[Makeup Tutorial] : My Go-To Makeup Look : Natural/Everyday Makeup

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Today's make up look is all about my go-to make up look. Basically this is my version of natural, everyday makeup look. The reason why I always go for this look is because this makeup look only take me 10 minutes or less to get ready! A simple eye look using 2 colours are enough to brightened up my eyes.  Best Buy World Malaysia sent me a bunch of stuff to try out and I used some of the products for this makeup look.  All the products mentioned in this video can be purchased at Best Buy World Malaysia. Make sure to check out my video for all the links of the products I mentioned in this video ya. Thank you so much for watching guys! xoxo :) 

Best Buy World Malaysia : http://my.bestbuy-world.com

Link to my video : http://youtu.be/2LmbrZXf2X4
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  1. my eyes are more fixed on how beautiful kak sabby looks, then barulah the makeup XD



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