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Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! Do you girls do facial on a monthly basis? Well to be honest I have not been to any spa for facial purposes for so so long. Heck I don't even remember when was the last time I went to a facial. The reason being is because I thought that I already have a pretty good skin and I don't want to do anything to mess it up. *Silly me* But since I am getting married (it seems to be the only reason nowadays .huhu), I would like to look good and glowing during my special days. Other than that, I have been putting on so much makeup for these past 2 years and I know that these harmful chemicals is living beneath my skin! -_-  I am lucky enough to be able to try out Oriderm Malaysia's Detox Facial Treatment and  let me tell you this, I'm glad I did it! I actually blogged about Oriderm skincare range which are the Teenager Set and Anti-Ageing set. Make sure to read my review on them! :)

Oriderm Spa is quite spacious as it has about 6 rooms if I'm not mistaken. This is the area for ladies. They also have a separate room for the guys. :D

So now let's talk about Oriderm Detox Facial Treatment. As you know the purpose of detoxification is to get rid of toxins in our body. Specifically, the Detox Facial Treatment is targeted to reduce toxins on our face due to the usage of skincare and makeup that contains harsh chemicals ingredients. You do know that our skincare and makeup products is full of harmful chemicals, right? But of course we would not stop using it because we want and we need to use skincare and makeup! Oh well, I don't ever think I would ever retire wearing makeup. *hahaha*. That's why it is good to spend some time in a facial spa to get rid of those harsh chemicals, in this case, mercury on our body. I will take you through my facial journey, come on!

Left Photo :
This is my face before the facial. One look at my skin you would think that my skin is pretty decent. But, I actually have tons of clogged pores and you could not see it through your eyes. Whiteheads, blackheads, just name it, I have all those culprits. The first step need to do is to make sure my face is clean and I do not have any makeup on. Then they proceeded to get rid of my whiteheads/blackheads and let me tell you, it is quite painful but still manageable. Bare in mind that you need to do this facial several times to get rid of it.

Right Photo :
I have sensitive so my skin reacted to this condition. Redness and bumps (due to the pulling out of the whiteheads/blackheads). I kinda scared when I looked at the photos because I was so red and it looked like I was bitten by mosquitoes all over my face. But fret not, this is just how MY SKIN reacted as I have sensitive skin. 

Left Photo :
Next, the beautician put on a detox treatment gel all over my face. She used a massaging tool to massage my face for a good 10 minutes (or maybe even more). It was relaxing and I actually almost fell asleep. :P Can you see that black residue on my face? That's the mercury that has been living underneath my skin this whole time!! T_T It's pretty scary right? Next the beautician wipes off these black residues and proceeded to steam my face for about 10 minutes (I think).

Right Photo :
Now here's my favourite part in facial, face mask time! I used Oriderm Clear Bamboo Mask and oh my god, it is the most relaxing face mask session ever! Seriously. The mask is very cooling and I can feel that my skin was soaking in the goodness! It has charcoal component which acts as anti-bacteria and helps out to clear out the impurities in our skin. The hyaluronic acid in the mask helps to hydrate and moisturize  the skin at all time. My skin feels so soft and supple after the treatment, I love it!

Oriderm Clear Bamboo Mask

Left Photo :
My skin after the detox facial treatment. (after 4 hours)

Right Photo :
My skin on the next morning after the treatment. What do you think? My skin has never looked this good, so clean and glowing before. I feel clean and fresh. It feels wonderful. I don't mind having this skin for the rest of my life. ^_^

Would I suggest the detox facial treatment to you? Yes if you are constantly using makeup and non-natural skincare. This is a great way to get rid of those harsh chemicals that has been living under your skin your whole life. But of course makeup and skincare is not the only culprit to our skin problems. Other factors such as weather (humidity), bacteria, germs around us are guilty as well. I highly recommend this detox facial treatment because I can totally see the difference in my skin. Just try it for the first time, you might come for a second one. :)

Oriderm Detox Facial Treatment : RM180 (per session)

Oriderm Spa Address :
30-1 Jalan Bandar Puteri 2/5, Puchong.

Oriderm Official Facebook Page :

If you are interested to try out ORIDERM, you may contact the number below for more information on the Detox Facial Treatment as well as their skincare products. :)

Follow them on Instagram : Oriderm_Malaysia


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  1. wowww cantiknya kulit kak sabby the next day!!! okay, this treatment is going in my wishlist, start buat another tabung for it ^_^

  2. I love detox facial treatment! I went to the esme clinic one, gawd the amount of toxic scares me! hahahaha

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