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Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Have you noticed that the weather has been really crazy lately? It is so hot and sunny in one minute, the next thing you know it will be raining heavily! Not just that, the haze condition in our country has been so so bad! And not to mention, everyone is getting sick with flu, cough and fever. I myself has been so annoyed with my allergies due to this haze and weather. I did get sick too a couple of weeks back because I have been running errands for my wedding preparation and god knows where I have been to! I guess meeting a lot of people, touching a lot of stuff around me just means one thing, the spread of germs and bacteria! Erkkkkk!  I really don't like getting sick (well who does?) because it will slow down my movement and I will feel sluggish all the time. Besides, being a baker myself, I definitely don't want to spread germs onto my cakes then to my customers! ;'(  Do you know that air-conditioning can cause the spread of germs and bacteria too? I bet most of you are in air-conditioning room in most days. That is why it is important to protect ourselves from these harmful germs and bacteria to ensure our health is always in tip top condition.

One of the things that you can consider in protecting ourselves is to understand the importance of pH balance of our skin. The Acid Mantel (our skin natural barrier) is a very fine and slightly acidic invisible film on our skin that helps to protect our skin from bacteria, viruses and contaminants. Our healthy pH balance is between 4.5 to 6.2.  These bacteria, germs and contaminants are neutralized by the skin's acid mantel therefore it is vital to keep our skin healthy and prevent our skin from skin problems such as dryness, cracks and abrasions. For me personally the best way to protect my skin is by using body product that has all the benefits that can keep my skin healthy, moisturized, smooth and supple at the same time! I have always been a Dettol user because I love the scents of Dettol's bodywash and how refreshing I feel after showering. 

6 variants, comes in 2 sizes, 625ml and 250ml.  
Dettol has a new pH balanced formula body shower that will help in protecting and moisturizing our skin. There are 6 variants of the bodywash, they are Cool Antibacterial, Re-Energize Antibacterial, Skincare Antibacterial, Original Antibacterial, Fresh Antibacterial and Radiance Antibacterial.

I am going to show all of you a test using a test pen to determine how Dettol pH Balanced Bodywash can help to retain skin moisture and preserving the natural barrier of our skin!    

As you can see here, the colour of my skin's pH is the same with Dettol pH Balanced Bodywash.

Can you see that Brand X is green in colour? It is totally different from my skin's pH and the Dettol pH Balanced Bodywash. 

As you can see from the colour chart above, my skin's pH and Dettol pH Balanced Bodywash is in the same range of colour while the Brand X is green. A healthy pH level is between 4-6. pH level 1 to 3 is more acidic and level 7 and above is more alkali where it could lead to redness, inflammation and sensitive skin problems. If the Dettol pH Balanced Bodywash is the same colour as our pH skin's level, it means that the new formulated bodywash can act as our skin barrier and protect us from these harmful germs and bacteria!

Come and take a look at my video demonstrating the pH-balance test! :)

Direct link to the video :

I love all of the scents from the range but my favourite scent would be the Re-Energize Antibacterial variant because I simply love the scent of oranges! I love to use it after my workout hence that's why I bring it to my gym to keep me energized through out the day! I use the Fresh Antibacterial variant and home and share it with others. I love all of the variants because they smell good and very moisturizing. You know how some antibacterial shower gels leave your skin feeling dry and tight? Well not this one for sure! Besides giving us the benefit of protecting our skin, it also helps to keep our skin well moisturized and smooth at all time. I am so lazy in applying body lotion so this is the best alternative for me to keep my skin moisturized and protected from germs!

Shower time with Fresh Antibacterial pH-Balanced Bodywash!

What's in my gym bag? Definitely Dettol Re-Energize pH-Balanced Bodywash to re-energize and keeps me going through out the day!

Good news love! Now you can take part in the Dettol pH Challenge where you can get RM5 off on any Dettol pH Balanced Bodywash variant  (size of 625ml). Guardian is having its store discount from 1st November until 31st December 2014 and YES you can even use the RM5 off on top of the Guardian discount! ^_^   

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I have been a user of Dettol since I was small (well thanks to my mom for introducing the brand to me) and I know I can count on Dettol to protect and keep my skin healthy and moisturized at the same time. ^_^


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  1. wow! Such great detail on product experience! I usually just pick up my body wash either from The Body Shop or Watson because for me, the most crucial part of choosing my body cleansers is one thing only which is the scent.
    But after reading this post, I think I need to get this type of cleansers as well. True, as much as scent is important, anti-bacteria is also important. Gonna check this out to see what's the nicest scent I could get. hehe
    Thanks for sharing, Sabby!
    Love, Mira |



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