MEGA BAZAAR : 1000 Online Vendors Under One Roof!

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies.  Today I want to share with all of you about Mega Bazaar, a two-days bazaar that will happen on 21st June and 22nd of June 2014. It is a collaboration between Eh Eh Bazaar Sdn Bhd and Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia (DPMM) WP Putrajaya to gather 1000 online vendors under one roof! Why do they name it Mega Bazaar? Because it is 'Bazaar Usahawan Melayu Online Terbesar di Malaysia!'. How exciting is that? ^_^ This collaboration is intended to encourage entrepreneurs to promote and market their businesses to the next level and of course to generate more income at the same time.

Nowadays you can buy ANYTHING through online. Heck, I am an online entrepreneur (Okay promote jap my Little Bakerina :P). I love doing online business because it is easier (no premise means no extra cost), huge market and potential clients are everywhere! Especially with Instagram, everything is within reach. But once in a while, online vendors must also make appearances to mingle and get closer to their followers and customers and promote their products physically, and this is Mega Bazaar comes into the picture. As an online baker, I used to join several bazaars to sell my products and meet my customers. :) Check out some of my photos when I participated in bazaars! :P

This was my very first bazaar. Oh my gosh...... :P

I participated in the Hot Air Balloon Carnival in Putrajaya. Sales was super good, everything is SOLD OUT! :D

A charity event at Corus Hotel. :)

Selling of my preloved stuff too! hehe

It is a very good idea for online vendors to participate in bazaars because it can boosts up their networking and making profits as well. *ehem ehem*Mega Bazaar provides space for vendors to sell off products such as clothing, accessories, food, beauty products, oh my gosh the list is endless! Local celebrities will be there too such as Neelofa, Mila Jirin, Hanez Suraya, Afdlin Shauki, Mawi and Ekin, Adira, Yana Shamsuddin, Eira Syazirah and many more. 

Only the coloured ones is available!

The location is strategic and is inclusive with air conditioning (since the venue is at Hall A at Malaysia Agro Exposition Expo Park Serdang),  table and chair and car park. A minimum price for a booth is RM400 so if any online vendor is interested to take part in Mega Bazaar, you can directly contact 012-2920131. Or follow their instagram @ehehbazaar for more info! HURRY because only 100 booths left to be rented! ^_^ If you want to meet your favourite online vendors OR if you are a shopaholic, you definitely don't want to miss this! It's going to be awesome (you will go insane I promise you! :P). Mark your calendars and get ready to shop! And you can start saving now *hehehe* I will keep on updating more information about these bazaar, so stay tuned ok? ^_^

Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. Fuyooo..banyak nya vendor sampai satu hari jalan belum tentu puas ni..lepas tu dui poket nak di bawak ni mahu beribu-ribu la jugakk..ehehheee...

    1. Hahaha sebab tu kene pegi dua2 hari! hahahah :P Pika kan ratu shopping, don't miss this ok? :P

  2. matilanakkkk beribu vendor. ni mmg x bole setakat nk bawa RM200 / RM300 ke. at least RM500 kot. tu dia! lagi2 pula klu ada produk VS, BBW ke. Kalau pergi ni x bole lewat. mesti padat kalau lambat sis

    1. hahaha yg penting bawak duit byk2, hehehe :P

  3. sis ada jual juga x? kot2 datang nanti bole beli cupcake yg sis buat. :)

  4. Muka swag gile masa kat booth tu! hahaha! XD



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