5 tickets to EH Concert!

Hey guys! 'EH Concert' is happening on the 8th of November 2014 and I am giving away 5 tickets to 5 lucky winners. The Body Shop is the main sponsor and they are kind enough to give out these 5 tickets to my readers. Local artists such as Dayang Nurfaizah, Lisa Surihani, Hafiz and many more will be there too! You only need to leave your name and email address in the comment column and I will reach out to you. The first 5 who commented will win the tickets. Easy right?:)

For more information, please click : http://www.thebodyshop.com.my/eh-concert

Till then,



  1. Macam menarik je konsert ni.....kebetulan 8hb ni offday... okey la kot....

    Nama : Hazman bin Fadzil

    Email : hazmanfadzil@gmail.com

    Tapi....concert ni boleh bawak masuk DSLR ker ?

    1. mestila bole, xkn x bole kot. huhu tapi xpe nanti sab tanye kan. :)



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