Haul # 9 : June Project

Assalamualakum and hello gorgeous! :) I have been so 'naughty' these 2 week spending quality time in Watsons, MAC and Sephora. :P Well to justify myself, I actually decided to do my own makeup during my June Project so I tell myself to get some new goodies.Want to know what I got for this coming June Project? Check it out! ^_^

PUREDERM Anti-wrinkle Gel Patches (RM19.90)
I actually have used 2 boxes of these eye patches but the last time was last year. It is said to reduce visible lines but for me this works well for my horrible eyebags. I tried other variant which is for dark circles, but that doesn't really do anything. So I am pretty excited to try this again starting tomorrow, prior to the day to the event.

Montagne Jeunesse Honey Peel Off Face Mask (RM5.90)
I wrote a full review on this face mask and I absolutely love it. Find out HERE why I love it!

SILKYGIRL High Definition Brow Liner in Dark Brown (RM21.90)
This is my second purchase and honestly I am not really sure whether I really like it or not. My feeling towards this product is in the middle. neither love nor hate. I go through eyebrow pencil like running water, this pencil can last me about 2 months only. Therefore I want to find a product that is affordable since I'll be buying it every 2 months. I love Etude House Drawing Brow Pencil, but they have discontinued it. Whyyyyy??? :(

MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in Medium (RM145)
I've been wanting for quite sometime, and I finally got it! This palette is great because you can use it to conceal, correct and also to contour using the darker shade. I'm still testing it out. I will let you know how I feel about it.

TOO FACED Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow (RM149, discount 10% = RM134.10)
This palette is actually in my wishlist but somehow I kinda knocked it out off my list because I feel I don't need another neutral palette (I am a neutral lover). BUT, when I swatched it in Sephora, I fell in love immediately. The shades are beautiful, smooth and buttery. And don't get me started on the packaging. Super adorable! The chocolate scented is ah-ma-zing! I actually open it up occasionally just to inhale the chocolate goodness! *hahaha* I will do a full review on this palette, so stay tuned ok? I bought this palette on my first visit to Sephora (last 2 weeks) and I used my 10% off. I actually bought a false lashes by Ardel (RM22) which I forgotten to include in this haul. Sorry!

The following items were bought during Sephora 20% off (I went today. hahaha) The sale is till on-going till 25th May so hurry dearies! and don't forget to bring you Sephora White Card. :D I was told that is unlimited so you can use the 20% again and again and again! :P

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Foundation in 117 (RM180, disc 20% = RM144)
Oh yeah, I finally got this. I was stuck between this one and NARS Sheer Glow actually. haha but anyway, lets see if this is worth the money. I think I'm going to buy NARS Sheer Glow too. :P

LAURA MERCIER Shimmer Bloc in Pink Mosaic (RM159, disc. 20% = RM127.20)
I wanted to get Dior NUDE Natural Glow (the pink one, I'm not sure of the exact name) but it is out of stock. :( So I was searching around to find a pink/champagne highlighter and I stumbled upon this. It so gorgeous! I can't wait to use it! :D Oh if you want to get this, there's only one piece left in KLCC, maybe you can call the other branches whether they still have it in stock.

MARC JACOBS Lovemarc Lip Gel in Dizzy Spell (RM95, disc. 20% = RM76)
I am a lipstick junkie and you should know by now that I would never ever neglect my addiction towards lip products. hahaha Firstly the packaging is so stylish and luxury, and it has the magnetic cap, same as my Burberry lipstick. Dizzy Spell is a coral shade but more towards pink. it is sort of similar to my MAC Ravishing but this one is more on the pink side. I can't wait to use it! :P

Oh I went to The Body Shop and they are still having the massive sale!!Go and check it out!

THE BODY SHOP Lightening Touch in No. 1 (RM49, disc. 70% = RM15)
I am always in the hunt for a good concealer for the eye area, so I am excited to try it out. Lets hope this one works!

That's all for my haul for this month. I will stop buying for a little while *can you believe I'm saying that? :P* Anyway I hope you girls enjoy this post, and I hope it gives you some idea on what to buy. *hahaha mengasut* Let me know in the comment box below which product you want me to review first! ^_^

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. omg i feel like going sephora to shop now!!!arghhhhhhh...i aso want to buy the concealer palette but thinking to buy from MUFE cos got discount now....hehhehe and the MarcJacob lipstick look so pretty!!

    1. Ahaha go babe, u still have a few days to go!! :P

  2. cant wait to finally earn a consistent income XD

    1. Don't worry mieza, you'll get there. Enjoy zaman belajar. Nanti rinduuu ;)

  3. waaaaa what is your June project kak sabby ?;) you will getting married ? hee

  4. shooopppppppppppppppppppinggggggggggggggggggggg!

  5. awhh!! geram je tengok..pika nak shopping dekat Sephora esok!
    and MUFE foundation dalam wishlist..
    great haul kak sabby :)

    1. hihihi selamat shopping esok, tp esok mesti rambang mataaa :P thank u pika <3

  6. I just went shopping at Sephora this noon LOL :P

  7. Nak Too Faced Chocolate Bar tu...... Tapi Sephora jauh sangattttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.................. T-T

  8. I like Etude House Drawing Brow Pencil too but sayanglah dah discontinue.. why???

    1. tu laaaaa..... i suka sgt... sedih... sobsss



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