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Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! Lately I have been having this sweet tooth craving that really bugs me. I am trying to eat a little healthier therefore I will always keep on searching for great healthy snacks alternatives instead the usual potato chips, chocolate bars and candies. I have been loving YoGood Glow, a new product by Pristine Cereals that provides less than 100 calories per bar with added one gram of collagen! Now talk about keeping healthy and maintaining your beauty at the same time! ^_^ YoGood Glow is a yoghurt coated cereal bars with multigrain flakes and fruits (yes, 100% real fruits!). The two flavours available are Blueberry Pomegranate and Cranberry Peach.


One box contains 5 bars (25g each) 

Blueberry Pomegranate certainly has this tangy berry taste. The sweetness balance out the tangy taste of the overall cereal bar. 


One box contains 5 bars (25g each) 
I can certainly taste the peach as I love anything peach flavoured. I can spot some of the dried cranberries while eating (a plus point because you know they are using the actual fruits). This is my favourite between the 2 variants! Both of the flavours are a bit sweet for me but since it is in a small packaging, it is still okay for me. I love eating YoGood Glow for breakfast or one of those days when I am super busy and have no time to eat. These bars help me to not think about food for about one hour or so before having my real meal. I would highly recommend YoGood Glow if you are looking for a healthier snack alternatives. It is great because one bar only contains 100 calories! Furthermore, the packaging is small and it makes it easier for me to bring it wherever I go. ;)

RM13.00 per box (Depending on the retailer)

Austria (Halal Certified)

Village Grocer
Jaya Grocer
Presto Mart
Ampang Grocer
Urban Fresh
Giant & Cold Storage (Coming soon in June)
AEON / Jusco (Coming soon in June)

YoGood Glow is having a contest till July 2014 where a lucky winner each month will win either an iPhone 5s (16gb) OR a Samsung Galaxy S5 (16GB)!! ^_^

Here's how you can win!! :) Easy right? Now go to your nearest supermarket and purchase YoGood Glow, who knows you might be the winner. :P

But wait, I'm not done yet! :D

I am doing a giveaway! Yeahhhhhhh I will be giving away 6 boxes of YoGood Glow (3 Blueberry Pomegranate and 3 boxes of Cranberry Peach) to my ONE lucky reader! :)

Terms and Conditions :
Giveaway starts 28th May till 31st May 2014 (3 days only)
Open to anyone residing in Malaysia only
Products will be posted using courier service
Winner will be selected by Raflecopter generator
ONE winner only

All you have to do is fill up this Raflecopter Giveaway! Don't forget to leave a comment in the comment box below why do you want to try YoGood Glow and what is your health goals for this year! ^_^

Leave also your name and email dearies! :)


For more information YoGood Glow please visit :


Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. I want to try out YoGood Glow because it caused solved my problems of having too low blood sugar due to over hungry during working hours. My health goals for 2014 would be to train myself to have better stamina and toner body figure.

    Name: Rebecca Wong
    Email: rebecca.wong.ying@gmail.com

  2. Hope I can get this and have a try.

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  4. Me! I would love to try YoGood Glow because I love blueberry flavour! Hahaha. Peach is so so, but I love the color blue so Blueberry Pomegranate for me. Another reason is because now starting my working life, I find it so hard to eat healthy, lack of vegetables and fruits. Either the food around me is oily or lack of nutrients or the healthy options are expensive. Sad max, my poor body suffering.

    Hopefully this YoGood Glow cereal bar can push me to eat more health food. :)

    Name: Julianna Balasan
    Email: rikajue@outlook.com

    Thanks for having this giveaway, Sabby.

  5. I would love to try YoGood Glow because I've been wonder the taste of this healthy snacks I guess..I started myself with healthy life style recently and I would be great If I can try this healthy snacks..with the great flavour in it..awhhh!

