BROS, the new age water bottles! + Haul # 10

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! We meet again in another episode of Sabby Prue. ^_^ So what are we going to talk about today? I want to talk about the importance of having enough water in your body. Yes. You all know one of my health resolution for this year is to drink more water. Why is it so important to discipline yourself to drink plenty of water daily? 

~ It helps to maintain the balance of body fluids
~ It helps to control calories
~ It helps to maintain bowel movement
~ It helps to assist our kidneys in cleansing off our toxin
~ It helps to keep our skin dehydrated and looking good at all time

If you read my February Favourites, then you must have noticed that I included BROS water bottle as my health favourite of the month. Why? Simply because it helps me to get the sufficient amount of water daily into my body since it has the measurement on the bottle. BROS started off with plain colour transparent water bottles in 2004 and now they have a wide variety of colourful and eye catching designs to capture their consumers interest. BROS products are environmental friendly, therefore all of the products are reusable. BROS is committed to provide only the best quality because all of the products are tested safe by qualified and recognized international standard. I love when a company promotes environmental friendly message because we all need to start taking care of our earth. We ourselves must practice to recycle, reduce wastage and promote eco-friendly lifestyle.

Alright, today I want to share with all of you that you can now purchase BROS water bottles through online! How convenient is that? :) And good news, in conjuction of BROS 10th Anniversary, BROS E-Store is giving all of their online customer 30% off storewide starting 26th May till 15th of June 2014! ^_^ It is so easy to purchase from BROS E-Store, let me take you through step by step. I did a little bit of damage too, want to see my haul? :D

The first thing to do is to go to

You may choose whether to Shop as a guest OR Register yourself. :)

Click login

Click Create New Account

Fill in the form, click at the box next to Continue, then click Continue. You are ready to start shopping! :) Oh and you will be receiving an acknowledgement email.

Choose your products according to the categories. Choose from Junior, Pure, Crystal Plus+, Alooart, Mug2go, Meal2go and Accessories.

Choose your preferred item(s). The drop menu comes with a product picture will give you an idea what the product is all about.

Identify the quantity of the preferred product.

Click Add To Cart button and the product you selected will be in your shopping cart. 

The Shopping Cart menu will show you the products you have selected. 

You can continue shopping or go straight to Checkout if you are done shopping.

Fill in your details and confirm the order! :)

Easy right? You can make your payment via online banking, debit or credit card. It is so convenient! All you have to do now is wait for your parcel to arrive within 2 - 5 working days! :) My parcel arrived less than 48 hours, I was so impressed! ^_^ Keep on reading if you want to know what I bought. *hehe*

Let me share you some tips on how to shop at BROS E-Store :

Products features, stock availability and price are easily available on the same page.

Details of the product you selected will be enlarged when you roll your mouse over the product.

There's a section below the product that suggested a few other products that you may also like.

'Video Feature' is available if you are buying Accessories which demonstrates the step-by-step product usage.

As I mention above, BROS E-Store is having a 30% off storewide from 26th May till 15th June. But darlings, I have a better news to all Sabby Prue's readers. You will get 30% off storewide with an extended period of promotion which will be from now till 13th of July and you will also get a FREE cleaning brush! :D

Just use the Promo Code : BFF30 and you will get the extended promotion period and a free cleaning brush! :)

A little fun fact about BROS, read up! You will agree to most of it. ^_*

Okay now it's time for my haul. :D I was superrrrrrrrrr excited when I received the parcel because I wasn't expecting it to arrived so soon. I was in the midst of cleaning up my room but I left my messy room and tore the boxes apart. *hahaha* Anywayyy, lets get into it. :)

There's another box inside the brown box which is this silver box. And they included a sketch of myself too. hehe so cute!

I love it when brands give little treats and personalized touch to the parcel. I feel so loved. And yes it makes me happy. It is always a good sign if your customer is happy right? :) Okay okay, lets see what I got! :P

I got this for my mom so she could bring it to her Al-Quran classes or wherever she goes. Super cute! I bought it because of the pink cap and the designs of the fruit is pretty! :)

I got this for my dad so he could bring it when he goes to his morning jogs. I really like colour combination. My dad loves striking colours, so this is the perfect fit for him! :)

This is for my little brother but he's not so little anymore lah. He chose this one himself. I really like it too because the design is not your typical water bottle and it is aluminium since it is from the Alooart collection. It is so cool!

This is for my bf, a mug2go so he can bring this to work. This is the vacuum insulation mug where you can keep your hot drinks for 6 hours or keep your cold drinks for 12 hours. :D

This is mine! *hihi* I've been wanting a vacuum insulation mug to go so that I can bring it everywhere and have my coffee. I like to rush myself in the morning therefore sometimes I have to skip my morning coffee. So this won't be an excuse to skip my morning coffee anymore. :P

This is mine too. *greedy*.  The perfect size to bring in my handbag. I usually order mineral water whenever I go out to eat because I am cutting down my sugary drinks. So this is great for me and I guess it's a plus point because I can save my money from buying mineral water. *hahaha*

I have the 700ml bottle from the Pure Collection. I ordered this because I want backup straws because I believe it's best to change up the straws since I use it religiously. ;)

Definitely a must if you want to clean up you tall water bottle. I love it! :) 
Now, you should use the Promo Code : BFF30 to get this free cleaning brush! :D

This is my haul from BROS and everything costs RM219.20. Just imagine if you purchase all these bottles, mugs and accessories and get 30% off? You only need to pay RM153.44! Shipping depends on the weight of your products and your location. As for my parcel, the postage is RM14 and weighs at 2.24kg. That's an awesome deal darlings! ^_^  I love the creative shapes and designs of the bottles, makes me want to get more. I love everything I got and I will use them till their last breath. *hahahah* 

They also included some treats for me in the parcel. Thank you so much BROS, you made me and my tummy very very happy. :))))

If you are interested to purchase BROS water bottles, kindly visit :


Don't forget to drink your water and keep hydrated all the time. Bring your BROS water bottle everywhere you go okay, because BROS  water bottles designs are awesome so you won't be shy anymore to bring it wherever you go! :P

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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*Disclaimer : Products are sponsored by BROS, however my opinions and reviews are 100% honest and true as always. Thank you. :)



  1. OMG such a nice haul! And the sketch is so cute. :3 The flat bottle your bro picked is really unique; i bet it'll make a great gift for guys (and girls, haha).

    1. thanks babe! yeah the one he chose very cool one. I wish i bought one for myself too. haha

  2. I always love Bros water bottles and since masuk U memang dah beli and guna Bros punya bottle ^_^ their designs and different bottle/mugs functions are always the factor that catches my attention!

    1. hehe best kan BROS! cantik and affordable :)

    2. Kak Sabby, I just bought Mirror Mirror ^_^ haritu masa Kak Sabby post kita nak beli tapi out of stock. today dah ada stock, terus rembat and guna coupon BFF30. yeayy!!

    3. wheee sepp! kite gengggg! hehehe

  3. Design dia cantik la, next time boleh beli , murah kot. hehe

    1. hehe check out online store diorg and use the 30% code! ;)

  4. tak nak kawan kak sabby boleh? jeles! :)

  5. TAK KIRE NAK TIRU JUGAK!!!!! =P heheheh



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