out. I use this maybe about 3 hours before going out. It instantly smoothen out your skin and gives your skin this fresh glow. My skin feel so soft after using this, but of course I will save these masks for special occasion only. *hihi*I got this facial masks sheet for a review back in March, therefore I got them in the form of facial mask sheets. The actual product is in a bottle where you need to soak a facial mask sheet into the lotion. Click HERE for my full review on this lotion mask. :)


4. Burberry Soft Satin Lip Cover in Tulip Pink (RM95)
I have all the great things to say about this, why don't you read my full review and find out why I love it. :)

5. Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation in 220 Nude (RM69.90)
Holy grail foundation! Long-lasting, medium to full coverage, not cakey, affordable and the shade matches me perfectly. I love it as much I love the original Revlon Colorstay. They are amazing! Click HERE for full review of this foundation. :)

6. NARS Powder Foundation in Fiji (RM170)
I use powder foundation as my makeup setting powder, it has always been that way. I'd prefer to spend a little more for a powder foundation than a compact powder. I love this powder because of the soft matte finish and it gives me radiant effect on my skin. It does a great job in keeping my makeup in place. Click HERE for full review.

7. MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Ravishing (RM68)
I always feel orange coloured lipstick looks so bad on me but still, I want to have those kinda shade in my collection. So I guess the best bet would be a coral coloured lipstick. I chose Ravishing because it is a coral pinkish shade but more towards coral side. But it does look a bit orangey on my lips. I absolutely love it! 

8. MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Primer (RM155 for 30ml)
I only have the sample size of this primer. I love it because it makes my skin smoother before applying my foundation. I mostly use this if I want my makeup to stay longer time than usual. I am not sure whether it really helps for that staying power purpose but I surely love how it feels on my skin. 

9. MAKE UP FOREVER Aqua Liner in No. 13 Black (RM95)
I am always in the look out for a new liquid eye liner because I'm a liquid liner kinda gal.  I love liquid liner compare to any other types of eye liner because it is easier for me to handle. I love this eye liner because I can get precise wing, it is very black and it is 100% waterproof. It sets pretty fast and it is easy to remove. It is on the pricier side, maybe I need to find a dupe for this because I go through liquid liner like nobody's business.

10. Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana (Click for full review and price listings)
I love this. oh yes I do.  I love the sweet floral musky scent and I definitely love the packaging. Everybody compliments how great the scent is, so yeah, I'm very happy to have found a new fragrance. Just read my review ok? *hehe*

See anything you like? Anything you want me to review? ^_^


I've been loving YoGood Glow Bar in Cranberry Peach as my healthier snack choices. The perfect size to put in my handbag. It is only 100 calories per bar and it tastes good! Do you know that I am giving away 6 boxes of YoGood Glow Bar?  Click HERE to find out how you can win but the contest ends today (31st May 2014) at 11.59 pm dearies *hihi* so hurry! :P


Oh my gosh, it's already end of May. Can you believe it? Everything pass by so quickly..... Where do I start? Well, May has been awesome. I'm so blessed with all the 'rezeki' that ALLAH has given me. My baking job and my blogging job, ALHAMDULILLAH. That's all I can say. Nothing specific highlight of the month, it has been great from the start. :)

I hope you darlings enjoy this post, I love doing monthly favourites because I can recap what has been happening in my life. So, how was your May? ^_*

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. I dont know why but since watching your videos, every time I read your blog post, I will 'hear' how chirpy and comel your voice reciting the post out loud XD btw, I love all your favourites here kak Sabby! The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth is in my wish list, dah kerja nnt confirm nak beli. That KOSE mask tu best jugak, it makes my skin look better instantly! I won it from several giveaways so yeah, I'm happy XD

    1. haha mieza... *malu la mcm ni* hahaha annoying kan suara akak? :P yup2 u should try the body shop serum, i really like it! and as for the KOSE mask, the result mmg instant kan? that's why best gune a few hours before kluar. :D

  2. i dont know when will i purchase that revlon foundation. haha. sebab harga dia cm.. i dont know. setiap kali amik letak balik. hahaha! need to try that soon!

  3. No doubt make up forever primer & eyeliner is definitely everyone's favourite but it's kinda pricey tho... >.<



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