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Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! How's everybody doing? I've been good except I am in the midst of planning an important event in June. :D Well I'm not gonna tell you guys in details but the most important thing is that I need to slim down a bit to get my desired body shape. My weight has gone up a few kilos these couple of weeks due to my poor eating habits and my laziness has been stuck with me for the longest time ever. But anyway, I am determined to get back into shape and I would try my best to be discipline! So when I was invited to a bloggers meet up for a slimming product, I was curious to find out whether the products are beneficial towards achieving my goals  because I have tried many slimming products before but they never work. Okay now, are you ready to get to know the products? ^_^

Introducing, Per'l Xlim by Power Root, the first mass produce slimming hot beverage in the market. I believe most of us has seen Power Root products in the advertisements as they are famous for their energy herbal drinks that contains two rainforest herbs, Eurycoma Longifiloa (Tongkat Ali) and Labisia Pumilia and Pathoina (Kacip Fatimah) which are believed to provide physical well-being among Malaysians.

The meet up was held at Alessio, Publika. A cozy place for a private function.

Bloggers who attended the meet up. Can you spot my signature? :D

The meet up started off  with an introduction of what the product is all about. With their tagline "Rahsia Wanita Kekal Mempesona"Per'l Xlim claims to help women to get their desired body shape by consuming the hot beverage everyday. Per'l Xlim comes in two variants, Per'l Xlim Cafe (Coffee) and Per'l Xlim Choco (Chocolate Drink). Okay, obviously if the Per'l Xlim really manage to help us to lose the weight, what are the special ingredients that contribute to the effectiveness?

Green Coffee Beans
Green Coffee Beans are coffee beans that have not been roasted which contains a higher amount of chlorogenic acid that helps the body to increase metabolism and to balance blood sugar. Chlorogenic acid slows absorption of fat from food intake and also activate metabolism of extra fat.

White Kidney Beans 
White Kidney Beans is considered as a super food due to their high mineral, vitamin, protein and fiber content.  White Kidney Beans prevent the stomach from breaking carbs downs into simple sugar so the calories won't be absorbed into your bodies.  

Collagen helps to improve skin condition and firmness, increase moisture content, elasticity and flexibility, repair skin roughness and scaliness, reduce wrinkles and pigmentation and rejuvenate healthy hair and nail.

Labisia Pumilia and Pathoina (Kacip Fatimah) 
Kacip Fatimah is rich in antioxidant and phytoestrogen tha helps in stabilizing tissues that need hormone estrogen in strengthening the bone structure absorption of bone elements and delaying aging process. Furthermore, it is good in managing diarrhea (loose motion) and flatulency.

Left to Right : Per'l Xlim Cafe (Coffee) and Per'l Xlim Choco (Chocolate Drink)

We were given a sampling of the coffee drink. Yummy!! I love coffee so this is perfect. :)

During the presentation, we were shown the tvc for Per'l Xlim. Can you guess who is the spokesperson for Per'l Xlim? ;)

Oh we had some yummy food that night, I love the Salmon Pizza! Awesomeeee! :D

So, there was a surprise for all of the bloggers who attended the meet up. We are now in the running to prove whether Per'l Xlim really works! We were weighed in, our body fat is calculated, waist and arm is measured! Oh my gosh, I gained several kilos and I am not happy about that. :( 

We were given Per'l Xlim to test it ourselves so of course being so determine to get back in shape, I started drinking it the very next day. How to consume Per'l Xlim ? You have to drink the beverage 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch. For the first 3 months, it is suggested to drink Per'l Xlim 2 times a day. After the 3 months, drink one (1) time daily for weight maintaining. You only need to mix one sachet with 150ml of hot water

In the morning, I would drink Per'l Xlim Cafe (Coffee) to start the day. I'm a coffee drinker and I do drink coffee every morning during breakfast so this is not a problem for me. 30 minutes before breakfast, I will make myself a cup of Per'l Xlim Cafe (Coffee) mix with 150ml of hot water. I really like the taste of the coffee because the taste is medium strong and it is not as sweet as any other coffee. The coffee really gives me the energy to handle my day and I do not feel tired at all after drinking it. And the coffee makes me feel quite full, so I can control my breakfast intake. But I do get thirsty after drinking Per'l Xlim Cafe (Coffee) so I make sure to drink a lot of water to combat my thirst and also for detoxification process.

I would drink Per'l Xlim Choco (Chocolate Drink) 30 minutes before lunch to get the momentum going. The taste is very chocolatey and if you don't like coffee, you can drink the chocolate drink instead. I find this chocolate drink is very calming to my tummy, don't ask me why but it sort of soothes my tummy. :P Lets see by the end of the challenge if I manage to lose some weight and get my desired body shape! :D If you are looking for an easy alternatives to slim down, you can try out Per'l Xlim. You can choose whether to get the coffee or the chocolate flavour according to you preference. It is a non complicated method where you don't have to skip any meals or exercising. But of course, healthy eating habits and exercising can increase your chance to lose those unwanted weight, don't you think so? This hot beverage is suitable for everyone  on the go. We are living in a fast paced world, so we need everything to be quick and simple. Per'l Xlim is priced at RM19.90 per packet (15 sachets of 20g) and it is available in Mydin, Aeon and Aeon Big. It will be available in Giant, Cold Storage and selected outlet in the future.


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Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. Definitely gonna try this soon! I'll go for the chocolate flavor :)
    It is easier to find if we can get it at Giant Hypermarket :D

    1. Hihi Insyaallah the products will be in Giant too! :) Hehe I love coffeeeeee

  2. Suka Per'l Cafe. Nanti nak cuba Per'l Xlim Cafe pula. :)

    1. hehe nanti dah try let me know the outcome ok? ;)

  3. I have tried other power roots product but I haven't heard about this one yet. Sounds promising, I 'll go check it out in the store. Keep us update with your progress.

    1. of course dear, I will keep you girls updated. :)



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