    Name: Syafiqah Hashim
    email: syafiqah_girlz@yahoo.com.my

  6. Hi Sabby ^^
    I would love to try YoGood Glow because I know i wouldnt go wrong with this since i am in my diet programme! Besides healthy snack it can be one of my beauty snack too *it contains collagen* in it.! I hope it can help me on my hard and long diet journey =')

    Name:Vsa Jean

  7. I want to try YoGood Glow because I need healthy snacks to accompany me in the journey of losing weight this month..haha.My healthy goals?Of course to lose weight. I'm so much into junk food in my final exam last month T_T

    Name : Amirah Dzulkepli
    email : marvelikalife@gmail.com

  8. I want to try YoGood Glow sebab saya nak sihat sama2 ngan sabby...hehe...umur dah dot dot dot haruslah mula makan makanan sihat...plus setiap hari tak sempat nak breakfast di rumah mahupun di opis, so boleh la try makan ni untuk permulaan hari bekerja yg indah... (^_^)

    Name : Alyza Fisol
    Email : alyza8716@yahoo.com

  9. I want to try because I have never tried before! My goal will be "no more junk food!"

    Name: Princess Neverland
    email: liewsinyee@hotmail.co.uk

  10. Saya nak cuba YoGood sebab memang dah lama nak cuba dan beli YoGood ni, tapi bila fikir diri ni still student and banyak duit kena keluarkan untuk assignments so on, maka berkali-kali jugak fikir whether to buy it or not. But it really looks deliciousssss and healthy.

    Selalu pi supermarket, selalu stop depan YoGood wondering bila lah nak merasa YoGood ni.HAHHAHA. Other than that, as a student I've always burn the midnight oil, bila dah stay up confirm-confirm lapar ditambah dengan sejuk aircond library lagi, perut selalu berbunyi.

    Selalunya nak hilangkan rasa lapar memang makan keropok and junk food yang lain. So bila makan junk food, selalunya memang tak cukup, satu peket Twisties besar boleh habis dalam masa sejam. Choc bars yang saiz besar pun boleh habis dalam masa 2 jam.T.T

    Therefore I need this as my healthy snacks, so that tak de lah makin hari makin gemuk akibat makan banyak makanan tak berkhasiat masa stay up. :D

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  12. I'm sorry forgot to include my name and email.

    Nadhirah Zainuddin


  13. I'd like to try out yogood bar because it's less than 100cals per bar which is really suitable for my healthy eat-clean diet that I'm on right now! It's hard to find a snack that is healthy and less than 100cals AND tastes good at the same time, so I believe Yogood will be a great alternative! :D

    Name : Sandra Yap
    Email : sandra_yap@msn.com


  14. I want to try YoGood Glow kerana saya teringin sangat nak rasa kenikmatan YoGood! Umur pula semakin meningkat, dah meningkat kenalah selalu jaga kesihatan dan penampilan, jadi YoGood nilah makanan terbaik untuk permulaan kehidupan. hehehe.. Ayat bodek jer..Hope kita dapat.. =)

    Name: Azwar Syuhada
    Email: azwa_gem94@yahoo.com

  15. I would like to try YoGood Glow because it's ideal for active lifestyles and would definitely help keep me energized. My health goals for this year is to incorporate more greens into my daily diet.

    Name : Lina
    Facebook Name : Li Na
    Email : winlyn99@gmail.com

  16. I want to try YoGood Glow sebab ianya sangat sedap dan sesuai dengan tekak saya. Lagipun senang dibawa kemana-mana saja.
    Rasanya ni tahun nak kurangkan berat badan sket, so hopefully YoGood Glow ni boleh membantu ye..

    Name : CikLilyPutih
    Email : ciklilyputih@gmail.com


  17. i would really love if i can win all these box! been loving it since i got two packet of this through fund raise walk :)

    Name : amalina nadri
    Email : amalinanadri92@gmail.com

  18. I haven't tried them before but I like anything sweet (well almost..) but they sound delicious!

  19. I've been loving Yogood Low Calorie Muesli Bars, especially the Choc & Nut flavor, for a long long time. One bar is never enough for me. Therefore, I am so happy that they came out with something new and I am so very intrigue by it. I wonder if it tastes as good as the ones I've had :)

    And my health goals for 2014 is to consume less fatty and food but more fresh vege, fruits and nuts.

    Name : Alicia
    Email : hayleymaris@gmail.com

  20. I am always looking for nutritious yummy food, these look great. My goal this year is to exercise 3 times a week.
    angukena at yahoo dot com

  21. I want to try out YoGood Glow for the fact that it is a healthy snack that I can have in between meals or while on the go.

    This year, I have promised myself to be fitter, stronger and healthier by constantly working out and sweating it out as well eating well. Staying in a hostel without the convenience to cook proper meal is not helping my health. I also plan to go back into long distance running and I truly hope to be joining one soon.

  22. So sorry, forgotten to post my details.

    Name: Serah Lim



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